Monday, January 05, 2009


Judge orders release of more documents in Basi-Virk case

Vancouver Sun. First report for 2009 from Basi-Virk Courtroom. By Neal Hall.

" ...
B.C. Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett, in an oral ruling Monday, ordered that 11 RCMP documents be fully or partially disclosed to the defence.

"The judge decided another 11 RCMP documents should not be disclosed because they were not relevant or the documents contained privileged information ... "

Pre-trial hearings resume in Vancouver on Monday, January 19, 2009 and will continue for about a week.

Reminder: Victoria Court House, January 12, 2009, opening day for HMTQ vs Dave Basi on the A.L.R. charges.


So more disclosure equals more delay. Why can't the RCMP just find some way to deal with disclosure outside of court rather than continue to go to court and LOSE!

The more the Special Prosecutor and RCMP deny basic disclosure, the more delay they cause.
Isn't stalling the purpose?

Don't you just hate when people treat you like you're too dumb to guess what they're doing??

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