Monday, April 14, 2008


Defence again alleges political interference by Premier Gordon Campbell in Basi-Virk BC Rail case

... [Kevin] McCullough, representing Bob Virk, and defence lawyer Michael Bolton, representing David Basi, also told Justice Elizabeth Bennett that further delays in disclosure of evidence have again forced the trial to be pushed back.

“Effectively between March 11 and today nothing has happened,” McCullough said, referring to the last court update session. “We have received nothing. Nothing.”

NDP MLA Leonard Krog, who attended court, said Campbell’s “stonewalling” on the matter is “jeopardizing this case."

"The public deserves to know why the names of their elected officials are linked to the B.C. Rail corruption case. Instead, the government is stonewalling. That’s not acceptable.” said Krog, critic for the Attorney General and Nanaimo MLA.

“For the Premier to be mired in allegations of such a serious nature hurts public trust. And it further underlines the need for the Campbell government to come clean and stop hiding behind their privilege applications,” Krog said.

A version of this story will be published in Tuesday's 24 hours newspaper

Express Collision Shop Said,


Maybe the lesser of two evils.
Well, yeah ECS, you ask a very good question.

Especially when Robin has reported a Defence lawyer saying yesterday to Justice Bennett: "Nothing has happened for the past month. Nothing."

Surely Judge Bennett isn't fooled as to the intention behind all the Executive Council's fancy footwork about "privilege" and protocol, is she?

I assume that Justice Bennett's nails are in top notch condition. She MUST be paying attention to something during those hours she spends behind the bench ignoring contemptuous behaviour in what is supposed to be a court of law.

Court orders to disclose documents and other types of evidence are meaningless (like the ones in this case, so far) unless they have some sort of "time" dimension. Thirty days, heck, thirty months is becoming expired in relation to this drawn out pretense of an exercise in justice. Maybe somebody should check Madame Justice Bennett's "orders" a bit more closely, just to make sure that the date specified isn't "The Twelfth of Never!"
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