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Breaking news from Bill Tieleman

Bill Tieleman - May 6, 2008

Please go to Bill's blog for this ... and another set of startling revelations about Premier Campbell from the Opposition.

"Here we go ..." said Bill, in announcing 1,000 new documents obtained by the NDP from court records.

[I would copy a small preview, but am having a bit of computer/ISP trouble this a.m., sorry.

- BC Mary.]


Breaking news from Bill Tieleman

Mary did you happen to see in the Vancouver Sun's Business BC section Land control rules change"?

As much as MLA John Les hides behind his "No comment" statements, like so many other BC Liberals involved in investigations by the RCMP, Pat Bell is introducing legislation that will change the affect a range of individuals holding Crown leases, including the Acriculture Land Commission.

Bonanza time for developers is coming for all those that have sought out, and held membership in BC Liberal party (by donations for third party advertising not covered by current legislation) and ... the Courts haven't even dealt with Chilliwack.
Express Collision Shop Said,


Defence n a defending; capability or means of resisting an attack; protection; vindication; (law) a defendant's plea; the defending party in legal proceedings.

Due to ICBC burnout, can someone please remind me who were the four individuals who were allowed to look at these special documents? Mr. Dobell looks like he will be in the news for quite awhile. This reminds me of the missing hard drive that Judge Bennett found. Silence all around the courtroom. Political interference has been brought up a few times before and this looks not so good for the Premier. I can hardly wait for the full answers from the Attorney General and the special prosecutor. No comments all around, It's before the courts, it's before the courts, it's before the courts.
Hey Mary, have a look at question period today May 7. The questions raised covered a lot of things around documents
Have just re-read the Sun story and find no mention of the ALC.
The problem with the ALC is that they were all appointed by the current gov't. and thus have in the past year released more farmland than ever since the ALR was established.

Think maybe what they might be up to is the land for Site C as BC Hydro recently expressed renewed interest in this project. Plus, since the forest industry is in the dumpster, go after any of their lands that they can.
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