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Vancouver police reach out to Indo-Canadians

Noted in passing: Vancouver Police opened a community police centre two weeks ago, adjacent to the Ross Street temple. Interesting description in Vancouver Sun, July 7, 2008, about how that is working out. - BC Mary.

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As reported by cknw, two senior South Asian crimester were arrested. I haven't heard a word since...
Hi Mary,

Just an update on the July 3rd “voice of bc” program that aired last week. Mr. Krog (NDP attorney general critic) was on the program. Vaughn palmer was absent, which left Keith baldrey to ask the unbiased questions. The Basi-Virk-Basi trial, Q&A, lasted about four (4) minutes, so there was very little substance discussed before Baldrey wanted to move on. Cameras were not brought up. A public inquiry was brought up and all agreed that a inquiry was necessary, but as you know Mary, for that inquiry to be effective, the Campbell government would have to be thrown out of office or reverse the legislation they just past not so long ago, that would give the Campbell government the option of burying or delaying any part of the information released to the public. Of course that’s if Campbell put any teeth behind the inquiry to begin with. Privilege and delays were brought up and Mr. Krog brought up the questionable thoughts of a premier that would sell off a railroad that would have made a TON of money, because of the movement of all the pricey commodities around BC by rail.

ALL agreed (even Baldrey) that this scandal could definitely bring down this Campbell government!!
Many thanks, Anonymouse 2:41, especially as yours are the first details I've heard about the weekend broadcasts. On Shaw, I keep getting a signal saying that the "Playlists" aren't available.

From what you say about Voice of BC, however, there wasn't much substance to the discussions.

Yes, I remember very clearly the new legislation which makes it "OK" for the government to keep the findings secret after the people have paid for a public inquiry.

But that law could be undone. No reason to give up and let them keep public information away from the public. In fact, I bet it would be easy to challenge in court.

Citizens have work to do, in my view.

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