Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today at 9:00 AM in BC Supreme Court

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 at 9:00 AM, Case #23299 -- HMTQ v. Dave Basi, Bobby Virk, Aneal Basi -- returns to BC Supreme Court, Vancouver, for another pre-trial hearing.


According to the defence, documents disclosed on Monday indicate that, contrary to the government's assertion that no elected officials were under investigation, MLA David Hayer was under police investigation relating to complaints made regarding his interference in a matter regarding debts owed to ICBC.
Anonymous 11:00,

Many thanks -- yours is the first report from Supreme Court today.

But good grief, Dave Hayer? whose father was murdered to prevent him from testifying at the Air India trial?

Checking out ICBC? Is this some cruel joke? Was there suppressed giggling in the courtroom?

Tell us more. Like, for example, what documents "disclosed on Monday" ... ??

Thanks again.

Why was this witheld from the defence?

What is going here?

Why wasn't the public informed? Who is good old Bill Berardino protecting?

Mary - Bill is trying to put this case after the next election. Very troubling.

My gut tells me that the investigation was witheld from the public because of the tight race in Surrey Tynehead.

The RCMP are once again protecting Campbell and his cronies but not being forthcoming with this information that is vital to the public interest.
Not only that but the in camera pre-trial hearing for developers Duncan and Young regarding their role in the ALR bribery case has been completed and the two will stand trial. The pre-trial hearing for David Basi for his role in the case is scheduled for mid January 2009.
Anon 2:45 your information is much appreciated.

I've made a big post-it note which is now decorating my computer frame. Many thanks.

I still can't get over the Dave Hayer thing, though. What is the connection to BC Rail?

I mean, if the drug trafficking charges against Dave Basi weren't necessary to get these BCRail issues to trial, how could an ICBC debt on behalf of a constituent be so important? It sure looks like weaseling-out.

Bill Tieleman is doing good research on this, over at his blog.

this connection is,
people were paid off with autos...
I haven't seen this story anywhere else but in last Saturday's Indo-Canadian Link there was a from page article about federal Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal(Newton North Delta)wrote a US judge asking for a lighter sentence for convicted Indo-Canadian heroin dealer/gang member after being asked to do so by the guilty party's family. Perhaps you could dig up the article and post it.
Anonymous 10:03,

I saw that story about Sukh Dhaliwal but saw no connection to Basi-Virk. Or to BC Rail.

Am I missing something?

Sukh Dhaliwal's riding is Newton-North Delta. Back in 2004, Newton North Delta had 18.000 Liberal party members, with these mass sign ups channelling aproximately $180,000 to the federal Liberal party. Basi and his associates may have been involved with these sign ups.
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