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Premier's aide should not have had access to evidence ...


The Globe and Mail - May 13, 2008

VANCOUVER -- An RCMP political corruption case may have been tainted when a senior B.C. government official got access to confidential documents without first swearing to keep the material secret, the NDP charged yesterday.

Leonard Krog, opposition critic for the Ministry of the Attorney-General, said that when a key official in Premier Gordon Campbell's office was consulted about the highly classified material, it left the police investigation open to compromise.

For several days in the House, Mr. Krog has been asking about the issue.

"This is not an ordinary criminal case, it involves the government of British Columbia and its integrity," Mr. Krog said, explaining why he has been pounding away at the topic even though the matter is before the B.C. Supreme Court.

Mr. Krog said the questions are of urgent public importance.

But Attorney-General Wally Oppal told Mr. Krog in the House that he is going to have to wait for the courts to provide answers, because the government doesn't want to interfere with the course of justice.

"We have made it clear throughout we will not comment on anything that's before the Supreme Court, because it's improper to do so," Mr. Oppal said.

Mr. Krog said outside the House the government is stonewalling - but sooner or later it will have to respond. "The government's going to answer in the court, or in the House, but they are going to answer," he said.

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