Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Defence claims trio's rights violated

Lawyers turn to Charter

Defence claims trio's rights violated

Keith Fraser
The Province - Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lawyers for the three men accused in the December 2003 police raid on the legislature say their clients' rights have been violated by the B.C. government's handling of documents associated with the case.

Kevin McCullough, who represents Bobby Virk, yesterday told B.C. Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett for the first time that he plans to file a Charter-of-Rights challenge.

The defence lawyers are alleging, among other things, that Ken Dobell, a key aide to Premier Gordon Campbell, improperly gained access to confidential documents relating to the case, violating a protocol set up by the court. They will seek to call a number of government witnesses. {Snip} ...




And so it goes Mary, another footprint in this most important case.

If the sections in this challenge are successfull then we must assume that the defandents will get off on that technicality.
A technicality caused by the meddling of this government. And do you think that Campbell will resign? Given his actions after the DUI in Hawaii, I think not. For whatever reason this person will hang on to power for as long as he can. He is obsessed with that power and no one will take it from him. If only the other elected members under him would do the right thing and revolt en masse we might be able to have a government that would sit for the people.

But a Constitutional Challenge in this case would open a Pandoras Box. And if the mainstream media doesn't report all the facts, and slants all the bad things towards others (such as the NDP and Greens) then the only hope is that enough people read blogs such as yours, Bill T's, and others to get the information they deserve and have an informed opinion on who to vote for.

As for the scare tactics coming out now that the Greens are cutting into the NDPs' vote I think that people only have to look at the last Federal byelection in Vancouver. The green vote was taking away from the Libs and Cons. So it would appear that some people are viting "anything but Liberal".
Open Pandors Box, NOW! Lets see all the dirty tricks the tricksters keep tricking us with!? Why, on Heavens earth, would anyone stay silent to such atrocities?
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