Saturday, October 11, 2008


Crime homework for Thanksgiving Weekend

Corruption Without Limit.
The Kelly Marie Richard Case.

This almost unbelievable story about justice in Canada is at, where Robin Mathews tells of preparing an appeal on behalf of a woman and her two sons. When I read the article, I said "Robin, it's important, it's horrifying, but it's so far off my BC Rail topic, I don't see how I can post it ..."

But then, after a while, I thought, this blog is becoming more and more about justice. Increasingly, those of us who are watching the BC Rail corruption trial are having to assess what justice is doing, more especially what it isn't doing, and what it has become.

So when I read Item #2 from The Globe and Mail, I thought "Good grief, here's why nothing seems to get fixed up! Is this justice in today's Canada? "

Reorganized Crime

By The Boss
The Globe and Mail - October 11, 2008

Please read these two articles and tell me: do you think Item #2 explains Item #1? And if so, has this subtle corruption happened right under our noses because our legal system is so willing to delay, to dally, to debate until the crimes almost fade into the distant past? Because we didn't recognize the signs? Because judges, lawyers, premiers, politicians, nobody stood up and said "Dammit, this is outrageous! Get moving or get lost!" - BC Mary


Hi Mary
Could you do something to make the links work properly. I think if people can't just click on them, many won't follow them and will miss realy important stuff. Maybe check with NVG how this is done. His always work.

Hi, Anon 10:23,

There's a blank spot in my brain which simply isn't picking up the instructions from Blogger Help, from N.V.G., or from Koot, each of whom has tried to help.

Someday, a geek will sit beside me and actually create a hyperlink. Then I'd see how to fetch a printed item from over yonder, bring it through cyber-space to my draft on this web-site, and make it into a one-word clickable hyperlink thingy for inclusion in a posting here.

Meantime, I hope that people will copy-and-paste the URLs I provide. Another option is to go to the source and search by title.

Sorry to be a klutz but that's the way it is, as yet.

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