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Today in the Legislature: Disclosure of documents in B.C. Rail Court Case

2008 Legislative Session: 4th Session, 38th Parliament
Thursday, Aprl 10, 2008 - Afternoon sitting


J. Kwan: On Monday the B.C. Rail corruption trial resumes in Vancouver. In an extraordinary move, government lawyers are trying to place significant restrictions on the single document that the judge says goes to the heart of the innocence-at-stake principle. In an affidavit filed by the government lawyers, the government says it will release the documents for the defence to see it, but they want the defence to sign away various rights to use the document, and the government wants five days' notice if the defence plans to use it in an attempt to prove innocence. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

My question is to the Attorney General. What are the B.C. Liberals so afraid of? What is in this document that they don't want anyone to see it, and they don't want the defence to be able to use it in the trial? [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

Hon. W. Oppal: First of all, the B.C. Liberals are not running the lawsuit. Secondly, we're not going to comment on what's going on in the courtroom. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]


Mr. Speaker: Members. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

Member has a supplemental. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

J. Kwan: Yes. This document, according to the judge, goes to the heart of the trial, to the heart of the "innocence at stake" principle. Why are the government lawyers trying to put a blockade on it? Why are the government lawyers putting conditions for this document to be released by the defence? What does the government have to hide? What do the B.C. Liberals have to hide? [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]


Mr. Speaker: Members. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

Hon. W. Oppal: The issue is before the Supreme Court. I'm sure that Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett will make that decision without any advice from anyone in this House. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

[End of question period.] [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

I wonder if this is available on YouTube?? - BC Mary.


Here in Pr. George, it will be on tv at 7:00 PM tonight. It always repeats every day that the Leg. is in session. I usually try to watch and so far I haven't thrown anything at the tv.It is the best reality show on. Actually I don't watch any others so maybe that's not true. The channel is BCPL (BC Provinical Legislature)and here it is Channel 82 with Shaw. Other carriers may have a different channel number.
Excellent info., thank you 4:24!

Good to hear from you -- hope you'll comment again in the next few days' debates on the debates in the Legislature.

How I wish that the BC Rail proceedings would be shown on that Channel too. It would be such a healthy way of drawing the province together around a very important issue.

Express Collision Shop Said,

Also of note in question period, that the SEC may be looking into a transfer of land sale the last six months or so. Not another scandal. The SEC should check all stock trading of those closely connected to these allegations. Also of note is a nice donation last year from a certain forest company. Grease the skidders. This one reminds me of another scandal going back a few years.

Quite an article in the Sun this morning regarding RCMP deputy commissioner Barbara George. George was cited for contempt of Parliament for deliberately misleading a parliamentary committee. Disturbing. After looking back over Mary's and Tieleman's website lately, the RCMP may have to answer some questions regarding this trial if it happens. This info regarding innocence at stake documents should get really interesting.

With all the ICBC overload lately, I almost missed another Sun article today on the corn field mess. Wow!!! Every reporter in town are digging in the corn fields.
ECS, thanks for your eagle-eyes and sharp thoughts.

See if you can find The Globe and Mail's story on Barbara George, maybe yesterday, maybe today. She spoke freely, without previous constraints, and I felt a lot of sympathy for the unabridged story she told.

But I must've missed those reporters digging in the Chilliwack corn fields, thanks for that.

Conditions of this nature regarding evidence in a trial are sure to create suspicion unless written or agreed to by the Justice. Surely the government could provide reasons explaining why the conditions are set. The presiding Justice stated that the public needed to know what had taken place. I don’t understand why the government has not asked the court but has asked the defence to consider conditions if any? When you consider that a young pregnant woman has been detained for delaying court proceedings...
Express Collision Shop Said,



Victoria Times Colonist April 10th by Judith Lavoie. Plenty of controversy in this part of the Island the last few years. Anyone know when that $50,000 dollar bribe court case is happening?
Express Collision Shop Said,

Vaughn Palmer-A two part special on Ex CEO of ICBC.

