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BC government "acts like a Third World Police State" says The Province

On this day - June 9, 2008 - as the special prosecutor in the case of HMTQ (i.e., the people of B.C.) versus Basi, Virk, Basi (the BCRail Case) goes to the B.C. Court of Appeal to plead for absolute secrecy - The Province newspaper editorial asks:


Ethan Baron,
The Province: Monday, June 09, 2008

{Snip} ... We have evolved a culture of docility, and politicians, bureaucrats, justice officials and police take full advantage.

We pay them, but when we want to see how they're working, they shut their doors in our faces.

Just the other day, the board of TransLink, the regional transportation authority, debated options for the Pattullo Bridge, notorious killer of motorists. The public and the media were banned from the meeting. The board issued a news release after its decision.

At all levels of government, officials throw up barriers to public oversight, so they can operate with a minimum of scrutiny and accountability.

Canadians sit and take it.

Police hide behind media spokespeople who give the press and the citizens as little information as possible.

Judges impose publication bans, with prosecutors' consent, at the drop of a defence lawyer's hat.

Bureaucrats witRating 2 old [sic ... it probably means "withhold" - BCM] information about their agencies' actions, abusing privacy legislation intended to protect, not obscure.

In the United States, the people wouldn't stand for this. In Canada, Big Brother knows better.

Want to read the shocking truth about two of the 20 more women Willie Pickton is accused of killing? Sorry, the judge says I can't tell you, even though the Crown has decided already those 20 victims' cases will be dropped if Pickton loses his appeal.

Want to know which electric-car maker hoping to sell to Canadians failed spectacularly in its government crash test? Sorry, Transport

Canada won't reveal that, because this "model corporate citizen" asked it not to.

Want to know why the Crown released Peter Lee on bail a few weeks before he killed his wife, son, parents-in-law and himself in Oak Bay? Sorry, the provincial government is fighting to keep the prosecutors in question from testifying at an inquiry into the slaughter.

Want to know which B.C. companies operate the most unsafe trucks? Sorry, my request to the transportation ministry for that information has been tied up for months by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

This absurd state of affairs continues, and worsens, not only because we the people accept it -- but because the government, too, is full of docile, obedient Canadians.

Police, prosecutors, bureaucrats and government scientists receive orders not to speak without permission about the workings of our public institutions.

With rare exceptions, they do what they're told, and keep their mouths shut.

We live under an information-control regime that rivals that of a Third World police state.

Do we get outraged?

Do we demand change?

Do we order our elected representatives and public servants to operate more transparently?

No, we ... [Excuse me, but I profoundly disagree that it's the fault of the people -- that it's our failure and not the fault of a captive, corporate media -- that I ask the readers to provide their own concluding sentence to this editorial ... then, please click on the URL below to see The Province's conclusion.
- BC Mary.

British Columbia has dozens and dozens of Media Monitors and Public Affairs Officers on the public payroll to perform work over which we appear to have no control; and which, according to one of the Dave Basi - Gary Collins transcripts - may be distorting the media and, in fact, the democratic process. There were 185 new government employees hired in September 2006 under Order-in-Council #656 in addition to those already on staff and others hired later. So shouldn't The Province take this into consideration before blaming the public for accepting the status quo?

Which means, in the end, shouldn't The Province begin seeking out less biased information? And by informing the public, put a stop to what they are calling Third World police tactics? - BC Mary.

This may be an appropriate corner to add something about Victoria's former Chief of Police. It comes from a thread on Bill Tieleman's blog. - BC Mary.

Blogger BC Mary said...

I'd like to hear more from the deBruyckere - Battershill perspective.

I understand that each of these men are straight-arrow, excellent police officers.

Together, they led the raids on the B.C. Legislature. Correct? Which means that they'll give crucial testimony when the BCRail Case comes to trial.

And suddenly, a cloud comes down on Battershill which has been shrugged off in Victoria as a "personnel issue"; but never really explained. He's been posted to a distant job far beneath his capabilities.

DeBruyckere's career was similarly snatched from him (or so it seems to the onlooker) and he's posted to a distant job far beneath his skill level. Co-incidence?

I can't shake off the feeling that the jackals are circling, trying to discredit two excellent men whose testimony will be important in the Basi Virk Basi / BCRail Trial.

If I understand things correctly, these two men are the kind we desperately need in this increasingly desperate society.

I'd very much like to hear from people who know what's going on with them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

BC Mary;

Have you taken leave of your senses? Have you forgotten DeBruyckere's link to Reichart and the now infamous "DO NOT DISCLOSE" memo that talks about tipping of campbell??

What next, your going to tell us how honest and ethical campbell is??

Give me a break, check your facts again.

Anonymous secondlook said...

BC Mary, as usual, you are right on the mark. I totally agree with what you wrote - it is NOT you that needs to check your facts.

