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Paul Taylor, CEO of ICBC, resigns

ICBC boss steps down

Decision comes out just before embattled agency meets with minister

Vancouver Sun: Friday, April 04, 2008

The head of ICBC is stepping down, it was announced Friday shortly after the agency asked RCMP to investigate a scandal involving insiders getting to place preferential bids on cars rebuilt by the Crown insurance company.

The chairman of the Insurance Corp. of B.C.'s board said in a press release that Chief Executive Officer Paul Taylor is moving to a new position in the private sector after May 2.

The decision was apparently made just before the ICBC board met with John Van Dongen, the new minister in charge of ICBC. Van Dongen was highly critical of the agency in comments Thursday.

Paul Taylor, president and CEO of ICBC.

Paul Taylor, president and CEO of ICBC.

"Earlier today, before the Board meeting with the Minister, I met with Mr. Taylor, who advised me that he has chosen to leave the corporation on his own volition to pursue a new opportunity in the private sector," said T. Richard Turner, ICBC board chairman. "On behalf of the Board, I want to thank Paul for his tremendous service to ICBC. He has and continues to have the full and unqualified support of the ICBC Board."

"Mr. Taylor's move to the private sector was his decision and the Board is deeply disappointed that he is leaving. Paul has been a strong, dedicated and visionary leader for ICBC, and a man of utmost integrity," Turner said in the press release.

"I also want to emphasize the Board has full confidence in ICBC's senior management team who will manage the business while we launch a search for the new CEO," added Turner. "We have a great executive team and our employees are working extremely hard to provide outstanding levels of service to BC's drivers."

As Taylor is leaving ICBC voluntarily, there are no severance provisions associated with his decision to depart the company, the press release said.

Interesting that just when Ding Dong was about to meet with the board Taylor saw a opportunity in the private sector. The right sort of fellows always see to land somewhere . But at least since he quit thwere will be no severance. I rather doubt the governemtn will get his performance allowance back any time soon
I remember reading something here months ago about Paul Taylor's wife sending a significant email or two. Does that ring a bell with anyone here? I've forgotten the details.
THANK YOU, Anon-1:32, for that welcome reminder. Here are those details repeated:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Brian Kieran to Erik Bornman: "Get Omnitrax together with the new CEO of Partnerships B.C. ...."
Hansard blues 21 November 2007:

Afternoon Sitting


L. Krog: Over a month ago the government released only a summary reporting letter from KPMG into the activities of Mr. Paul Taylor and the B.C. Automobile Dealers Association.

In this House on May 29, the Premier promised that the full review, the terms of reference, the documentation, the process undertaken, the steps taken and the full report will be made available on completion of the review.

The summary reporting letter does not meet the Premier's promised standard. It is quite simply a whitewash, and so my question is very simple. Will the Minister of Finance live up to the government's promise to this House and direct forthwith the release of the full KPMG report as promised?

Hon. C. Taylor: As has been said in this House, when the proper FOI process has been completed, information will be released.

Mr. Speaker: The member has a supplemental.

L. Krog: It's very clear that that process appears to be more of a delaying tactic than a process.

The opposition has received a further relevant e-mail dated January 27, 2003, from Mr. Kieran to Mr. Bornman, part of which reads: "Just got a call from Paul Taylor's wife. She is his message bearer. He suggests we get Omnitrax together with Larry Blain, the new CEO of Partnerships B.C., the P3 agency that Paul engineered. Larry is on holiday at the moment. Paul says all partnerships with government including BCR will be funded by Partnerships. We'll put this together next week."

This clearly shows that the real issue is the relationship between Mr. Taylor and Pilothouse, which KPMG was not instructed to investigate. This e-mail shows that Mr. Taylor was providing Pilothouse with a range of information dealing with the most sensitive and confidential government matters.

Will the Minister of Finance do the right thing and launch today a full inquiry with real powers to investigate the activities of Mr. Taylor?

Hon. C. Taylor: When the information came forward to the Premier's office, an investigation was launched with KPMG, a reputable firm. They found in their results that, in fact, there was no wrongdoing by Mr. Taylor.

If any new information is available, I would suggest that the opposition make it available to the Premier's office.


I found it in 2 seconds flat by typing in "Paul Taylor's wife + email" in the search box at top left of this home page; then click on SEARCH. Bingo! It works like magic.

Thanks again for jogging my memory. Perhaps I should re-post up-front for today's news.

Anyone notice the timing of yesterdays feel good news announcement in Nanaimo? $5 million for a dock for the cruiseships to stop and inject lottsa dough into that city.

Sorry, Gordo, it just isn't enough to get everyone's attention away from the deceit and corruption expolding everywhere from your management/leadership skills.

Me thinks Capt'n Campbell and his ship is sinking...
How a Porsche Boxster became a vital link in baring the ICBC scandal

April 5th last word on the ICBC scandal and here it is July 22 (same year) and Vaughn Palmer is coming out swinging with a promise of more to come against ICBC Boxster write-off that tipped the scales of justice against ..... who.... Paul Taylor.

Will this be another case to find its way to the courts, much like the Basi/Virk/Basi?

One thing is for sure, with all the ground breaking rules that have been protected by cabinet privilges and having to to go the the Supreme Court of Canada for a ruling on protecting a whistleblowing insider of the Campbell's own government, the ICBC fiasco should be slam dunk.
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