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What I know about Battershill

Anonymous left a new comment on "Battershill saga: what happened to the police chief ...":

From what I know about Battershill. He is a honest, caring guy who is well known over the last 30 yrs of being a top notch person and a true leader.

Not only was he the best police chief Victoria ever had but most likely in the country as well. He did not micro manage and everyone had a voice. It was unfortunate he was surrounded by small minds.

It is now finally out there the complete lack of professionalism that is in the upper ranks. It is a true embarrassment to the department. The majority of the department had the upmost respect for the man. The good decent people do not run to the media to force their propoganda.

We wait and hope for the right thing. It did not happen. Instead the mayor was manipulated by the wrong people.This could have been stopped at the beginning, instead the 4 at the top have made this into a media circus for their own personal gain. Its disgusting.

The irony is that Battershill was a good guy who truly cared about people and SHOWED it consistently. They used that agaist him in the end. Shame on them.

The VICPD is completely poisened as a result of the 4. Get rid of them so the Vicpd can get on with their work.All the police board has to do is start asking the other 90% of the department. But they all know they will be retaliated against by the 4.



Posted as received, September 29, 2008. Someone risked everything, to get this message out.

The following reports are included as a reflection of the Victoria Police Department itself as it works its way through a painful transition period. They have nothing to do with former Chief Paul Battershill.

Louise Dickson's article in today's Times Colonist, Police Deputy Investigated, which mentions this blog, is at:

Canadian Press article in The Globe and Mail is entitled Second high-ranking Victoria Police officer faces Police Act investigation. Read this story at:

- BC Mary.


It is interesting that acquaintances feel that they can phone a senior police official on a personal matter and influence the outcome one way or another. Whule the idea of "ensuring consequences" sounds like a good motive (if its true and not just a manipulation)the real problem is any interference where there is personal involvmement. These people just don't get it, and neither does the police official who accepted the call.
A simple survey or climate audit of VicPD would confirm whether this person is telling it like it is. This person was a fan of the Chief so may not be objective. A survey would be objective. If what he or she is saying is true its frightening.
Anon 6:13 I hadn't thought of that, if you can call up police and influence their actions one way or the other on a personal matter its still a conflict of interest because of personal involvment. It doesn't sound like its a police board member, their spokesman said it was a friend of the deputy chief.
Its the same as a judge, if you phone a judge because they're your friend to influence their decision one way or the other its a big conflict of interest.

He was a good boss and looked after my family when we had a crisis with a child. He did it personally too and didn't get somebody to do it.

The sad part is that when he had his own personal issues going on the support he got was a large knife in the back.

The anonymous member is expressing the view of more than 90 % and every time the group does more media circus the madder we get. They aren't leaking facts and everybody knows it. [TWO SENTENCES REGRETFULLY REMOVED FOR LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS. - BC MARY]

RCMP people have told us it was a set up and they're completely disgusted.

Hi Mary, your information on this must be incorrect, a police board member would never phone a senior police official about an investigation involving their family, it must be a friend or somebody else.
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