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If we had kept BC Rail ...

Excerpts from: Two factors mean the end of air travel as we know it

... It's easy to believe air travel will keep on expanding, given all the jam-packed airplanes, delayed flights and crowded airports. But cracks are appearing ...

Britain's Stockholm Institute at the University of York back in 2004 identified increased air travel as one of the most serious environmental threats facing the planet. It recommended travellers be required to use public transit to access airports and that they use rail for any journey under 400 miles.

"The place where airline use will actually decline is in North America where we have turned flying into 'buses with wings' mass transportation," says Anthony Perl, an Simon Fraser University urban studies professor ... Perl believes air travel in the future will be reserved for the rich, many of whom will use "micro jets." Others will pay big bucks to be transported in larger, fuel efficient aircraft that ply high volume, long-range routes.

Perl considers developments like the Pacific Gateway Strategy to be folly. It's counterproductive, he warns, to keep building infrastructure for traditional transit modes that are reliant on ever-more-costly oil resources.

Governments and transit authorities need to recognize, given the energy crunch, they're wasting tax dollars by plowing cash into airport and road expansion projects.

Perl, appointed this week by the Harper government to Via Rail's board of directors, foresees a future where vehicles will mainly be electrically powered and greater reliance will be placed on railways.

Globally, no more than 25 airports will be functional by 2025, Perl predicts, only one of them in the Pacific Northwest.

[Emphasis added. - BC Mary.]


Express Collision Shop Said,

RCMP TO INVESTIGATE ICBC Over Criminal Allegations

Check out RCMP's website News e-division just released
Ecs, thanks!

Have you got a URL for that?

Express Collision Shop Said,


Google-CBC News-NATIONAL-BC-ICBC Richard Turner's Directors report to Solicitor General.
You won't believe what your gonna read. More involved.

Stay tuned tonight.
Good morning Mary! Would you mind if I change the subject? It's all relative... I heard through the grapevine about two BC Civil Liberties lawyers who recently intercepted someones web-site, and filled it with hate propaganda? They claim it was to entrap someone. All the while, the web owner was none the wiser and may have been subjected to harassment. Have you heard any news on this?
Anon 7:24,

Wait a minnit.

* how do you "intercept someones web-site"?

* how do you fill a web-site with hate propaganda without the web-site owner knowing?

* and what lawyer in his/her right mind is going to boast about 1) spreading hate propaganda and 2) trying to entrap someobody -- both activities being indictable offences?

Sounds nonsensical to me.

So NOPE ... I haven't heard any news like that ... and I hope I never do.

This is a joke, right? Har har.

No joke Mary, I watched the Micheal Coran show last week, topic was on human rights. The web owner is a woman living in Ottawa! I'm searching for more info, sounds like BC is run by thugs!?!
Arrgghh, 8:55:

Not a joke? Well, it shouldn't be super-difficult to ask Michael Coren for the particulars:

* who said what on his TV talk-show,
* web-site's name (so we can find it)
* what happened next.

Plus: what does a web-owner living in Ottawa and Michael Coren broadcasting from Ontario have to do with who's ruling BC??

Sounds even more nutty to me.

BC may have more than its fair share of evil nutbars but Civil Liberties? two lawyers concerned with human rights? Those aren't the usual first suspects when it comes to evil nutbar commanders.

I still think this is a joke. And not half as funny as The Globe and Mail's political cartoon yesterday showing Prime Minister Harper borrowing the pope's popemobile, the overweight Harper standing up as in a Roman chariot yelling "Nope! Nope! Nope! ..."

But in some ways, similar.

Good points Mary. Who knows what's ahead?
All day today (Saturday April 19) I've been searching for answers to the burning question:

Did CN ever pay BC that $1Billion?? And if so, when? How?

I leave that question with you, hoping you'll come up with some answers, too.

Back tomorrow with a posting. I'm thinking of this title:

RAIL spelled backwards is ...

Hi Mary

It may take some doing but I beleive that the sham system that was set up allowed CN to get 650 million in write offs. There was a bunch of other crap as well. I remember thinking that these guys didn't pay a dime for the railway. That's what got me choked. It was a give-a-way. Maybe G West can shed some light on it.
Mary in resonse to your comment to anon 8:55. The guest was Kathy Shaidle... and your dispostion is not to be desired!
Anonymous 11:41,

All afternoon I have been waiting for that light bulb to switch on over my head, allowing me to understand what "and your dispostion is not to be desired!" means.

Not a clue.

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