Sunday, November 30, 2008


Technical difficulties ...

Many Large Brains are pondering and tinkering, in an effort to rid The Legislature Raids of the annoying pop-up message announcing that "Google Maps API server rejected your request".

Apparently other blogs are being visited by this same message.

Koot's advice is "Just clear the dialogue box if this message pops up" then keep going as if nothing had happened. That's how I've kept posting myself, just by ignoring the dratted thing.

Browsers seem to be part of the problem. Use Firefox if you can. Avoid Internet Explorer.


Using something other than IE is always good advice but Firefox does it too.
Anon5:20pm is right. I use firefox and am getting the same message. But have been deleting it all day and everything seeems okay.
Good News Mary, that is if you get this:

I just successfully accessed your site through an ancient (6.0) version of Internet Explorer. I had to deal with the silly error message, but it simply went away with a Click on OK and here I am. Earlier I started to leave the comment below, but perhaps some of it is not now applicable.

Anyone using FireFox (2.0 and later) gets the error message, but just clicking OK on the error message clears it and all works fine.

Opera and Safari both work as well, with or without error messages, which if displayed are merely a minor annoyance. I haven't tried the Google Chrome Browser so know not how it would perform in this case.

With Internet Explorer of any vintage it becomes a fatal error and blocks all access to the site. The obvious advice is to use a real browser from a real software provider.

Personally I wouldn't be completely surprised if this wasn't about Bill Gates and crew's petulance that Google (operator/provider of Blogger) OWNS the internet and their own mastery of the desktop is becoming less relevant by the day.

Personally I haven't allowed even an inactive Outlook, MSN Messenger or other such MicroBloat app even waste space and provide vulnerabilities on my hard drive for years - and only keep as old of a version of IE as necessary to access the MicroSoft download website - since I still haven't completely moved over to FreeBSD or some flavor of Linux, I obviously still need to periodically repair the shoddy MS software that I still do run. Soon even that will just be an unpleasant memory as I plan on soon being MicroSoft free, entirely.

MicroSoft never excelled in software development or even design of user friendly GUIs, because they always spent most of they efforts at making sure that their own bottom line was safe and growing, rather than caring if their users were protected from the dangers out there in cyberspace.

Bill and his buds didn't even write DOS, but purchased it from a guy in Seattle, without disclosing their intention to turn around and offer it to IBM. Unix, the model/prototype for Linux/FreeBSD and other open source operating systems was still focused on multi-user terminal-mainframe systems and IBM needed an operating system designed for a personal stand alone system.

BTW, the guy in Seattle did successfully win a settlement against Bill and Microsoft later, but the amount of damages didn't even make him the richest guy in his neighborhood in Seattle, much less put him in the Bill Gates/Warren Buffet echelon.
Hi Mary and associates!

Yes, I too got the pop up but just clicked on ok and all worked fine.

I am using Firefox 3.0.4.

The plot thickens . . .
Hey, Igetit ... nice to see you back!

I wonder if this pesky pop-up message thing is the reason why we haven't heard lately from some of our other old friends.

Well, thanks for your information, Igetit ... it just might help us get back on track.

Meantime, I've been pondering what to do about my online newspaper subscription. Vancouver Sun, The Province, and Victoria Times Colonist have gone all silly, decking themselves out in what they're calling a "New Look". Talk about lipstick on a pig.

For one thing, the text is no longer black but a light grey colour which means it's barely legible. The Sun's Editor-in-Chief, Patricia Graham, tells me it's part of their new look.

There used to be a separate headline scan for each of the newspaper's sections. So looking for stories on Basi Virk Basi or BCRail, I would search the News, the West Coast News, the editorials, comments, columnists, and letters ... and skip the sports, obituaries etc.

Now the Headline Scans are gone and the reader has to make like a rabbit, bopping from one patch to another searching for whatever bits of clover there may or may not be. I understand that big grocery stores are managed this way too -- things are moved around, in puzzling new sequences, so that YOU SPEND MORE TIME LOOKING AT EVERYTHING AND MAYBE YOU'LL BUY MORE DOO-DADS.

Didn't I always say that CanWest's newspapers are pretty poor newspapers but THEY'RE ALL WE HAVE ... well, now they're virtually gone and I can't even be sure of finding a Basi Virk story even if they print one.

What to do? Keep paying my $15 or $20 a month for an online subscription? ... for newspapers where I can't find anything for sure? ... and, if I do find something, I can't read it?

Thanks Mary . . . I've been caught up in a frenzy of activity on my end. I am never far away even though I am absent from posting for some spells - such an intriguing place to land to stimulate the brain cells on this whole cesspool of political intrigue - I wouldn't miss this for the world.

I do believe the 'fix' is in and has been for a long time re: this trial of toadies. The real bandits have had the wagons circled for them through a cooperative network withing the justice system, the Govt., and the RCMP all at high elevations. The pattern of twists, turns, detours and decoys are too blatant and politically tainted from the pretrial delays and information released to date.

It's always the coverup not the crime that ultimately gets the bad guys down an unexpected turn of events. So we shall see . . .

Here's a thought re: your subscription: wait till Fairfax's, multi dollared magnate: Prem Watsa buys up more blocks of his ever increasing shares of CanWest. I sense a stealth mission with this savvy investor.

Dollars to donuts he'll revamp the sanitized news rags, do a major dusting in the Management nooks and crannies; release the good reporters from their shackles of restraint of journalistic ethics and produce a paper that actually believes in putting out a product for the public instead of a milk toasty meal of white wash and pablum to please their political pals.

For the few items that are worth a read, you don't have to pay to read them. Just a thought . . . I am such an admirer of your wit and wisdom - please keep their feet to the fire as you have done so diligently with delectable offerings!
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