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BC Mary + Kirk LaPointe rematch

Believe me, I'd rather be the wheelbarrow person following a horse parade than the person trying to read the mind of a big-time CanWest managing editor. My friendship with Kirk LaPointe began last September 4, 2007. It ended at about the same time. See "I asked for Basi Virk / BC Rail News coverage. Now he's angry". Well, I knew you were wondering about these questions, too, after that Bill Berardino Show at the B.C. Court of Appeal, the past 3 days, so I took the matter in hand and again asked Mr LaPointe the essential question. The story unfolded today, as follows ...

Hi Kirk,

Yesterday (June 11) marked the end of a "unique" 3-day BC Court of Appeal event in which a B.C. Special Prosecutor demanded additional secrecy in the BC Rail Case.

I have searched Vancouver Sun and can find no mention of it.

I don't understand how British Columbia's "flagship" newspaper can ignore such an issue to a point where even a unique, precedent-setting event concerning BC Rail and BC governance has no place in its pages.

This request will be posted on my web-site. If you reply, please indicate whether I may share your comments with my readers as well.

Kind regards,

BC Mary
The Legislature Raids

And Kirk did reply. Twice. He did not say I couldn't post his remarks:


We covered it the day before.

Kirk LaPointe, Managing Editor, The Vancouver Sun.

and #2:

The angle on the Globe's front page today was covered by us June 3, by the way.

Kirk LaPointe, Managing Editor, The Vancouver Sun.

So BC Mary, sensing a collective need for further information, wrote again:

To: LaPointe, Kirk (VAN_Exchange)
Sent: Thu Jun 12
Subject: Basi Virk / BCRail / Court of Appeal

Hi Kirk,

I saw Ian Mulgrew's article in Vancouver Sun on June 11. Is that it? Is that all Vancouver Sun intends to publish on this dramatic piece of BC history?

Yesterday the BC Court of Appeal wrapped up 3 days of learned arguments as to what the public may be allowed to hear with regard to events (the alleged crimes, the resulting courtroom scenes) which are costing the public millions, may be undermining the provincial ability to govern itself, and affects the lives of every person and business in B.C. And I am not sure that the Managing Editor of B.C.'s 'flagship newspaper' even knows that.

"We covered it the day before" has no substance if we're speaking about the wrap-up for this session.

"The angle on the Globe's front page today was covered by us June 3" isn't convincing, either, when (a) this is hardly an "angle", (b) this case requires careful, detailed explanation, and (c) this historic Court of Appeal session ran from June 9 to 11.

I want to do the right thing here, Kirk, so may I assume that I have your permission to quote your comments?

Kind regards,

BC Mary
The Legislature Raids

And Pointy replied again! He said:

No, it's not all.

Kirk LaPointe, Managing Editor, The Vancouver Sun.

The brilliance and brevity of the Managing Editor's words demonstrate a concern shared by us all, for the proper presentation of the B.C. Rail Case. His words will, I think, strike a chord in every British Columbian heart. I can truthfully say that his words have certainly struck my heart, and I will turn often to them during these troubling times. - BC Mary.


Wasn't this guy once tapped as the 'great white hope' for journalism in Canada?

What the heck happened?

I was speaking with a friend in the local media regarding Gordon Campbell and the lack of MSM attention in this province. He stated quite simply "They can sure make it rough on us if they choose". He refused to elaborate, but did indicate that the Premier's "handlers" know full well who is not a Gordon Campbell cheerleader and insist on knowing who will be there to cover photo-ops. (The entire crew, not just the reporters).
This case "the Appeal" goes to the heart of jurisprudence in Canada. It is definitely a case about Police Witness Protection. But the problem with Berardinos case is that he doesn't want the defense to know anything about the witness. He doesn't want Justice Bennett to know anything about the witness. And now he doesn't want the Appeal Court to know anything about the witness. He won't put any evidence forth to bolster his case. He is basically saying, I allege, "trust me".

Yet he won't trust a defense council, a Supreme Court Justice, nor the Appeal Court by giving them evidence. I can hardly wait for this to go to the SCOC. Those judges may well laugh in his face when they say "access denied".

