Sunday, July 13, 2008


RCMP will make do with current force

We ask a lot of our police forces. And a good question might be: why aren't their numbers beefed up in the Capital City region? This is a report on how far -- on land and sea -- some officers must attend. And by the way, the new Canadian TV series Flashpoint is interesting (in my opinion) for its highly unusual way of looking at police procedures and their effect upon the people sent out to take care of things. Episode #1, for example, kept the lens focused on the police sharpshooter who had just killed a hostage-taker (seconds before the hostage was shot). This is not your average shoot-em-up cop show. The viewer watches while the cop is taken through the many strict procedural steps which follow automatically after a death. Working cops in Toronto praised the show for its accuracy. So, if we criticize or praise the police, we should also be prepared to look at things as if you're a working cop. Can't hurt, eh.

Following is a good, local report on the Vancouver Island situation. This is, after all, Basi-Virk land, site of The Legislature Raids led by RCMP Sgt. Kevin DeBruyckere and Victoria Chief Constable Paul Battershill; and their combined squad of about 30 sergeants. That, too, is a good point to remember in the coming weeks. - BC Mary.


Island population is growing, but chief isn't expecting funds for new officers

Rob Shaw
Times Colonist - July 13, 2008

The population of Vancouver Island keeps growing, but the size of its RCMP police forces won't -- at least for another year.

The Island's top Mountie, Chief Supt. Rick Betker, said he's not expecting to get any new officers when the province approves his next budget in coming months. He had asked for 27, one of the largest staffing increases for the Island in recent years.

"I was being ... hopeful for '08 and '09," Betker said in an interview. "But since that time, so you understand, there are other impacts that occurred." He added he's now hopeful for increases in 2009 or 2010.

However, that's not sitting well with the approximately 850 officers out on the streets, who complain about being overworked and unable to get adequate backup in remote communities where only one or two officers are stationed ...

{Snip} ...


Mary - what about the more pressing issue of Berardino appealing to the SCC? what does this mean to the case?????????????

I hope to find out tomorrow.
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