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Gerald Hartwig, Election Readiness Chair, Victoria Federal Liberal Riding

Gerald Hartwig, Election Readiness Chair for the Executive Committee of the Victoria Federal Liberal Riding Association, is a Victoria developer whose actions triggered the investigation of Victoria's highly regarded Chief Constable, Paul Battershill.

From: 2001 Guide to 100 [Victoria] Properties, Who owns what: The old B.C. Produce building on Pandora, owned by Victoria developer Gerald Hartwig, is slated for a fixup. Hartwig plans a mix of retail and residential. Hartwig also owns buildings on Fisgard and View streets, as well as one at the corner of Pembroke and Government streets. Hartwig's father Hans built Nootka Court at the corner of Humboldt and Douglas streets.

Gerald Hartwig, of Hartwig Industries Ltd, is in the news this week because he has negotiated an option to buy the historic Northern Junk buildings at 1314 and 1316-1318 Wharf St., adjacent to the Inner Harbour. They date back to 1864 and are treasured by heritage advocates who see them as important links to the city's past. [Times Colonist, August 14, 2008] {Snip} ...

The Northern Junk buildings were at one time connected to the harbour via wharves. Goods would be unloaded from ships and sold at the storefront entrance.

Hartwig has already amassed a track record of recommissioning heritage buildings, including the A-Channel building at 1420 Broad St. and Chandler's Seafood Restaurant at 1250 Wharf St.

The Northern Junk buildings were recently offered for sale with a $1.975 million price tag. Another heritage building, the nearby Janion at 1612-1614 Store St., is being offered for $2.48 million. {Snip} ...

Gerald Hartwig is a member of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and its Street Issues Liaison Committee which worked to identify the services provided by the social agencies, agency mandates, gaps, solutions and resources required to address the emerging social issues in the downtown core. Major Problems identified were:
- lack of safe, affordable housing,
- lack of appropriate mental health and addictions treatment
- unemployment
- lack of co-ordination among service providers.

But no problems were mentioned about Victoria police services.

Gerald Hartwig is the man who hired David Mulroney (lawyer and failed Liberal candidate for Saanich - Gulf Islands 2005 election) to search for possible wrongdoing on the part of Victoria's Chief Constable.

Mulroney (David S. Mulroney Co.) was an interesting choice, rich with Campbell "Liberal" connections. Mulroney's campaign manager for Saanich - Gulf Islands was Jamie Elmhirst, the smoothest and most competent political operator to graduate from the University of Victoria's Young Liberal campus club, who had worked as an aide to both Premier Gordon Campbell and Victoria MP David Anderson.

Still, David Mulroney described Gerald Hartwig's efforts amply by saying " it would not be fair to characterize it as anything other than fishing."

No wrongdoing or misconduct by Chief Battershill was found.

Gerald Hartwig has not been held accountable for the confusion, trauma, and expense caused by his search.

Gerald Hartwig is the Election Readiness Chair for the Victoria Federal Liberal Riding Association as of May 2008.


Thanks for this. I've wondered about who the instigator of all this ugliness was, and it is very good to start getting him in perspective, especially with his present day downtown Victoria/BC Liberal connections. What about the break-in that occurred in conjunction with this whole Battershill situation - right at the beginning. Was it into Paul Battershill's lawyers office? I can't remember for sure and I don't have time to do the research. The break-in had the Spiderman touch of ceiling entry that mirrored the one at Bill Tielman's office. It all seemed too odd, similar, and disconcerting to be coincidence.

Who ARE these people????? Seems like someone should be making a movie - or at least writing a book about all this complex creepiness. Very scary.
Good work, Mary. Please keep on, keeping on . . . your Jack Webster Award nomination is well deserved!

The facts/linkages paint a putrid picture of a political 'hit':

I repeat as I wrote below:

"Let's just call what happened to Police Chief Battershill what it is: a targeted 'hit' . . . an eye for eye . . . because folks, Battershill had the backbone to take ethical action to expose and clean up rot as opposed to covering up the truth - That is a no no with the 'circle' - a punishable crime under their club rules

Battershill knows too much so the word went out: Get him.

Battershill is NOT one of Campbell Club members.

The object the 'game' is to remove him as Police Chief; to discredit his testimony in the Raid in the Leg/BC Rail testimony/the linkages that would unearth the darkness that has been covered up to date.

Thus the 'fishing' trip ordered by big developer and insider, Gerry.

