Friday, November 21, 2008


Can't resist a good laugh ... even a CanWest laugh


Les Leyne column
Times Colonist - Friday, November 21, 2008

Exhausted by a gruelling three hours of debate on their first day after a six-month break -- with only one 90-minute lunch break to sustain them -- B.C.'s legislators bolted for the doors at 2:30 p.m., braced by the prospect of a long weekend to rest up from their labours.

They'll resume "dealing with the economic crisis" Monday. You're on your own until then. Based on Thursday's show, you're much better off.

Anyone thinking the B.C. legislature was going to ride to the rescue will be blinking back tears of disappointment today. It was like watching a bunch of circus clowns try to put out a fire ...


Thanks Les. I didn't learn much but what the hey, it felt good to be laughing. Nice work.
Vaughn Palmer's column also used laughter to fill in the gaps around Gordo's gold medals; but Vaughn was disqualified because of too much help from the Public Affairs Bureau (BC Mary's Rules). Michael Smyth, however, squeezed a few more chuckles out of those "quarter-pounder, almost-gold" medals Gordo created to liven up otherwise dreary photo ops. Oh. Well, the bling was for construction workers. - BC Mary.


Citizen's View in Vancouver Sun "Letters" Nov. 22, 2008:

Lord Campbell's medals are all about him

Vancouver Sun - Saturday, November 22, 2008

Re: No matter how short the session, there's always time to get in a few barbs, Vaughn Palmer, Nov. 21

I read this column with great relief. I had thought that the folly of Lord Campbell's Olympic medals for construction workers had slipped in under the radar. I run a small construction company that did work on one of the Olympic venues. When we received Premier Gordon Campbell's medal for excellence in venue construction, we thought it was a joke. With the exception of only one worker, everyone laughed at it. A case of beer might have been better received.

How much did this ill-conceived gesture of self-aggrandization cost the taxpayer? I can only guess. Along with the medals, the taxpayers also gave each and every worker an Olympic jacket (thanks). The point is that, besides being a costly mockery, the purpose seems to have been to promote himself rather than the construction workers of the province.

Peter Boliszczuk
Port Coquitlam


As soon as I heard of the King Campbell medals awarded to worker bees "fortunate" enough to work on the King's favorite projects,I was reminded of an article from a couple years ago about Gordo's buddy, King Ralph, formerly of the soon to be evironmental disaster zone with no visible means of support, otherwise known Alberta.

This article can be found at the pretend progressive online publication the Tyee at:
Ralph Klein's Real Legacy

Eerily similar is the account of the special rings,like high school class rings or Super Bowl rings, awarded to Alberta MLAs as long as they were members of Ralph's party, as if the other members aren't really members.

Of course Ralph has escaped the devastation Alberta will become thanks to his right wing(nut) welfare sinecure of a chair at the Fraser Institute, away from all the oily polluted mess and lack of infrastructure, here in the Kingdom of Gordo! One can only hope that before long Ralph, Gordo, Steve and George and Dick will only find refuge farther away - perhaps inParaquay - but for now they are still tolerated in North America, at least the Canadian part.
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