The idea I have forming (in my conspiracy theorism) is that there is not any witness at all. This is all just a ruse to get a finite opinion on just how much latitude there is on witness protection. So that anyone can apply and receive that protection. And if it goes the other way then Berardino and the government will just drop the case. Slick.
BC Mary
This is one of your most Brilliant moments. We all bask in your glow. Keep it up!

Thank you. In fact, thank you again.

and again.

and again ... wow!

Thank you.

Mary thank you for keeping citizen journalism front and center in today's world.

The value in releasing the information allows the reader to have all the information necessary to make an informed decision - whether they buy the one liners by the Van Sun or not.

[REMOVED FOR LEGAL REASONS] you have made the right decision to publish these and show the people of BC how the Van Sun is prepared to defend their shabby record in exposing the truth.

Well, Mary, tonight we have seen how far THE POWERS will go. BC Transmission has been videotaping residents, getting copies of their e-mails, info on Facebook, and, perhaps, monitoring phone calls. I'm not quite sure about this last one. Then delivering it all to some Tsawwassen residents. Anyway, it's scary times folks. No freedom of assembly, no barbecues in back yards, the cameras may be anywhere and everywhere. Just what the hell is going on in the province?

Sorry, it's off the topic.
You're right, anon 7:08, but I spooked and pressed PUBLISH ... however, I think I'll let your comment stay. Maybe others will add to what you've said ... I'm hoping you were mistaken, of course!

And to Anon 6:42 farther up, I am 100% certain you will feel differently once the rest of the story is told. And it will be told. Until then, the important thing is that we don't risk jeopardizing the trial in any way. OK? Thanks.

Risk jeopardizing the trial?????

Express Collision Shop Said,


PG, Yes I was happy about Mulgrew writing about the "He Said, She Said, He Said" drama at the court house and then I waited for a follow up and Bill told us that only Hume and himself were there. Then I read Mary's expose on the editor and well say no more. I think Kirk wants us to send in all court house goings on to the Sun's new U-news and photos of no reporters except Bill and Hume at the court house. Kirk, we would even be happy with small updates underneath the Malcolm Parry boobfest or the running articles.

Footnote: Did ya happen to read the masters of greed and the definition of lobbying today in 24 hours ? This guy truly is a clown. One day a sports marketer the next day saying "no financial gain in it for anybody". Sean Holman is making a fool out of this sleazeball. Can't stop a lobbyist from singing, even a non registered one.
Kirk "Pointy" LaPointe is not just extremely rude, (there is no courtesy in Kirk) but for all practical purposes he is functionally illiterate. From his lofty position as managing editor of the corpse of what used to be a newspaper, he does all he can to reduce the rest of British Columbians to his level of language not mastered and willingness to buy the advertised message, be it from a corporation or a political cabal.

For more of my views on the harm Pointy does to the English Language and the availability of information see these articles at the House of Infamy

Awards Day

More Pointy Stuff
See CTV Vancouver news June 12 re: Tsawwassen. I was wrong about intercepting phonecalls. Rest seems correct.
While listening to Bill Goods show I found it interesting that Vaughn Palmer made a point of how Hume and Mulgrew did columns on the appeals case but made absolutely no mention of the forerunner Bill Tieleman. Nor any mention of Vancover 24hrs or the Tyee. I assume that from this lack of acknowledgement that the MSM has its own spindoctors.
Mary, you are everything in a journalist that people yearn for in their big media - but, alas have gone the way of the dodo bird.

The blatant 'buy off' of Canwest by Vanoc was another joke on BC citizens - notice the lack of coverage of the scandal surrounding the Prem's pals, bagmen, lobbyists . . you name it . . & Vanoc. Hasas anyone seen a peep lately the Sun or Global???? Where is Vaughn, Jeff Lee, Myro et al . . . on this one? What else does they sit on when it serves their masters? Not good enough.

Yes, I understand, anonymous 1:52 pm but don't you get a little tired of their excuses? Why don't these reporters/camera guys & girls band together as a group & say enough already - without reporters - the rags are dead. They all have backbones, don't they? There is a reason why investigative journalism went down the toilet!

