Monday, January 12, 2009


Confirmed: Case #134750-1-D, Room 102 in Victoria Court House on Monday Jan. 12, 2009, 9:30 AM, Udhe Singh BASI (Dave)


* Breach of trust by a public officer,
* Accepting a bribe as a government official,
* Accepting a bribe from a person dealing with government,
* Offering to influence government official.


If found guilty at one trial, how can a defendant receive a fair trial for the second one?
Well, 6:41, I guess its possible because the trials would involve two separate charges, two separate sets of evidence, and probably two different sets of witnesses.

What do you think.

Well "7:59", it would seem that the public here has already made up their minds as far as BC Rail is concerned, therefore guilty as charged on the second trial.
Now you really are being silly. Also unfair.

The public here has not at any time made up their minds about who is guilty. That kind of talk gets the commentor deleted ... and was made perfectly clear on Day One of this blog.

Yesterday Big Media was actually saying that the public had forgotten the Basi Virk trial.

All I'm trying to say BC Mary is that with two trials on the go, the "jury" will have to be kept away from the news media/blog to ensure that the trials are not tainted thereby not providing a fair trial..... and perhaps that's why the BC Liberals have delayed, delayed, delayed the release of all of the documents pertaining to the BC Rail trial... just so that Basi will be released

Anon 7:08,

That is what the publication ban on the Victoria trial -- on a different set of charges -- is supposed to do, namely, to protect the future trial of the two developers who are also charged in this A.L.R. affair.

Nothing to do with BC Rail, so far as I know.

But Erik Bornmann is testifying in both trials.... does this then mean that there will two immunities to protect Mr. Bornmann
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