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Facts are revealed in the Archives ...

Beginning on January 12, 2009 in Victoria Provincial Court, Dave Basi has been listed as the star of an unexplained show that goes on ... and on ... under a publication ban. What does this mean? We can't seem to find out much. Is it explained simply in terms of CanWest shares dropping 35% to an unholy low
of 52 Canadian cents on the Toronto Stock Exchange (i.e., a drop of about 90 percent of its value in the last 12 months)? Does it mean that there are no reporters left standing?? Never mind ... here's what CanWest reporters did tell us almost 3 years ago ...

Bribe alleged in Sooke housing project
Allegations latest to arise from police raid on legislature

Lindsay Kines and Jeff Rud
Times Colonist - April 04, 2006

The police raid of the B.C. legislature two years ago has led to new allegations that a former government aide took $50,000 to help grease the wheels of a massive housing development in Sooke.

David Basi, former assistant to then-finance minister Gary Collins, faces three counts of defrauding government and one of breach of trust. Two local developers linked to the 700-home Sunriver Estates project face the same four charges.

Basi allegedly took the money between Jan. 1, 2002, and Sept. 1, 2003, in connection with an application by Shambrook Hills Development Corp., also known as Sunriver Estates Ltd., to remove farmland from the agricultural land reserve.

Anthony Ralph (Tony) Young and James Seymour (Jim) Duncan are accused of paying the $50,000 to Basi. Duncan is listed in company records as one of the directors of Sunriver Estates, and Tony Young is listed on Sunriver's voice-mail directory at its Victoria office.

RCMP spokesman Staff Sgt. John Ward said the Sunriver charges stem from the Dec. 28, 2003, raid on the legislature. "This information came to light as a result of that investigation," he said.

Basi already faces other corruption charges linked to the raid. Search warrant documents released Monday allege he was paid about $24,000 by a lobbyist in exchange for government information and documents.

Basi, 39, appeared briefly in Victoria provincial court Monday on the new charges and was remanded to April 27 [2006], his lawyer Michael Bolton said.

"I can't say too much because I don't have any disclosure with regard to ...

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