Mary, your ethics and detailed coverage exposing the shadows, surrounding this 'mob' mentality . . . . truly, are keeping them on their toes including Pointy! You have developed through diligence a significant role in seeing this gang of goons now getting 'tangled in their own web' of deceit.

Webs are only dangerous to the unsuspecting - but once viewed in the freshness of the morning light like a 'house of cards' they bcome transparent.

Pointy . . his own actions/words speak volumes, don't they?

Keep on digging up the gems, Mary; know that your work is very appreciated & you are held in high regard by your readers. People may not always post but they absorb your words.

I see an online paper as the next step in your journey.

P.S. to gary e . . . or how about BC Mary's gems? I will no longer listen to the sanitized spin - remember the media monitors frequented Billy's little spin (remember Basi praising Campbell on Bill Good - all exposed in the Raid on the Leg Pre-trial) show - good luck getting on with the screening of his Producer employs LOL - unless you lie about your topic!! I've also noticed how people lose their backbone who agree to help Good with his propaganda - sad really. I suggest you use that hour of fluff more wisely, don't you?
Anon UpThread (@ 7:08pm).

BC Transmission Commission surveillance tactics up at my place here and an apparent response from one of the surveilled citizens here.

ECS - good point about the 'In'N Out' by Mr. Mulgrew.

Earseyeswideopen: Thankyou for reminding me of something that I have started to take for granted. BCMary has been a constant passionate reporter on the legislature raids. I can tell you for sure that this is not the only thing she is passionate about. It just happens to be the most important thing to her. She is the reason I decided to do a blog of my own. You see I had things to say that I couldn't say on her blog. (either ranting or going off topic or just generally being obnoxious) Once I started Blogging she was one of the first to offer to help, along with KootCoot(the House of Infamy), RossK (the Gazetteer) Robin Matthews and Bill Tieleman. Mary constantly sends me tips on things, and beleive me when I say her blog must take up most of her time. I know mine is starting to take more of my time. But there is a lot left to learn for me. Little things such as which posters are baiting you and what to do about them. Or how to set up a Comment with various little thingys in them. Something that I am not too good at right now.

Sometimes one can get caught up in the moment and forget that others are of great help. I never intend to cause another blogger grief. And I have learned other valuable lessons as well. And this lesson from you was a good one.

Yes, BC Mary is doing a great job of keeping this and other matters in the forefront. And I certainlt thank her. Along with the others mentioned above. For without them the word would not be getting out there on how this and other governments are screwing up this country. Royally.
LaPointe is not being rude if you consider that CanWest Media Inc. which is a subsidary of CanWest Global Communications Corp (CanWest eg. National Post, Vancouver Province, Vancouver Sun, etc.), contriubted $50,000 to the BC Liberals in 2005, so writes Charlie Smith for BC Politics in "May I take your order please"

Mr. Smith's list includes a company called "Tolko Industries Ltd." which kicked in $52,990.

If you've never heard of "Tolko" then all you have to do is refer to Ken Dobell's calender agenda 2006 Februray 20- 26 through to March 6 - 12, courtesy of the BC NDP website (Dobell's calendar entry for a meeting with Kinsella)

Ken Dobell's appointments don't include company names, just contacts:

eg. Mike Bailey (Heron's) for lunch.... Mike, as in Michael Bailey who is a registered lobbyist?

eg. Al Thorlakson CEO of Tolko who in turn has teamed up with Nexterra Energy. CARBON CREDITS

eg. Ken Higginbotham (Canfor) along with his un-registered lobbyist pal Pat Kinsella (Progressive Group).

eg. Hank Ketcham (West Fraser Timber Co. CEO)

eg. Ron MacDonald (Crown 7) E-cigarettes skirt ban on smoking

eg. Bob Friesen - Donna to bring in lunch (Bob's) Office (BC Minister of Forests

eg. Forest CEO's, Premier

Dobell Pleads guilty in court. - CBC

"Dobell retired as deputy minister to the premier in 2005, but he continues to work actively as a lobbyist and to hold high-profile positions such as being a member of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic Games"

For a guy who was to have supposedly retired from the Premier's office the year before his calendar was used..... it looks like his contacts inside government are in good shape for companies, and lobbyist, who want to have direct access to the BC Liberals.
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