Good work, Bill - sorry for the length of this post but believe a few facts need to be stated:

Anonymous (9:54 pm),perhaps you would be wiser to think twice prior to making assumptions, based on flimsy, surface perceptions. Circumstances NOT as simple as you perceive

I'm also on track with you, Tinaz; I completely understand your comment : "The case of Basi-Virk is not proceeding to trial because if it would, criminal charges against other government officials would follow. it is a game . How many other political bombshell cases have we seen 'dismissed' for the same intent?

The name of the 'game' that is well played out by a circle of "jackals" in BC is to discredit the messengers of the facts and suppress the truth - whatever it takes - it is done outside of due process.

Be certain: this Gang is in full protection mode right now. Their pattern is well practised & surfaces whenever members of the Circle's reputations are at stake. 'They' will do what it takes to 'fix' their problems - this is not the first time.

The tentacles that reach into the BC Supreme Court (keep an eye on the higher bench appointments - timing of promotions etc.) the upper levels of the RCMP,the BC Govt. and not excluding certain Special Prosecutors involved with high profile political wrongdoing.

Please weigh the following:

1. Both DeBruyckere and Battershill ARE respected Officers, well respected by their associates who know the truth. I believe they, too, have become targets as BC Mary suggests. I believe they are clean.

2. None of us are responsible for our relatives LOL, including DeBruyckere! Good grief! Personally, I can well imagine the difficult position DeBruyckere finds himself & just maybe wishes he was not related by marriage LOL. I have no doubt he has & done the right thing as has his team, including S/Sgt. Bud Bishop who delivered his 'treasure trove of notes to the court house, personally. These are well experienced, ethical Officers under the gun with orders from above.

3. In the pre-trial it clearly came out that it was the Solicitor General's Office who placed a call to then RCMP Dep. Comm. Gary Bass suggesting that the politicians should not be pursued in this case.

4. Remember who flew to Kamloops, prior to the Raid on the Leg with the RCMP, to brief the former Speaker of the House, Claude Richmond (btw he'd know Kinsella very well from the Bill Bennett/VanderZalm era)? None other than good old boy, former Sol. General & X RCMP Rich Coleman. Need I say more.

5. What orders were then meted out to the Officers by the big boss? The political interventions DO NOT happen at the officer levels. This is not where the strategy to cover is hatched. Has it happened on other cases where the RCMP have been involved with high profile friends & insiders?

6. DeBruyckere and his team WANTED to pursue the politicians and had their visas ready to go to Hawaii where Collins, Campbell and I believe Clark were huddled.

7. Reichart IS linked to the lobbyists/bagmen such as Kinsella, Jiles, and Dobell, lawyer Lyall Knott (named in the pretrial evidence as having been taped speaking with Basi) . . . the Circle all directly 'in play' with the Campbell Govt. behind closed doors, in full flow for their private vested interests. They all operate VERY closely.

8. Didn't we all learn that Kinsella was in business with Bruce Clark and Eric Bornman in Canada Payphone &??? With the scandal surrounding Kinsella's & Jiles lobbying antics being uncovered, we are further viewing the depth of these connections - who is linked to whom - what else lurks in those shadows? The permutations are endless in this game of insider dealings. Didn't Kinsella run Collins campaign way back when??? Anybody remember?

9. What exactly did that DO NOT DISCLOSE memo say? There are a multitude of persons within Govt. that could have tipped off Campbell, including the Solicitor General's Office, Martyn Brown, (former Zalmoid now Campbell's political 'fixer' cozy with Dobell in Campbell's Office. What is it about 'birds of a feather'????

DeBruyckere & his team, including were hot on the trail to investigate the shadowy figures. If this trial lives . . through some miracle, I'll put my money on DeBruyckere, Bishop etc. for the truth.

BC Mary, thank you for your balanced astute reasoning. I for one will be listening and am eager to hear more from both Battershill and Debruyckere. I'd like to know of others who share our views re: how things REALLY operate . . .


Good morning Mary

I just went to the you posted and gave them my opinion on why the people don't rise up. I'm not sure if they will post it because I put the ball in their court. If they don't report the facts in the first place how are we to know what is going on?
By the way Case #49026-1 is on for 0930 hrs today in North Van provincial court.

For those who are not familiar it is the case of the environmental charges against CN Rail for the disasterous chemical spill in the Cheekamus river in 2005. Short posting on my site. How Bad is the Record?
Nice going, Gary E.

I hope lots of others drop a note to The Province, too, and tell them we're mad as hell and aren't gonna take it anymore ... or words to that effect.

It's a bit thick, really, CanWest trying to blame the readers and taxpayers for believing what's dished out as "newz".

I was just reading about "the 19-year-old" government employee who wants to become the BC Liberal MLA for Beacon Hill (ousting Carole James).

For a minute, I had such high hopes.

