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Crime and corruption in Canada: Flashpoint

And now, for something completely different yet still the same ... we could watch
Flashpoint this evening ... Flashpoint is about a Canadian police force (Toronto) battling corruption and violence in Toronto ... in ways that I think we've already begun to understand, just a little. The Flashpoint series begins tonight on CTV at 10:00 PM Pacific time. The Globe and Mail says it's good. Vancouver Sun says it's good (see below). Even Toronto cops say it's good. And heaven knows, we need all the help we can get, understanding matters of corruption and crime in strictly Canadian terms, eh. - BC Mary.

A career at Flashpoint: Hugh Dillon is in demand

Maria Kubacki
Canwest News Service - Friday, July 11, 2008

Once upon a time, Hugh Dillon was a hard-living punk rocker ... But these days, the 45-year-old former bad boy with the shaved head and piercing eyes is embracing authority -- well, at least on TV. He's playing a cop on not one, but two, high-profile Canadian shows.

Critics raved about his performance as the troubled homicide detective Mike Sweeney in the moody and disturbing crime series, Durham County, which aired on Global this spring after premiering on The Movie Network and Movie Central last year -- the Globe and Mail pronounced him "the next great Canadian acting star."

And he's donning a uniform again in Flashpoint, a drama about an elite team of police inspired by Toronto's Emergency Task Force. It debuts Friday on CTV and simultaneously on CBS in the U.S. -- the first show since CTV's Due South in 1994 to air in network prime time both in Canada and the U.S.

It's a strange turn of events for someone who admits he was always a rebel. Maybe it has something to do with growing up in what he calls "the prison capital of North America" -- Kingston, Ont., home of the maximum security Kingston Penitentiary as well as a number of other prisons. "I was always attracted to the dark and the rebellion side," says Dillon. "I didn't like orders, I didn't like people giving me orders and that's why I became a singer in a very aggressive kind of anti-social band. And I liked criminals. But as I got older and educated, I got a lot more respect for the cops and the whole law enforcement. Really, for me it's all about growing up and really having more empathy for everybody."

Empathy is one of the qualities he admires about sniper Ed Lane, the character he plays on Flashpoint. In order to do his job as the lead sharpshooter for the Strategic Response Unit -- shoot to kill when given the order -- Lane has to be an alpha male ... filming continues on the remaining four episodes of Flashpoint (nine are already in the can). As if he weren't busy enough, there's also Works Well With Others, the album he recorded with the Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir at the Tragically Hip's Bath House studio near Kingston. It's set to be released in August and will likely include a song he's written for Flashpoint. His new band is not as hardcore as the Headstones -- "It's a little more Leonard Cohen-y and a little less Lenny from Motorhead."

He still loves writing music and sometimes playing live, but he no longer feels any pressure to tour and do promotion. He hopes to do a limited Canadian tour after Durham County wraps and before he goes back to Los Angeles, where he now lives with his wife. And then he'll take a well-deserved break. "I've never worked so f-----g hard in my life, between these two shows and this record ... "

Flashpoint begins airing on CTV and CBS tonight at 10 p.m. PDT.


A few more dots to connect

rogue government officials hide accounting irregularities, without elected government's consent 19-Apr-07 05:10 pm
Auditor General of Canada, CPP audit: CPP must demonstrate political consultation and documentation; and log book and minutes of BCE, KKR&co, CPP exchanges
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This is a British Columbia Freedom of Information Request made to the BC Ministry of Finance, and the Treasury Board.

Without consent of elected officials, it is accounting fraud and election tampering to remove the BC Rail tax indemnity GAAP footnote from the Province's GAAP annual debt disclosure statements, three months prior to the May 05 election. Need records to prove that this was not rogue government officials covering up accounting irregularities, without the elected government's consent. In the disposition of the crown corporation BC Rail, the tax asset attributes refund is not 255 million, or 367 million, it is 415 million.

There is concern that when the BC Rail deal was signed on July 14.05, that very few liberal mlas were aware of the indemnity refund extra give away of 100 million dollars. Similarly, many liberal mlas that ran in the May05 election were ignorant to the indemnity changing to 367 million, and that it was to change again to 415 million, as this was an obstructed, GAAP required balance sheet footnote. GAAP holds that a government without an official opposition, held to higher standards.

The BC Government in their footnote explanation removing the BC Rail tax indemnity from the debt table, read that the Auditor General was consulted. Consultation implies approval. There is a direct allegation that the BC Auditor General did not formally approve the removal of the GAAP BC Rail tax indemnity from being disclosed. Nor did the Auditor General approve using the Auditor General’s name in removing the footnote. The Auditor General following GAAP could not approve the removal of footnote, without referencing the indemnity size in such a footnote, as again the indemnity was even more 415 million. As if the BC Auditor General Office removed the embarrassing indemnity accounting entry, without advising political consultation, just prior to the May 05 election.

