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David Mulroney explains it as fishing.

Somebody started this nightmare.

We don't know who it was, except that he was the client of a lawyer named David Mulroney (quoted below) who said quite clearly: "
it would not be fair to characterize it as anything other than fishing." He made this statement even before the RCMP review began. So ... who pushed that investigation ahead? Why?

Somebody was known to be on a fishing expedition, trying to find something against the Chief of Police. He used a lawyer who had been on the Campbell team while seeking a seat in the 2005 federal election. Did nobody notice the political stench?

Somehow the RCMP was called in, and told to undertake a full investigation at considerable public expense. Paul Battershill had to defend himself, too.

Question is, why is the public left to pay the bill? If it was known to be a fishing expedition, and it was proven that there was no basis for these allegations, isn't this ... well, sorta like public mischief? Therefore, isn't this mysterious person responsible for all the costs, beginning with Paul Battershill's $15,000. legal bill? - BC Mary.

From CTV News staff
Oct. 11, 2007

The suspension was believed to be sparked by Freedom of Information requests made by lawyer David Mulroney.

... Battershill was suspended with pay after an emergency police board meeting was called late Wednesday [Oct. 11, 2007] to discuss a letter that alleged misconduct. Officials have not officially said what the allegations against him are.

"It's a personnel issue that has come to light which the police board felt that we needed to review. Obviously we needed to give the chief time as well to review the allegations and seek further direction," [Mayor Alan] Lowe told reporters.

The suspension was believed to be sparked by Freedom of Information requests made by lawyer David Mulroney.

Mulroney told CTV News the requests were made for a client concerned about the quality of policing in Victoria's downtown.

"My client disagrees with some of the allocation of resources that has been going on and feels that we haven't had as good of policing as we could have," Mulroney told CTV News. "We have no specific knowledge of impropriety and therefore it would not be fair to characterize it as anything other than fishing." [The emphasis has been added. - BC Mary.]

Mulroney made two related Freedom of Information requests in September, both focused on Battershill's expense accounts and details about personnel dismissals.

The first request asked for information on the salary, benefits and employment-related expenses of senior personnel at the Victoria Police Department.

It also asked for the chief's records of expense dating back to 2004.

The second request asked for all records of any civilian and regular personnel dismissed without cause from the Victoria Police Department since 2004.

As well, information on a review into taser use done by Battershill was requested.

Mulroney also sought information surrounding Battershill's role overseeing the investigation of Const. Lisa Alford, of the West Vancouver Police Department.

Alford pleaded guilty to drunk driving in November 2005, after rear-ending a car on her way home from a drinking party held at her police station.

She retained her position with the police, but temporarily lost her licence and paid a $600 fine.

Mulroney said a letter he wrote to the law firm that represents the Victoria Police Department, pointing out the conflict of interest surrounding the police chief handling freedom of information requests for his own documents, was dismissed.

{Snip} ...

With files from The Canadian Press and CTV British Columbia's Jim Beatty


Lawyer David Mulroney at first refused to identify his client. But unidentified sources in one article say that the client is -- or was -- Gerald Hartwig, a Victoria developer.

There's a Gerald Hartwig newly elected as Vice-Chairman of the Advisory Planning Commission (Minutes: May 6, 2008).

- BC Mary.


The manner in which the CTV staff article is written, in my view, indicates that this is nothing but a witch hunt. They targeted Battershill. No one else. There was no indications of any underlings being looked at. They wanted the Chief only. What a god damn croc.

There should be a public inquiry into this whole affair. And it should be all encompassing. Not a whitewash.
Hi Mary,

The other day I saw a partial interview on A channel, this interview was with a man that was described as a businessman. I missed his name but I suspect he is the man that started all of this. He was asked if he was satisfied with the outcome and he responded with something like, I wished there were more answers and then the interview move on to how happy he was that this is all over now and how we can all move on. I did not witness any tough questions that BC Mary would have asked.

No great insight here, but I thought you would like to know that there was an interview with this businessman.
Gary E,

How about a Public Inquiry into Gerald Hartwig, the guy who started the ruckus.

I hate to think of Paul Battershill having to go through a Spanish Inquisition ... for what?

Nobody has reported any wrongdoing of any kind.

I'd like to see Hartwig having to account for his actions, and to pay the costs of the investigation which turned up nothing.

I second THAT, BC Mary!

It's about time the 'bad boys' are nailed and like Humpty Dumpty they will all come crashing down.

. . . and while were at it:

How 'bout those 'party' Club boys: Poole, (Concert Properties) bagman Brown (Caanacord) along with the Prem on the jet to Maui . . . I mean Beijing joining Gerald on the grill?

Mr. T's breaking story on this jet set, perhaps 'swansong' for Campbell says it all. Man, the stench is overwhelming!

That jet must have been flying pretty 'high' indeed.

Keep those feet to the fire, Mary - please!!
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