Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Letter to a friend ...


I was thinking of you last week … a challenging week for me, torn as I was between trying to pry out some information — and beseeching the newsrooms and journalists to write the story about what went on in the Victoria Court House.

Just imagine: The Vancouver Supreme Court judge on the BCRail Case showed up unannounced, held a surprise session in Victoria Court House — quite apart from the A.L.R. trial of Dave Basi. It was at this point that BC Mary had to learn what “Inherent Jurisdiction” meant. Very interesting.

And certain censored informants tell me that tension in that courtroom between Erik Bornmann (for the Crown) and Dave Basi was extreme … and NOT A SYLLABLE appeared all week in Times Colonist. Have you ever heard of a guy accused of serious government issues having to contend with two separate trials at once?

Because, you see, somewhere along the way — shrouded in fog — the whole caper about the A.L.R. charges against Dave Basi … are you ready for this?? … morphed into a full-blown trial …!! With the BC Rail Trial running as a sidebar, apparently. I mean who knows?? It could even have been the other way around, with BC Rail becoming a full-blown trial and the A.L.R. charges a side issue. Who knows what the heck is going on?

Anyway, that’s where the extreme tensions were in evidence between the Crown’s chief witness (in the BC Rail Case) and the Accused (in both the A.L.R. case and the BC Rail Case).

I mean, Laila, there are stories within stories here, news flashes within riddles within enigmas within conundrums. Can you even imagine why a NEWSpaper wouldn’t be right there, all bright-eyed and eager to take notes?

They say that Dave Basi was very much in charge last Wed. and Thurs., too, speaking to the press, behaving like a winner in that Victoria Court House. Figure that, eh? Meanwhile the Crown witness (Erik Bornmann) was shrinking fast. Figure that too.

Basi, Virk, and Bornmann were even photographed (separately, of course) on the sidewalk in front of the Court House. Didja see that in your local newspaper??? Nope, I didn’t think so. I hear their intriguing images were shown briefly on “A” Channel News and Global one evening, then gone. No depth, no public understanding. It’s as if the public interest didn’t exist. But it does prove that the media was fully aware of the issues in court. And no, if there was actually a publication ban (there's some confusion about that, too) it doesn't mean that NOTHING can be mentioned, or that NOTHING can be photographed for publication. Only that certain information can't be distributed.

My censored informants from inside TC tell me that TC actually had a journalist there in Victoria Court House but STILL DIDN’T THINK IT WAS NEWS. When it becomes “NEWS” … ha ha ha ha … they say they plan to publish it. Oh good. I’d hate for them to miss it.

Commentors to my blog (The Legislature Raids) have come across with wonderful bits of research, which help to keep my spirits up.

Do you know anything much about Josiah Wood? He came up for discussion when Justice Bennett held court in Victoria. He’s a very surprising google, apparently a favourite of Ujj Dosanjh when Ujj was AG … briefly appointed Spec Prosecutor on Basi Virk … then zapped. One of the documents the government is trying to keep secret, is said to be about Josiah Wood.

Googling him gave me my first glimpse of an interesting term: “Legalized obstruction” which, I swear, describes what’s going on with the Basi Virk fiasco.

And this is NEWZ, for gosh sakes, because, if not checked, this entire Basi Virk Caper will bankrupt the province with the default legal fees which are piling up. And we’re still not finding out why BC Rail slipped from public ownership into private pockets.

To continue BC Mary’s Week From Media Hell: A “legislative bureau chief” was in Victoria but didn’t know the hearings (one of which morphed into a full-blown trial) were in progress (see what I mean??), so I was trying to keep him informed … until finally I had to break down and suggest that he check in on my blog. Like, y’know, The Legislature Raids … ?

A dear friend who lives in Victoria but couldn’t attend those courtroom sessions either — started laughing about this situation, saying it sounded like a Monty Python show.

Well, yeah, it does sound like a Monty Python Show. Only it ain’t funny. I think BC has turned into a banana republic without the bananas.

Best wishes, Laila. Keep up the good fight. - Mary.


Hi Mary,

I just have a moment,but will be writing more about this letter soon. I had started some queries last night, but my 7 month old baby woke up this morning with a dangerously high fever that has required my attention all day. Imagine one of those mother gorillas from Gorillas in the Mist and you get the idea- he's still currently stuck on my body as I type this.

Anyways, I feel your frustration and anger. Clearly,there are some interesting links between Josiah Wood and the Liberal party. More to come after I handle the homefront. hazards of working from a home office....
Poor little guy, I hope he's feeling good again soon.

He's lucky, imo, to have a Mom who works from a home office.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you ... when you have the time.

I posted my last message on my blog, hoping it sorts out the confused narrative of sightings and whispers about the people's business last week.

So is it OK if I post your reply too, when it comes?

At this point, I don't know if the A.L.R. trial is finished or not. Can't find it in the court listings either. I don't think this is the way justice should be happening.

Take care.

A coherent, "for the record" response coming - hopefully sooner than later.
legalized obstruction?when someone is obstructing something,that means they dont want it getting by ,in this case its information .It doesnt make sense,o surely the court has had a look at what it finds that the public should not see on grounds that it might hurt those in power lets say a premier or a cabinet minister or ministers,or lets say tales an attorney general might be telling,if this is the case should the courts not be in a hurry to bring this to trial to an end and bring all the guilty forward and put them away?
then and only then we could close this dark and horrible era to a close ! thank you mary and all you diggers for all your hard work.
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