(1)[Records to show what elected officials or political staff, requested, or were aware of, the change in the GAAP handling of the BC Rail indemnity, from being disclosing annually, forever, to a contingent liability and never again.] The jan05 GAAP BC debt disclosure table had to be revised, if it was to be footnoted again, from 255 million to 367 million; this is agreed; and therefore this is political; and therefore must be a political decision. The emails provided thus far, do not deal with the notification to an elected representative. Permission from what elected official please. Is the Ministry of Finance asserting that this was not a political decision to remove disclosing the 415 million BC Rail tax asset, affecting the May 05 election outcome?

(2) [Records to show the sophistication of the BC Rail indemnity reclassification consultation process, and issues raised, with the Auditor General Office to make the BC Rail a contingent liability, off balance sheet disclosure.] It is a serious GAAP violation to intentionally misrepresent the degree of the Auditor General's involvement in removing this disclosure from public view. Basically, need the documenting of the paper trail to how the Auditor General's name was directly cited and used in the disputed footnote, removing the disposition refund from the People's balance sheet.

letter cont’d

CPP must demonstrate political consultation; and have minutes of BCE, KKR&co, CPP exchanges 19-Apr-07 05:14 pm
Freedom of information request cont'd,
(3)Records to show what elected officials, authorized or were aware, that the BC Comptroller General Van Iersel was holding a June 29,04 press conference, on the new indemnity being 366 million, two weeks prior to the BC Rail's sale closing on July 14,04. Need connected emails prior to press meeting disclosing new indemnity to public. As the top non elected government official did contact the media, this needs further explanation. This info sought is prior to June 29,04 and the release of p65 disclosing the indemnity of 367 million. The People have the right to know, as this is now the new Auditor General. Extremely inappropriate political comment in email referencing the media release, pondering the media's political take on the "clean" changes.

(4)Need all Trumpy emails on BC Rail tax indemnity, especially to Falcon or Collins representatives, and the Premier's office. In the Legislature Hansard debates, has Finance Minister saying indemnity info never read, and Trumpy responsible for 255 million indemnity footnote, makes release mandatory.

Note, Paul Willcocks, July05,04, internet 366 million new indemnity news report is an internet blog, and not an actual newspaper story. Note, no official news stories posted on net, about bigger indemnity. Note, Jan 05, NDP official newspaper corruption charges challenging the accounting of BC Rail's coal infrastructure write downs, and the media covering this theft of government assets story, failed to inform, and raise the issue of the 255 million refund indemnity changing. The Auditor General Audit test would include a standard newspaper disclosure examination, being attached to making the BC Rail indemnity an off balance sheet disclosure.

Note, BC Rail 05 annual report, summer06, disclosed 415 million tax attribute, told after election of selling this important greenhouse crown corporation asset. Note BC Rail 04 annual report disclosed the 367 million, also released after election, summer05, but advanced to Ministry of Finance, the reason for the priority issue in the emails to no longer disclose the indemnity in debt table. Van's standard min problem for not describing how much cash with in a wallet, tax assets transferred, is not an acceptable accounting description, and should have been politically approved. Note, BC Rail GAAP description different.

Note, Hansard spring04 comments by BC Finance Minister Collins, back when the NDP requested the indemnity agreement paperwork, and Minister said no, the indemnity info is confidential to NDP mlas, further complicates the ability of government officials to tamper and hide the indemnity refund error. A billion dollar taxpayer asset was sold at zero book value, it is now time for answers.

Please appreciate that a 41 per cent refund to CN for buying BC Rail is a worthy of being recorded on a balance sheet.

BC thanks you;

General Accepted Auditing Practices corrupted 9-Jul-07 04:01 pm
BC Rail whistle blowing --- BC Liberal party officials promoted government accountants to breach GAAP
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
To BC Ministry of Finance, Director of Information Services;
7/ 7/07

This is legal notification under the BC Freedom of Information Act that the File: 292-30/FIN-07046 is in the public interest, and that the 120 dollar fee should be waived.

[Please note, in your judgment -- determining the public interest -- it is asked that the BC Rail tax indemnity refund number flip flop from 255 million to 367 million to 415 millio., be mentioned.]

It is in the public interest that the BC Privacy Commission certify that the Ministry of Finance registers all the necessary paperwork. It is alleged that the Finance Ministry holds politically hot BC rail indemnity change records -- it does not want to make public -- and is not going to -- contravenes Act. [Once request #07046 answered, the Privacy Commission must maintain the public trust, and guarantee no records held back. Lack of time used to answer request, no excuse to limit access, and cover-up the give-away.]

