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Two historic performances Mon. Jan. 19. Attend. Learn more. Learn about "Inherent Jurisdiction". Be amazed!

On Monday morning, January 19, Victoria, British Columbia is the place to be. Two of the greatest political performances on earth will be onstage. The B.C. Legislature and the nearby Victoria Court House provide good seats for the public. All we have to do is walk in, sit down, watch, listen.

And the shows ... !!

Did you know that Dave Basi's A.L.R. pre-trial hearings apparently morphed into a full-blown trial last week? Odds are, you didn't know that.

Attend. Learn more. Learn about "Inherent Jurisdiction"!! Be amazed!

The people you think are required to show up in Vancouver Law Courts on 19th January may -- instead -- be in Victoria. Dave Basi, Aneal Basi, and Bob Virk appear to be confirmed for Victoria. Maybe this includes Bill Berardino! Maybe even the judge! All secret, of course.

All the more interesting because any Citizen who gets his/her self to Room 401, Victoria Court House, will see historic, once-in-a-lifetime unbelievably astonishing shows performed (I am reliably informed) with passion! And besides, it's probably the only way you'll get to know what happens on Jan. 19, 2009.

News media are scared to mention the Court House activity. Nobody's quite sure what the publication ban means. But everybody sure that the public can walk in, observe, and listen. That's nice, because everybody also certain that we'll be doomed to eternity if we even crack a joke about it.

No problem there: what's funny about losing a railway? What's comical about citizens expected to look away, to forget, to say "OK Boss" at every turn and to keep paying the bills?

The Legislature Show, on the other hand, is behaving like the BC Liberals Recovery Room, where issues beloved of Mr Real Estate come to be (ahem) revitalized. Proving that it doesn't need to take 5 years, either. Attend. Learn more. See how we could speed up the BC Rail trial this way, too.

At issue: do the Members of the Legislative Assembly agree to sign a blank cheque to cover Vancouver's reckless management? ... or ... do they agree to sign a blank cheque so as not to disappoint The World?

Watch and wonder as you hear how Legislative sittings to achieve this freedom were held on Saturday possibly because (stop laughing!!) it's against BC law to allow a Question Period on a weekend sitting.

Attend. Learn more. And consider that other $1Billion ... which the province was supposed to receive for BC Rail. I mean, did BC receive it? And if so, isn't that $1Billion canceled out by this fancy $1Billion real estate debt in Vancouver?

Footnote as Fair Warning: nobody knows for sure whether the old Case #23299 gang will be on stage in Vancouver Law Courts or in Victoria Law Courts or both ... on Monday January 19, 2009. The usually-reliable court listings are not published until 6:30 AM on the day in question. Click on BC Criminal Courts or Van Courts Direct in the left column of this page, to follow the programme. - BC Mary.

Oh, clever Mr Real Estate! The lights are off again and the doors are closed again in the B.C. Legislature. The emergency is over. Mr Real Estate has thoughtfully set aside a few other days for the legislators. that is: Feb. 10 - 26, to be exact. Sorry to have been so ... 'ow you say in h'english ... stoopide??

But there's still The Victoria Court House, where even on the sidewalk famous persons may be glimpsed, I am told. Already observed: Erik Bornmann, main witness for the Crown in HMTQ v. Basi, Virk, Basi. Also noticed: Dave Basi and his brother-in-law Bobby Virk. - BC Mary.


Your link to the Legislation Show has this to say:

"Premier Gordon Campbell says the government passed legislation that allows almost 2,000 construction workers to keep their jobs in tough times and allows Vancouver to continue building a project that will enhance the city's waterfront for years to come."

However from the House Blues recordings of Hansard of the the Legislative Assembly gathering for January 17, 2009, the Honourable M. de Jong rose to state: "Lest I forget, let us not overlook the 1000-plus workers involved in this project for whom failure to resolve this matter quickly could have catastrophic consequences. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]"

The Premier says 2,000, his right hand man says 1,000. Is someone lying here, or is this just more BS ont how much the Olympics is costing us, will cost us.

As to the actual event, the 2010 Winter Olympics, the same politicians are claiming that with the ability for Vancouver to borrow monies to finish the Mellenium Athletes Village, what are all those laid off construction workers to do, just before Christmas 2009?

It will be in the dead of winter, where the security plans include the requirement of removing every construction crane from the skyline of downtown Vancouver and other municipality Olympic participants.

There'll be no newspaper or Canada Post boxes visible (great places to plant a bomb) and due to security requirements for the Olympic Village, those buildings on its perimeter will remain unoccupied during the Games.

Who's paying those owners/tenants not to work and live while the athletes sleep, eat and relax in peace?
As to inherent jurisdiction being defined in Canada.....
Bless your eagle eyes, Grumps.

During the First Ministers Conference recently, I heard our Mr Real Estate refer to the 1,700 jobs that needed to be proteced at the Olympic Village construction site ...

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