Vaughn missed a critical investigation, maybe in part two.

Interesting to note that the very day BC Mary and the Sun wrote about the Naikun Wind Energy Project, that you can't access tracking of the Enviromental Assessment Process through Naikun's Website. It is still not linking. Mary's site was the only one that mentioned checking out the Enviromental Assessment Process. Hmmm ?
So ... Express Collision Shop ... it is well-understood by BC Mary that our commentors are an important part of this web-site ... indispensible, you might say ...

and now everybody knows??

Woo hooo!!

And thanks again, all.

"First of all, the B.C. Liberals are not running the lawsuit. Secondly, we're not going to comment on what's going on in the courtroom." AG 'Stonewally

Roll eyes now, folks. . . Does this guy really believe the public is going to swallow his inane remarks with all that has surfaced to date????. . dream on, sir.

NEWS FLASH, Wally: The BC Liberals ARE running the lawsuit.

The real action is going on anywhere BUT in the courtroom - as Prof. Mathews once again has brilliantly sketched in vivid colour in his article below - the pattern emerges.

Stonewalling only operates until the pressure from the river of truth flows above & around in powerful torrents to the surface and a shift occurs to the other side of the ledger - the honourable side, where ethics and integrity exists - where people with conscience prevail and ACT to clean up the rot, rather than sliding sideways;

until the repeat pattern of this rotten 'game'- this 'Catch 22' becomes etched into people's minds through public exposure until there is NO doubt about what is going on - a pattern all too familiar in other big cases where there has been blatant political, cooperative coverup that is operating as we speak . . . . outside of this charade of political/legal stench coming from the BC Raid on the Leg case. It is all the same GAME controlled by the CIRCLE.

The game is well orchestrated as BC Mary, Robin and many of us understand . . . . with rules foreign to DUE PROCESS & well practised 'players';

the rules of society that were supposed to be sacred in our standardized systems but have become 'tainted' & bent through being manipulated by these players to ensure that wrongdoing of their high profile players all part of the gang . . gets sanitized disappearing into oblivion; while too many British Columbians are now being left 'shell shocked' knowing there is something terrible wrong and that justice and fairness has NOT been served;

a cooperative 'game' of suppression that operates no matter the cost to the publics best interests - there is no conscience wasted on the unwilling victims (the book Snakes in Suits & sociopaths comes to mind). . . as long as private, political agendas are alive & well in the courts, the AG Ministry and the RCMP with high profile reputations in tact & insulated by their private circle.

There IS a 'Circle' of players at the top levels of the RCMP, the AG's Ministry, select lawyers/Judges who agree to abide by their own devised rules to suit their game plan, within the justice system; players who pass the ball of deceit to one another with little on the record paper trials, and lots of nudge/nudges withing the circle's club . . . . well away from the publics usual access to these well worn linkages.

The word "Circle" is now widespread when speaking of this little group - awareness is the first step toward change. The solution to life's challenges/crisis is usually simple: it is all about the power of the people acting as a unit.

Many people now have the dubious experience of seeing this rot out play for themselves - albeit tortuous - but, are now armed to share the truth with others. What could be more powerful?

There must be a mechanism from the people - for the people, to stop this 'game' of injustice. Good British Columbians with their voices and determination CAN do something now.

Surely the media will get the message that people expect the truth, especially as Canwest sinks into red ink today, for being part of the game.
earseyeswideopen finishes up with:

"especially as Canwest sinks into red ink today, for being part of the game"

Perhaps the loss of income from subscriptions and advertising that accrues from putting out a p***poor product that is PR crap masquerading as news can be replaced with the proceeds of successful libel suits - or does that just appear to be the strategy?

Do you think the Aspers can be more successful at getting their damaged feelings assuaged via the court system than the citizens of BC seem to be in their pursuit of justice?
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