It is asked that “more research/audit/report time” be afforded Ministry of Finance analysts to complete file. The approach of allocating seven hours -- is a tactic to rationalize leaving out contentious information. Grossly negligent -- not acceptable that the BC rail indemnity footnote, was removed from the Public Accounts before election. The Finance Ministry has a legal and moral obligation to make good. GAAP breach. It was political, to request more time to answer (Section 10 letter) -- now time used up, now asking for fee, to begin again (Section 75(4) letter), is again political. Note, information services was late to register opening file, and that it had to be asked for a letter of acknowledgement to be supplied. Requesting there be expediency, now to retrieve the records and catalogue them.

(1) Influenced May05 BC election/criticism diverted. It is believed that the bc liberal party officials urged government accountants to breach GAAP -- by stretching the degree that the Auditor General was consulted, implying that the indemnity was okay. [The lead auditor handling this file at the AG, Mr. Almadi was retiring.] The government should not levy a fee on financial information that the government removed from the Public Accounts improperly. No longer disclosed in the Public Accounts with “questionable Auditor General authorization” just prior to election.

(2) Allegation that the former Finance Minister Collins lied in Question Period -- by saying that the indemnity was 255 million. Note also, Collins stated in Legislature debate, that he never read about CN’s special refund -- and when the indemnity info was asked for by the NDP to be shared, the Finance Ministry said no. Finance Ministry had obligations to provide indemnity refund agreement to NDP [unofficial official opposition], and by not doing so, very problematic, and obstructed BC democracy.

(3) The July29/04 Ministry of Finance news conference alert changing the indemnity -- seen as very irregular -- as Van responsible for inaccurate indemnity description. Van and Paul Taylor contacting the media suggests something was known to not be in the public interest, and the newspapers censoring the refund correction alert, speaks volumes. Therefore all information around the June 29/04 BC rail indemnity government reporter sit-down, should be made public, in the public interest. Note, the former Deputy Finance Minister, conflict of interest, under scrutiny for speaking to lobbyist, report in works. [It is in British Columbia’s public interest that the Privacy Commission issue a special report examining the Province’s Comptroller General, recently promoted to Auditor General, quits 9-Jul-07 04:04 pm
records application letter --- p2 cont’d

the BC rail indemnity change news conference event. The Ministry of Finance news briefing irregular, two weeks before disposition of bc rail.]

(4) Extra disclosure obligated. Not in the public interest to restrict public awareness of BC Rail’s tax assets, registered at “zero book value“, on BC Rail‘s balance sheet. Local AG’s zero book value, crystallization approach is arbitrary -- ironically also have the proprietary right to enter a balance sheet book value for tax credits -- taxpayer conflict-of-interest, as the seller is also Revenue Canada somewhat -- therefore, it is in the taxpayers’ public interest that Information Services view the BC Rail indemnity, as special records, that the rules of release are more relaxed. GAAP rules of disclosure more onerous on Ministry of Finance taking the BC Rail tax credit, zero book value accounting approach.

(5) Emails released suggest an accounting disclosure conspiracy -- by the then BC Comptroller General and Finance Ministry officials -- to use false accounting, in selling off the People’s assets. [The sale BC Rail Annual Report did not mention indemnity, in sale description -- KPMG auditors aware it would latter be questioned and contestable, if cited. Note the Ministry of Finance chain of emails reaction began, once the next BC Rail Annual Report did cite new larger indemnity, and the political agenda not to report the refund in Public Accounts anymore.] Not in public interest to hide, problematic accounting disclosure decisions. Note, Comptroller General, promoted to being BC’s Auditor General has resigned, therefore records must be made available to maintain the public trust.

(6) Crown corporation somewhat stolen. Public knowledge that BC Liberal party paid workers of the government selling BC Rail, media monitoring contracts, to rig radio call-in show media questions, and sandbagged questions to others on radio, debating sale of BC Rail. The electorate were not notified before the May05 election -- that the BC Liberal party funded rigging radio BC rail sale-debate call-in shows. [Translates that the bc liberal party paid bribes to radio staff not to mention refund issue.] Sale and election contaminated.

(7) Note, Basi BC Liberal affair, and the current Court Order by the BC Supreme Court that the Province disclose all BC Rail government media records.

(8) Number one reason to disclose for free, is the Public Accounts have not, and will never, disclose the refund at 415 million. Ministry of Finance in breach of the BC Transparency Act. Ministry of Finance GAAP conflict-of-interest.

The 41% refund on selling the crown corporation BC Rail for 1 billion was known from the start -- worth more than 415 million, not 367 million, and not 255 million. Thank you for your decision, that not disclosing the rest of the BC Rail tax indemnity emails and records -- furthers this miscommunication by the wonderful Province of British Columbia.

