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Basi Virk: Why has it taken a half-decade ... ?


From Les Leyne column: Lessons salvaged from a horrible year

Times Colonist - December 20, 2008

... As we prepare for the fun-filled fifth-anniversary celebration of the legislature raid on Dec. 28, it's important to remember this life lesson: Never underestimate the time it takes for the justice system to get anything done.

If you have any expectations about how long a matter will take, double it. Then double it again. Five years later and the system still hasn't even started hearing the corruption allegations against some aides who might or might not have been throwing their clout around a little too readily.

The Nuremberg war trials only lasted four years.

Why has it taken a half-decade just to prepare? Because it's mutually beneficial to the government and the defence to stall this to the limit of the judge's patience.


Les Leyne said it. I didn't. - BC Mary.


It's taken hafe a decade, because, the secert, unsuspecting victim/witness IS still alive!
Good grief, 9:04 ... what do you mean???

I'm puzzled also Mary, by Anon at 9:04. But when I start thinking of "victims" of the BC LIEberals and their ongoing spree of stripping the assets of British Columbia - I would say that there are about 3,000,000 million victims still alive. Specifically - all the citizens of British Columbia who don't happen to be cronies of Gordo the Great and the BC liaR Party!
"It's taken hafe a decade, because, the secert, unsuspecting victim/witness IS still alive!"
Every mystery or conspiracy "always" has a secret witness or unsuspecting victim ;-)
therefore, ergo or whatever, the intent of the contributor may only be one of goshing (having us on)
I do not disagree with Mr. Leyne regarding the fact that both the current government and the defense benefit from the never-ending pre-trial shennanigans.

But he is, I'm afraid, missing something vitally important.

Which is the fact that this would all be a moot point if the media were to actually start making doing their job by making some real, concerted noise on this one.



If Big Media did the print-equivalent of forming crowds with slogans on placards, singing rude songs with brass bands on the street outside the Law Courts in Vancouver ...

... betcha those highly-paid lawyers and the judge would very quickly get this trial rolling.

To everyone's benefit. Is that too much to ask, really?

I don't think Les Leyne really has a clue to what's going on with this case.

His column should be used for many other purposes rather than reading.

I would challenge him to go to the Supreme Court and ask the question to the various lawyers about why we have a 5 year delay.
There is a longer on-going trial than the one that exists on this blog. Thai charges might expire in Canada's longest extradition case - against Rakesh Saxena who has been living under house arrest for years.

Which reminded me of the street racers on south-west Marine Drive in Vancouver where pedestrian Irene Thorpe was struck down and killed. The driver of the vehicle was sent back to India.....

I don't know if David Basi and the two others charged with Breach of Trust in the Legislative Raids are from India (born there), but if they are found guilty, will we, will they, have another long trial to look forward too?
Yes, BC Mary & Gazetteer - the MSM have really lost their way and have let the public down as they have morphed into a politicized pr machine for big govt./big interests and their pals all playing in the same sandbox of vested interests.

Recently I got an email from the CBC asking for ideas on how to revamp their news dept. - are they serious???? . . . . like they and the other media outlets don't get it?????

Have they become numb, blinded by their own clubby agendas to the quid pro quo nudge/nudge/wink/wink that presides in their editorial circles over the past couple of decades where the LAST intent is to dig up 'dem' bones and do a little investigative reporting on major stories that deeply affect all citizens of Canda, but where there is a hands off edict where BIG reputations are at stake that would crumble the house of cards if the truth were exposed.

Guess what my reply was to the CBC?????. . . LOL who just lost their head News man, John Cruikshank to the Toronto Star - there is light at the end of the tunnel at the TS with new guy at the helm - once upon a time he headed up the Sun when it used to be a paper.

Mary, interesting to note that your hero Paul Palango used to be a lead investigative editor for the G & M . . .

Bring back Dr. Fothto stir the politic pot like no other!!

Any doubt why these top men are not with Big Media any longer?

Any wonder why the MSM's bottom line is thread thin and on the brink of collapse?

Thankfully, BC Mary, we all have your smorgasbord of juicy entrees! Many thanks for all of your excavating on behalf of the public's best interests.

Best wishes to you and your A Team for the New Year.

Here's to a much needed balancing of the scales of justice in 2009, worldwide.
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