Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Anonymous says ...

"in case anyone is interested, I heard that tomorrow's court session starts at 9 am and lasts until 1pm. "

That's what I heard too, Anon. Bill Tieleman told us in his news report on December 9 (scroll down for that link). It's also embedded in the masthead (at the top of this page).

But before anybody takes the day off work and drives 300 or 400 miles to get to 800 Smythe Street, Vancouver, by 9:00 AM on December 11, 2008 ... maybe first of all, we should check the BC Supreme Court listings. Just double-click on "Van Court - Direct" in the left margin. The day's list is posted by about 6:30 AM and yes, I agree, it's a fat lot of help if you live in Prince George or Nelson or Port Hardy.

Meantime, Anon, thanks very much for the reminder. Did you happen to hear anyting -- anything at all?? -- about what went on with Basi-Virk in BC Supreme Court today?? I went back and forth and up and down the B.C. daily newspapers but found nothing. - BC Mary.

CONFIRMED ... just as you said, Anon: it was a 9:00 AM start today Thursday December 11. Now the long wait to see if any red-blooded B.C. journalist has been allowed any space in a CanWest newspaper. - BC Mary.


I heard that it came out in court today that Jasmohan Baines received a 9 year sentence after having been found guilty of conspiracy.
Hi Mary.
An interesting point regarding the happenings on my blog since you posted my editorial to share with your audience.(thanks again)

I've had issues in the past when I've posted talk about about Basi-Virk,however,this time I received an onslaught like no other.
In a purely coincidental move, I'm sure,I started receiving virus laden messages through my comments section as well as via my contact page within hours of your post. It was remarked within several of them that I should talk about the "relationship" I allegedly have with Erik Bornmann.
Alas, we have never even had occasion to meet, although I'm sure it would be interesting to say the least.

Some people have far too much time on their hands...but it does make for interesting blogging. Bring it on, I say! Keep up the excellent work and best to you over the holiday season!

Holy smoke, that's not funny. Not even interesting. These guys don't seem to realize what a shi**y cloud they leave on the reputations of Basi, Virk, and/or Basi. I wonder if they appreciate it.

It happened only once on The Legislature Raids.

Gary Mason wrote a story for Christmas 2006 which I thought was a terrible example of biased reporting. The title tells it all: "There's nothing to these charges".

It is, in my view, just as bad to say "They're not guilty!" as it is to say "They're guilty!" We don't know the evidence. We're in no position to judge, one way or the other.

MY story was entitled "They played him like a violin" and I figured it put BALANCE back into the equation. I didn't then, and never have said that the 3 accused men are either guilty or not guilty. What's important is that we, the public, must hear the evidence given under oath.

That 2006 snowstorm of ugly comments continued right through Christmas holidays ... through Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day ... until I learned the big lesson ...

I learned what the DELETE button is all about. I stopped explaining why I was deleting (it only set off further explosions), I simply deleted the ugly comments and carried on with my life. I still operate that way.

But I'm sorry, Laila, that you've also had the virus attacks. That's coming pretty darn close to criminal mischief. Free speech isn't supposed to become a licence to abuse other people.

Thanks for letting us know. Best wishes for Christmas and for your blog in the New Year.

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