The honourable;

Radio tapes of Premier running for second term, and fake BC Rail questions, obstructed, play'em 25-Apr-07 03:28 pm
Liberal BCE scandal; BCE bought Chum radio stations; obviously certain radio station personnel were in on the fix, and received side payments to manipulate shareholder assets
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[The below newspaper story should have been a political issue in the May 05 election, but was not. Sabia a political manipulator. Tampering with BC's policital reporting, to leverage to the max BC's pension plan, raises concerns that BCE is racketeering.]

(Times Colonist front page Headlines, "Political dirty laundry aired at trail", tues, april 24/07) [Little bit late, and only touching surface.]

"In was [defense lawyer's] fourth day of legal arguments in support of a defense application for more disclosure from the special prosecutor, including details of an immunity agreement with Erik Bormann, a lobbyist who represented one of the bidders for B.C. Rail."

[Bornmann also center of a current KPMG probe. The lobbyist improper contact with BC's top bureaucrat Paul Taylor. Note Bornmann was a BC Rail lobbyist, and Paul Taylor had juicy BC Rail tax indemnity refund info. KPMG has conflict of interest heading probe, as KPMG obstructed mentioning the indemnity in the KPMG 03 BC Rail annual report, result of BC Liberal Party advocates.]

"Yesterday, [defense lawyer] argued the case against his client should be thrown out because of an RCMP conflict of interest and "bad faith." [offer deal for media info]

"Basi and Virk are charged with fraud, breach of trust and accepting money and other benefits in the sale of the Crown-owned rail line to CN Rail in November 2003."

"Court heard several examples of how Basi was allegedly directed to make phony calls to radio shows and stage other instances of support for the government or derision of the opposition. On Nov 5, 03, Basi hired someone named Harry to attend a fish farm protest at a Safeway story, according to an intercepted call with Mike McDonald, whom McCullough said managed media for the Liberal caucus."

"Basi told Harry to pretend he was a customer and then heckle the protesters, telling them they are putting people out of jobs. If Harry did this, he would be paid $100. Who authorized, or funded the protest heckler isn't clear, but the trial heard last week that Basi was paid for tow $10,000 media monitoring contracts by the B.C. Liberal party."
[Media does not want to explore this BC provincial Liberal sponsorship scandal. Note, Liberal's aware no taxes where paid on wages paid to hecklers, or to media insiders]

"[Defense lawyer] also recounted several instances where Basi was asked by McDonald, or by Mike Morton, Campbell's press sectary, to arrange for positive calls or e-mails for Liberals on talk shows. Basi was also instructed to give a "rough ride' to former Social Credit premier Bill Vander Zalm on a talk show and to "get the posse together" for when NDP Leader Carole James was scheduled for a radio show."
[Media insiders obstructing the opposition.]

"Basi, who boasted he masked where calls were coming from by dialing *67, also posed as the owner of a mill shut down by the NDP and as "Don" from East Saanich who once phoned in "softball" questions to Campbell about B.C. Rail."
[Premier manipulated media not to be asked about the 41% BC Rail tax attribute refund; extends into CWG BC's print media monopoly, and payments/gift/benefits to CWG insiders]

"[Defense lawyer], said it was clear the premier knew Basi made the B.C. Rail call because an hour and 20 minutes later, Basi called the premier's office."
Mary I posted the above post thinking I was posting with the other previous connect the dots post is it possible to move this post to its proper spot with the others? Thanks
Anon 1:13,

I tried it and it worked ... so your comment is now under

Dot, dot, connect the BC dots ...

Anybody watch "Flashpoint"?? I did.

Ordinarily, I don't watch cop shows and for the first 10 min., I didn't think I'd be able to stick with it.

Then I saw how the plot was moving right inside the sharp-shooter's head, which was fascinating. But also the procedure for de-briefing a police officer after such an incident, very interesting. And according to Toronto police, very accurately portrayed.

This is a Canadian production all right, and viewers are going to finish up smarter than when they started to watch.

I was impressed. Thought it was great.

Hi Mary,

Fascinating and very troubling information coming in on your blog Mary.

Lets hope that some people with authority, outside the reach of this parasite, Gordon Campbell, will do some investigating and get to the bottom of this conspiracy. (And yes B.T. I did say conspiracy).


Conspiracy…a combination of persons for an evil purpose…. a plot.

Seems to everyone that is even somewhat aware of this scandal, knows that there are many dozens of people, if not over a hundred that are involved directly or indirectly, and as far as evil goes, lets just say this deal was not done for the good of the people of BC or Canada. As for a plot, there had to be a plot the moment Gordon Campbell told the people of BC that HE would not sell (give away) OUR railroad and then did so!

Although you have written about this already Mary, I would like to say that it was all to self- severing for bill tieleman to take a shot at you and your diligent site. Self-severing in a number of ways.

This site is truly an inspiration to others to get involved.

Sorry Mary,i don't watch cop shows ether.
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