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Dates for Basi Virk hearings

Political corruption case to head back to court in October
Neal Hall
Vancouver Sun
- September 29, 2008

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The trial judge, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett, said she hopes the disclosure process can be resolved by the end of November so a date can be set for January and February to deal with the defence arguments concerning the admissibility of wiretaps and evidence obtained by police execution of search warrants, including the one on the legislature on Dec. 28, 2003.

The Crown and defence lawyers agreed to return to court Oct. 20 for an update on what undisclosed documents remain outstanding.

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Can you believe this? Like, Saddam Hussein was arrested at about the same time as the Legislature was raided. Saddam was tried and dispatched long ago. They decided to hang him, didn't they?

Leonard Krog, MLA, who has a pleasant indoor job critiquing the BC Attorney-General, believes that this Basi-Virk court stuff may drag on ... and on ... until after the next provincial election in May 2009. That would be 5 years and 5 months after the raids. You'd think Krog would be riding naked on horseback down Douglas Street ... posing in front of the Legislature ... doing whatever it takes to draw the government's attention to starting the Basi-Virk trial. Which is to say: ensuring the release of the government documents needed by defence. Now.

Here's a wild guess: does the Campbell regime think there might be some unpleasantness revealed at the Basi-Virk trial? That the trial evidence might create a dark smelly cloud over their Golden Era? And that their only chance of continuing as government is by keeping the cone of silence clamped down tight? Just sayin' ... that's how it might look to the voting, taxpaying public who just want to know what happened to the publicly-owned BC Rail.

Especially when special benefits for CN kick in at the 5-year mark. Benefits which the people of B.C. might not like having to give away, either. But that, too, is just a wild guess since the agreement to sell BCRail to CN is still being kept secret.

Man, they'd never get away with this kind of stuff in Iraq. - BC Mary.


Don't forget about Bill's secret witness that is causing massive delays.

His appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada guarantees that this case will not start before the next election!
Anon. 3:58,

Heaven knows, I do forget things.

But if you read Paragraph #5 in the item below Questions for a just society, you'll see that I mentioned someone who might be that secret informant.

No, I certainly haven't forgotten that ... or the fact that there may actually be 3 secret informants.

Call me naive if you like, but I have a faint hope that Bill Berardino will see the light and give up on his costly evasive action (which is what I believe it is) and NOT take this peripheral issue to the Supreme Court of Canada.

It wouldn't surprise me to see that, if our Special Prosecutor is block-headed enough to keep pushing until he takes his Gong Show to Ottawa, he'll get one big serious butt-kicking that will send him straight through the goal-posts and into retirement.

Is this the same Bass that is involved with the Basi Virk Basi investigation?

Fired biker-gang investigator reaches out-of-court settlement

..... we ran a number of stories about the wrongful dismissal suit of fired biker cop Allen Dalstrom

The trial, which was slated to begin this fall, had the potential to be explosive. Dalstrom had alleged that a turf war between the RCMP and the Organized Crime Agency of B.C. resulted in the failure of a multi-million-dollar investigation into the Hells Angels. Some of the top cops in the province, both past and present, were slated to testify for one side or the other including Deputy Commissioner Gary Bass, former Deputy Commissioner Bev Busson and former Vancouver Police Chief Jamie Graham.

But the case ended not with a bang, but a whimper. The trial did begin last month but after a few days of testimony from Dalstrom it disappeared from the docket.


.....a settlement had been reached. Dalstrom's laywer Kevin Woodall says it involves a letter of apology and "substantial compensation". No more details than that for now SNIP will be released later this month.

- Chad Skelton Vancouver Sun
Anonymous 6:29,

Yes! By gosh, that's the Gary Bass, all right.

Too much secrecy. Many thanks for keeping an eye on this.

Jamie Graham has (?) integrety... call him to the stand and ask him about his 5 years investigation, Aug.'02- Aug.'07...Word on the street was October'04 the campbell/coleman administration had quietly closed this for fear of a backlash!!!
Political interference anyone???

"Is this the same Bass that is involved with the Basi Virk Basi investigation?" As Mary stated:

"Yes! By gosh that's the Gary Bass all right."

Well laudy - dah . . . shiver my timbers . . . isn't this the same Dep Comm Gary Bass that received the instructions from big boss: Sol Gen Office NOT to investigate the Politicos that the lead investigators had targeted?

Pssssst: Hands off boys - keep that political stench covered; dismiss/deal the cards - protect the players of this 'family' at any cost to integrity.

Is there a pattern to these 'plays' folks?????
I'm only kidding when I say this ... but wouldn't it be a laugh if RCMP Deputy Commissioner Gary Bass is the secret informant whose testimony is so precious that nobody can be allowed to know about it?

BC Mary

Good one, Mary! That would be a laugh and a half.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your 'team'!
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