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Dave Basi ... next appearance: blank

There is no listing for Udhe S. (Dave) Basi in today's schedule of hearings in Victoria Court House. What could this mean? It could mean that the hearings are finished. If so, we can try to search that.

To follow this search procedure, click on "BC Criminal Courts" in left column of this page. Then chose Victoria Law Courts
Public Access Completed Provincial Court List (Adult)
For files appearing on 15 January 2009

There are 141 pages of listings for the week. I went through all of them. The name of Udhe S. (Dave) Basi appears Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: January 12 - 15, 2009. The following notes appear for BASI on page 140 of the 141 pages of listings.

The room number "JCM" - not the usual "Room 102"
File #134750-1-D , Agency file 40 03-1072
Next appearance ... blank.
Results: "No results entered"

A reliable source has informed BC Mary that when the Thursday hearing was wrapping up, he asked the Court Clerk about future hearings and was told that the clerk "didn't know".

Call me old-fashioned for thinking the B.C. public is badly served if we cannot be told that,

* this week, there were/are preliminary hearings in court for a former government employee,
* the hearings arise from information found during the raids on the BC Legislature,
* hearings are open to the public in Room 102, Victoria Court House,
* the charges are 1, 2, 3, 4 against the former government employee, Dave Basi,
* we can't publish the evidence yet, because there's a publication ban
* but the public can attend, observe, listen to the evidence for themselves.

The issue in court is about protected Agricultural Lands at Sooke BC. That's Sooke -- it rhymes with "fluke" -- and Sooke not so very far from the Victoria Court House. Or the BC Legislature. The protected Sooke lands are now deep-sixed under a housing development. Is it unreasonable for citizens to wonder if this A.L.R. case could tell us whether the process was similar to the one used for sliding BC Rail into private pockets?

But for today, Friday January 16, 2009, the public seems to be out of luck trying to find out whether the courts are taking care of the people's business in British Columbia. - BC Mary.

Meantime, searching this blog is easy. Just type the topic into the SEARCH box, top of this page. I just typed "Dave Basi + A.L.R." and -- among other things - found information on something Bill Tieleman wrote for The Tyee on April 4, 2006, titled Leg Raid Case: New Charges, New Questions ...

Sooke land deal

The new charges that were laid Monday against Basi, James Seymour Duncan and Anthony Ralph Young allege that Basi accepted $50,000 for his assistance in excluding property from the Agricultural Land Reserve.

That property formed the giant Sunriver Estates, a project of 650 residential units on 382 acres being built in five phases through 2007. It is owned by Shambrook Hills Development Corp.

In an interview Monday, former Sooke councilor Tom Marino said the project was removed from the ALR before he became a council member, but that both Duncan and Young had subsequently appeared there occasionally with requests related to the development. Marino, former leader of the Democratic Reform Party of B.C., said he did not know either man personally.

The Sunriver Estates development was highly controversial in 2001-2002 when it was proposed and a local Sooke community group, WRATH - Worried Residents Against Tax Hikes in Sooke campaigned against the ALR exclusion.

The Sooke News Mirror strongly criticized the town council in a May 30, 2001 editorial for reversing Sooke policy in order to consider supporting the exclusion.

"This week, our municipal government decided to renege on a freshly-minted policy which stated that it would only consider Agriculture Land Reserve exclusions on property within the core area until the Official Community Plan review process is completed," the News Mirror wrote.

"Despite this policy, council has decided to allow Shambrook Hills Development Corp. - which has its sights set on converting the 386-acre Phillips farm property into a residential development - plead its case for ALR exclusion," the paper concluded.

The Agricultural Land Commission itself has been the subject of considerable controversy during the B.C. Liberal government's term of office, with claims of political interference dogging its decisions.


It's just bloody amazing that news media of today aren't willing to even mention the name of this case or these hearings or this trial (if the hearings have actually morphed into a full-blown trial right under our noses) ... on the assumption, I suppose, that it isn't "news" ... or isn't as interesting to the public as a rape or murder or robbery or doggy blues in Hollywood. Weird stuff is all so normal.

