Monday, October 20, 2008


Basi-Virk confirmed: 9:15 AM today

Confirmed in BC Supreme Court Listings: Case #23299 continues today beginning at 9:15 AM. Today's episode seems to be all about Disclosure, Disclosure, Disclosure, with this interesting tag: "See Para 182-200 in Notice of Application dated 26 February 2007 for details".

- BC Mary.


Hi Mary

Do you know if Robin Mathews or Bill Tieleman are going to make it? I think Bill is usually on the Radio on Mondays.

Are there any others out there who can make it?
Robin certainly had it on his calendar, as of a week ago. So, yes, I think Robin will be there.

Haven't heard Bill's plans.

But it would be wonderful of more citizen-journalists could attend. I think their presence in the public gallery would be the best visible reminder to the judge and lawyers that there is a public interest. Plus, their eye-witness reactions to the proceedings are always interesting and valuable.

Do ya think that Bill's schedule (i.e. when he won't be available to attend) is a consideration in scheduling these "pretend" court hearings?

I'm pretty confident that I am not the only one becoming thoroughly disgusted with this B.S. Perhaps if the actual offenders had been charged with crimes as a result of the Ledge Raids this whole disclosure game could have been avoided, of course that would require a Justice System and Law Enforcement Agencies that actually worked in the interest of the public, rather than at the beck and call of a small elite segment of that public.

I think soon, when people can't be diverted by the ability to go to Wal-Mart to buy junk from China, these creeps won't be able to continue playing these games with impugnity any longer. Even in the "Bestest Place on Earth" the proverbial poop is soon going to be coming into contact with the rotating, air circulating appliance and business as usual just ain't gonna be cuttin' it!
On my way there right now - Bill Tieleman

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