Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Tues., March 11 hearing isn't listed ... ?

The court listings for Vancouver Supreme Court seem to be stuck on yesterday's cases. If the Basi Virk Basi / BC Rail Hearing went ahead as originally announced, it will be in session on Tuesday, 11 March (today) at 9:10 AM as I write this ... and Robin Mathews will be in the courtroom. But there's no official confirmation that I can see. And please, Tom, don't start up about my "conspiratorial musings" again, because them's the facts. OK?

Back a.s.a.p., when there's further news. - BC Mary.


You spoke too early Mary. The case is in court this morning and listed on the court website. DL
I don't know what you mean, DL, when you say that I "spoke too soon". It was 9:10 AM when I spoke, and court (if it happened) would've been in session 10 minutes by then.

I checked with Koot and he said ALL BC courts were showing only yesterday's listings.

Having only a hunch to go on, I kept checking -- the last time at 11:15 AM today, Tuesday March 11, and the Supreme Court lists were still stuck on Monday March 10.

Thank you for finding that the Basi Virk hearing WAS eventually listed but it sure didn't allow for the public to get on their horse and charge off to the Law Courts on Smyth Street, Vancouver, does it.

I wasn't able to let Robin know ... so I don't know if he got into court, or not.

So what do you think happened this morning -- was the court clerk sick? were they still on Standard Time? or what? I was starting to blame my browser (again) until Koot said he couldn't raise ANY BC court listings for today.

Good for you, Mary for keeping YOUR ears & eyes wide open.

How utterly typical that the court listings for today were stuck in retro time - full brakes applied, re: the Raid on the Leg hearing.

The political game is in full gear: Suppress as much as possible, whenever possible by this 'gang' of so called trusted handlers of our justice system working in tandem.

Are we having fun yet?

Isn't the muck getting a little deep?

How much does it take for British Columbian's to demand better?

One only has to view the pathetic limp noodle slap on the wrist by the RCMP, Special Prosecutor 'team' to yet again, see the political 'games' being played out under all of our noses by persons in positions of public trust. Dream on folks . . . .

Keep up your diligence, BC Mary - I will wager that most people could not dream up what is REALLY happening behind the closed doors of a very broken justice system.

It's long overdue for a candid public 'airing'.

The road to 'justice' has become deeply crevassed where the truth falls into oblivion unless the public keeps the pressure applied - full force.
Correction to my post above (sorry, Mary, my thoughts were running faster than my fingers LOL);

"One only has to view the pathetic limp noodle slap on the wrist by the RCMP and Special Prosecutor 'team' re: their oh so understanding, soft touch applied to Uncle' Ken Dobell's activities, to yet again, see the political 'games' being played out under all of our noses by persons in positions of public trust. Dream on folks . . . ."

. . . . After all it's all just one big happy 'Family' & one weak link might ruin the whole darn thing.

I'm beginning to think that the "pathetic limp noodle lap on the wrist" for Ken Dobell's activities will have unintended, eye-popping consequences.

People are not fooled for long. Most of us know that if We, as ordinary citizens, had done any of those things, our fate would have been far, far different.

Ask Betty Krawzyck ... remember Harriet Nahanee ... could their punishment happen to key friends of the ruling circle?

Some of us have also had the strange feeling that the outcome of the Basi-Virk / BC Rail Case will depend upon whether those three men (Basi, Virk, Basi) are a lot like Ken Dobell, or not like Ken Dobell at all.

Oh 'Wise One' Mary . . . thanks for your very astute perspective - I needed that!

One thing for certain: There is only 1 Uncle Ken who has held Gordie's hand every step of the way since Campbell's days in the Mayor's Office when they gave birth to VLC (now, Concert Properties - a key cog in their wheel) & thus, is NOT expendable.

As you suggested above: I wonder how the other three perceive their positions in the 'circle'/cabal?

You have rekindled my fires of hope.
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