Former BC solicitor-general John Les is back in the news today. Remember Les? He's still M.L.A. for that Chilliwack riding which is also under investigation with regard to A.L.R. matters. He resigned as s-g because of that, but he stayed on in the mostly-absent-Legislature as a back bencher. I mean, who would notice? But the news today is: John Les will be a BC Liberal candidate again in the May 12, 2009 provincial election. He'll bounce back to his back bench, if he's re-elected. That's news, apparently: A prominent BC Liberal keeps on doing what he's doing. It's all so ... hmm ... qu'est ce que c'est? ... normal ... yes, that's it: normal, now. - BC Mary.


Hmmmmm. $5,000 per year...... I guess....

2007 Honouring our Donors at University of Victoria Alumni

Page 6 Individual category ($500-$999) and Page 11 Individual category ($100,000-$999,999)

Mr. David Udhe Basi & Mrs. Inder Kaur Basi

In 2005, April 1, 2004 - March 31, 2005, David Basi & Inder K. Basi were in the $15,000 to $99,000 category for the Craigdarroch Society (Page 2) and also on Page 8 to the T.S. McPherson Society for a planned gift.

However I guess the real question one should be asking is why, on Page 2, $1,000,000 was donated by the "Organization" called BC Hydro and Power Authority to the University of Victoria. (On a separate web page BC Hydro explains how it cooks its books when it comes to donations: they are treated as operating costs...... the BC Utility Commission, BC Hydro and Power Authority stated this:

• Operating Costs (includes)
• Gross Operating, Maintenance, General & Administrative (OMG&A) Costs  
• Deductions 
• Capitalized Overhead 
• Net OMG&A Costs 
• Formula‐based Operating Costs 
• Ongoing Initiatives 
• Fixed Term Initiatives 
• Generation, Transmission and Distribution Costs 

Does anyone see a line that says donations are an operation costs?
There no listing for Udhe S. (Dave) Basi .......

Udhe (Dave) Basi

Udhe Singh (Dave) BASI

Ahhhh, its "Udhe Singh Basi"
A search of the court records, as suggested by you bC Mary, comes up with seven hits. The lone, one word, search criteria is "Basi"

Aneal Basi and Bobby Virk are there, but with the rider of something called "Inherent Jurisdiction" Next Appearance January 19 10:00

Singh Basi isn't mentioned.

What is it, divide and conquer?

Aneal Basi and Bobby Virk are there, but with the rider of something called "Inherent Jurisdiction" Next Appearance January 19 10:00

Singh Basi isn't mentioned.

What is it, divide and conquer?

Aneal Basi and Bobby Virk are there, but with the rider of something called "Inherent Jurisdiction" Next Appearance January 19 10:00

Singh Basi isn't mentioned.

What is it, divide and conquer?

Aneal Basi and Bobby Virk are there, but with the rider of something called "Inherent Jurisdiction" Next Appearance January 19 10:00

Singh Basi isn't mentioned.

What is it, divide and conquer?

Good morning, 6:44, 6:49, 6:54, 6:55, 6:55, 6:56!

Which Court have you been searching?

Since Aneal Basi and Bobby Virk aren't accused in the Victoria trial, you must be searching the Vancouver site. And yes, those Vancouver pre-trial hearings resume on Monday morning, January 19, 2009 as stated on the front page banner of this blog.

Our current discussion this week is focusing on VICTORIA ... and its PROVINCIAL court, not Supreme Court.

I encourage you to follow this by clicking on the links provided in the left column of this page. For Victoria, click on BC Criminal Courts. For the main trial in Vancouver, click on Van Court Direct.

Just to explain: I use the court's system of naming, wherever possible. The court listings invariably say "Udhe S. Basi" or "Udhe Singh Basi". I often add "Dave" in brackets so that anyone not familiar with these long-drawn-out proceedings will know exactly who it refers to.