When they couldn't find any dirt, they continued to stonewall, suppress l and manipulate with innuendo based on zero fact. It is an old pattern - one well practiced by the Club t9 create a desired perception.

It's all part of the dirty game being played out in British Columbia in many dark corners.

Now I am going to upchuck along with thousands of British Columbians. Perhaps we can create a stink of our own.
"The break-in had the Spiderman touch of ceiling entry that mirrored the one at Bill Tielman's office. It all seemed too odd, similar, and disconcerting to be coincidence . . . . Who ARE these people?????"

You betcha, Anon 5 pm. Desperate people do desperate things. Was it a clear message to the targets? Dots, dots, connect the dots . . . .

Yes . . . it gives one food for thought about WHO these people really are and the depths of their connections, doesn't it?

We must all remember as BC Mary continues to remind everyone and what seem to slide sideways: the Raid started with drug allegations.

Now we see the entire trial sliding into oblivion.
Anonymous 5:00 PM,

You mention those break-ins which have occurred since the police raided the BC Legislature.

Yes, I agree, they're all similar, all troubling.

First was the lawyer, Bruce Torrie. You can review that home/office invasion by typing "Bruce Torrie" into the Search Box, top left of this page.

2nd was Bill Tieleman's office, and that break-in occurred while he was attending a pre-trial hearing. A hint was left indicating that the break-in was about the raid on the B.C. Legislature.

3) the raid on the office of Heenan Blaikie, who had a client named Paul Battershill, shortly after being suspended.

Many thanks, igetit.

We have only to wait [groan!] another month before the next pre-trial hearing.

I hope more people can be in the public gallery of BC Supreme Court, on September 17. I hope Robin Mathews can be there. I wish YOU could be there!

Also I hope that very special [one more groan!] Special Prosecutor can get his priorities straight, think about the public interest, and get the BC Rail Case under way.

I like those questions, though: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??

The pictures on the web from the Heenan Blakie break in just don't look right. The people in the pictures are wearing black military or police gear and carying specialized equipment like a conformal backpack and carry bag. Those aren't normal break in people.
Anonymous 6:05,

Aw, come on ... but OK:



The pictures seem to be recently removed, will look for them !

Nice try, 6:20/7:03,

But I don't expect we'll ever hear from you again.

Why is that. You could keep us intrigued by telling us that much, for starters.

Then move along to Bruce Torrie's office.

Go ahead. Make something up. You can do it.

To that Special Op ...

I was able to verify some of what you said (and thank you very much for what you said) ... it's pretty hot stuff, you must admit, and I can't make it a public posting without verification.

The portion I least believed was where you talked about the former financier who is now running from the law and from the charges of massive fraud against him. But I found that although Ian Thow didn't give VicPD that boat (as you said) he was, in his heyday, president of Victoria Crime Stoppers and as such, "helped raise $125,000. for a police boat". {Canadian Business, Sept. 2005]

And there was a VicPD Sgt (now retired) who did co-launch the Marine Response Program. So thanks for those two anchor points.

Where you say that Chief Battershill cancelled this program because of the high cost of operating it -- and that the loss angered some senior people in VicPD -- I haven't found any verification so far, except only that both the names you mentioned do show up in VicPD's Police Board minutes.

Ian Thow was in the B.C. news headlines in a big way once those fraud charges were laid. Because he had also been developing a huge public profile around Victoria by making large personal pledges to charities "including a $500,000. donation to the Greater Victoria Hospitals Foundation ... He also announced he had raised $2million to finance the fledgling Greater Victoria Police Foundation ... Unfortunately, almost all of Thow's pledges would evaporate into thin air." [Cdn. Business]

So your comments have me wondering if a straight-shooter like Battershill might have become uneasy about allowing VicPD to benefit in any way from any Thow connection.

Can you indicate where the Police Board minutes might have dealt with cancellation of all or part of the Marine Response Program? Was the issue debated before the Police Board at all?

It does seem to suggest, as you say, that this could have been the basis for what Gerald Hartwig's own lawyer called his "fishing" expedition of Freedom-of-Information requests about VicPD finances.

It'd be much appreciated if you can help us out a bit more on this. And for your help to date, many thanks indeed.

Monday Magazine is reporting that Mr. Gerald Hartwig and others have been fined for offences/violations under the Real Estate Act for a development in Victoria. There's a surprise !
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