But then, splat! ... because, he says, he "believes in current government policy." Jeez. Where is that kid getting HIS information, ya suppose?

Gary E, I just saw your Cheakamus River item ... many thanks for that update, too.

Have you been following the Transportation Safety Board's concerns about the faulty wheels produced by CN's Transcona shop?

It's a hard story to narrow down to a specific focus on BC Rail, but I sure do wonder if those faulty wheels figured in either the disastrous Cheakamus Canyon derailment or the fatal Lytton crash which killed two BCR trainmen.

If you have anything on that, I hope you post it.

We need to know, because I understand that these maintenance items are potential "deal breakers" in the still-secret agreement by which CN took BCRail.

In other words, B.C. gets the right to re-possess BCRail if CN does a lousy, dangerous job of operating our former publicly-owned railway.

Express Collision Shop Said,


Great piece by Ethan however, I have one little problem. Awhile ago Ethan got the best scoop of the year. Ethan did a killer job on the piece and it was a big one that went on for weeks. This story was only one part of a much larger problem. The other part of the story was very interesting and unfortunatly no mention of it or the groups involved. A real shame for the readers of the Province. I will blame it on the editors. I must say I was impressed when the Province canned the Plagiarizer? Pratt after his mess a few years ago.

A challenge to the Province and Ethan. Check out and investigate thoroughly the Scrap-It Program and see what you think about this program that was in your newspaper last week. I dare you.
I just left the following comment on the Province piece. Just watch it not appear. Canwest papers have NEVER published my online responses to their supposedly interactive stories/columns. I've just realized that I spelled Bill Tielman wrong. Sorry:

Some of us have been watching and demanding information and accountability for years over at BC Mary's 'The Legislature Raids' site, at Bill Thielman's blog, and at The Tyee. Unfortunately the mainstream media has repeatedly failed in its public duty to report shocking, significant, and definitely newsworthy developments in the case. Third World Police States always control information first. Why has our mainstream media been so helpful to this one? I urge British Columbians to look further for their news. Unfortunately the news we are getting while placidly chewing those perogies is as bland and unbalanced as they are.

I agree with you, Ethan wrote a great editorial EXCEPT ... for Line #1 and the concluding line, both of which I {Snipped} ... because they insult every British Columbian. Dammit, WE are not the problem. It's commonly understood that good people don't blame the victims.

Tell Ethan that to withhold information (even as you have said, here) is the crime ... NOT that it's the citizens who are guilty of not knowing.

How can people know ... especially if our own money is being used to pay dozens of government employees to work against us.

There's SO MUCH these media people could tell us and, like the wise men say, "Sunshine is a good disinfectant".

I included Ethan's e.mail address. Tell Ethan. Tell Ethan where the bear shat in the buckwheat. Say the citizens figured it out on our own, long ago, and Ethan's the one who doesn't take responsibility.


Mary, you are at least 137% correct when you say that the Province (and the rest of the Canned Waste Stenographer Pool) has no right to blame the citizenry for a scam in which they themselves are such an active party to the ongoing attempt to mislead and defraud the public!

Reading one of their guys putting down the OIC crew of reality benders is like watching live while the pot calls the kettle black.

Change must come, out of necessity!
Anonymous 9:29,

Woo Hooo!!

I don't think we should be discouraged if CanWesters don't publish our Letters to their Editors.

The important thing is that SOMEBODY there reads our stuff, and does a tally, and sometimes they even post the results, which means that our ideas add up. And maybe -- if we give up and stop trying -- this is the basis for Ethan saying that the public doesn't care.

So, good on YOU for your letter today. And thanks for the kind words which put BC Mary onto the Tieleman & Tyee Team.

Woo Hoo!

Mary, I have written to Ethan and had a prompt reply. Part of the problem is the super tight control Harper and Campbell are exercising with threats of dismissals, etc. Here in Delta one employee spoke out about the rats in the hospital kitchen and he has been severely reprimanded. He didn't seem to care as he gave interviews! We need more people like this. Perhaps they could start leaking documents to the press. The FOI approach is NOT working. Notice how Sean got 153 pages of info out of WA state in 8 days. Here it is taking months and too often nothing is released. I do blame the public as most people are living like mushrooms (in the dark).
Well Mary, it's about 1:30 pm June 9, and I don't see my note in the editorial. In fact I don't see any responses at all. Am I missing something?

As I said above I put the ball in their court. Asked how we could form opinions if they didn't report the news in full. Also asked where the Jack Webster proteges were. Nothing. Nada.

Anon 10:36. If you were to use the complete phrase "most people are living like mushrooms (in the dark) and being fed Bullshit" then you may be able to see why the populace is not reacting. Other than that your post is very informative. Have you visited whistleblower BC .com. They may be interested in knowing that someone was severely reprimanded for possibly saving lives. Black Plague comes from rats.
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