The "lone word criteria [sic]" you suggest - BASI - isn't adequate. The Victoria listings for Jan. 12/09 also carry a Sukhbinder S. Basi who has no place in our discussion. We owe some respect to others who are caught up in the court process.

I appreciate your efforts to assist, and hope you will continue. There is so much the public needs to know about these matters.

That's why it's important to proceed with the trial of Basi, Virk, and Basi.

Just how many Aneal Basi are there in the province, and are currently before the courts? Page 8

And on page 21 there is a Virk, Bobby S.

Are you, BC Mary, looking at the right place.

"Victoria Law Courts

Public Access Completed Supreme Court List (Adult)

Report Date: 17-JAN-2009 06:43 AM

Page: 8 of 28

Rm 401 6011:23299-1 BASI, Aneal
Inherent Jurisdiction Next Appearance 6011 19-JAN-2009 10:00 AM 6011 19-JAN-2009 10:00 AM"
Thanks, 11:29, very interesting.

Wikipedia says:

Inherent Jurisdiction is a doctrine of the English common law that a superior court has the jurisdiction to hear any matter that comes before it, unless a statute or rule limit that authority or grants exclusive jurisdiction to some other court or tribunal. The term is also used when a governmental institution derives its jurisdiction from a fundamental governing instrument such as a constitution.

In the English case of Bremer Vulkan Schiffbau und Maschinenfabrik v. South India Shipping Corporation Ltd, Lord Diplock described the court's inherent jurisdiction as a general power to control its own procedure so as to prevent its being used to achieve injustice.

Inherent jurisdiction appears to apply to an almost limitless set of circumstances. There are four general categories for use of the court's inherent jurisdiction:

*to ensure convenience and fairness in legal proceedings;

*to prevent steps being taken that would render judicial proceedings inefficacious;

*to prevent abuses of process;

*to act in aid of Superior Courts and in aid or control of inferior courts and tribunals.

As such, the exercise of inherent jurisdiction is a broad doctrine allowing a court to control its own processes and to control the procedures before it. The power stems not from any particular statute or legislation, but rather from inherent powers invested in a court to control the proceedings brought before it ...

According to the case law in Canada, the key restriction on the application of inherent jurisdiction is that the doctrine cannot be used to override an existing statute or rule.

11:29 - if you're still around, I was able to find some extremely interesting information using only a bit of your tip.

Many thanks for that!

But I've been trying to follow your path to the Saturday 17 January 2009 page without so much luck.

You wrote:

"Victoria Law Courts
Public Access Completed Supreme Court List (Adult)

Report Date: 17-JAN-2009 06:43 AM
Page: 8 of 28

But I find only 1 page and only 1 case listed for Saturday Jan. 17, It is not for Dave Basi. Or Aneal Basi either.

You say there's a listing for Aneal Basi on P. 8 of 28 pages. But, like I say, there's only 1 listing on 1 page.

Also: I am puzzled by the reference to a VICTORIA court appearance on Monday January 19, 2009 ... do you have any idea why Aneal Basi is making appearance in VICTORIA?

If you can clarify ... many thanks.

May I intercede on your behalves?

You may click on each one of these links providced or go straght to the last link, do not collect $100, go straight to the appropriate courthouse for a fair trial, and then jail.

Click on:

BC Criminal Courts

Now click on this link

Adult Completed Court Lists (Supreme)

Clicking here will take you to 28 pages:


Do a search for "Basi"

Do a search for "Virk"
Got it, Grumps!! Many thanks!

So there's Aneal Basi, Bobby Virk, and "Limited Access" (Could this be Dave Basi?) all appearing under the Vancouver File #23299 ...

on Monday January 19, 2009 at 10:00 AM

in VICTORIA Court House, Room 401.

And since the whole gang appears to be gathered in Victoria, I don't see how there's much action pending in Vancouver Law Courts.

Anybody able to attend court on January 19 in Victoria will be observing history in the making.

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