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Vancouver Island developers to stand trial for alleged bribe in leg raid case

Canadian Press - July 2, 2008

VICTORIA — A pair of Vancouver Island developers will face trial on charges involving the alleged bribery of a B.C. government official in a case resulting from the 2003 police raid on the B.C. legislature.

Following several days of preliminary hearings in May and June in Victoria, Justice Ernie Quantz has ordered Anthony Ralph (Tony) Young, 76, and James Seymour (Jim) Duncan, 64, to stand trial for three counts each of fraud and one count each of breach of trust over allegations they paid $50,000 to David Basi in 2003.

At the time, Basi was ministerial assistant to then-finance minister Gary Collins.

The Crown alleges the money was paid in connection to an application to remove property from the B.C. agricultural land reserve for Shambrook Hills Development Corp., now known as the Sunriver Estates, which has developed a residential subdivision near Sooke, west of Victoria.

Evidence from the preliminary hearing is under a publication ban.

The two men left the courtroom Monday without making any comment.

Basi has yet to go through a preliminary hearing on three counts of fraud and one of breach of trust relating to the alleged bribery.

He and two other former government aides are facing separate corruption charges related to the Liberal government's $1 billion privatization of Crown-owned BC Rail.

{Snip} ...

Police conducted the unprecedented search of the legislature on Dec. 28, 2003, seizing numerous files.

The Vancouver trial has been scheduled and postponed time and again, most recently becoming embroiled in an argument over whether defence lawyers can know the identify of an informer in the case.

The judge at the Vancouver trial has been told that the investigation and subsequent search were prompted by the informant, whose identity the Crown is trying to protect.

The trial has also heard an application from the defence to call B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell to testify.

A pre-trial conference for the developers' trial in Victoria has been scheduled for July 23.


Do they know who the lawyers are that will be representing Young and Duncan?
Anon 11:04,

There has, so far as I know, been absolutely -0- published about the Young and Duncan case until this week and then it was only the bare essentials. I've seen no mention of their lawyers.

I'm sure that many eyeballs are watching for those names to re-appear.

The next pre-trial date is July 23 in VICTORIA Law Courts. Maybe we'll know more then.

Maybe you could be there??


According to the Court List for July 2, 2008 both Mr. Young and Mr. Duncan were represented by Jeffrey Campbell.

Another high profile client of Mr. Campbell's has been Scott Young, the embattled and battling with alcohol and council, Port Coquitlam mayor.
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