Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Your help is needed ... Dave Basi is back in Victoria Court House today and we do not know why!


Are you by any chance, able to attend the courtroom session today for Dave Basi in Victoria ... it seems as if a personal appearance + a personal publishing = the only way of letting the public know what is happening.

Despite the Court listing yesterday on these four A.L.R. charges, there is nothing in the news about it. (I will report back, if I find anything.)

But this morning, Victoria Court House is again listing:

File #134750-1-D, BASI, Udhe S. in Victoria Court House, Room 102 at 9:30 AM, for Tuesday January 13, 2009.

So the thing is: something is happening. But what ... that is the question.

I figured Dave Basi would appear in Victoria court to be officially charged with the 4 counts in the Sooke A.L.R. affair, as shown on the January 12, 2009 Court Listings yesterday, and then the whole thing would be postponed because of the outstanding Vancouver Court issues. I did not see how the Dave Basi lawyer could be expected to appear in two different cities at the same time.

But the Basi A.L.R. Case is back in Victoria Court House again today, the same 4 charges are listed, with Bolton there as his lawyer. So something has happened. Something is developing.

I am letting anyone in Victoria or anyone who can be in Victoria know ... we need Citizen Journalists who can just walk in, listen a while, and pass the word along so that the public can keep informed. No pressure ... just looking for a Citizen Journalist who can go where no Big Media dares to go.

BC Mary
The Legislature Raids

Bits and pieces of new information, unconfirmed, from Citizen Journalists:

* Dave Basi A.L.R. trial is scheduled to take all this week in Victoria Provincial Court

* It is in the Preliminary Hearing stage.

* Preliminary Hearing is another term for Pre-Trial Hearing and we know all about that, eh.

* There is a publication ban in place (this is confirmed) on this hearing. But as a general rule, there is no publication ban on pre-trial hearings.

* In this case #134750-1-D (Udhe (Dave) Basi), the publication ban ensures that none of the witness names or the evidence can be revealed, to avoid affecting another trial arising from the same set of charges against the developers, Duncan and Young.

* the public, also journalists, may attend Court, but they cannot publish any of the evidence etc

* Times Colonist (despite the personal promise Lucinda Chodan gave to us that when there is news, TC plans to report it), the TC's so short of reporters, the city editor apparently doesn't think reporting on SuperDave Basi is worth the bother.

* May we suggest, at this point, that the Dave Basi story is just a wee bit more important -- well, OK, as important -- as unauthorized camping in parks.

* Some others Citizen Journalists will, I hope, report in later.

* One keen observer says he does not expect to see any published news of Dave Basi or the other guys until after the May 2009 provincial election.

* As for that provincial election: remember the guy who really deserves to represent Vancouver in 2010: Mr Real Estate himself! He deserves to stand in the midst of the chaos to greet the world coming to see his version of The Best Place on Earth. The picture should be just about perfect by 2010 and he surely deserves to stand up and take all the credit for that ... and not be able in any way to lay the blame on the New Democrats.


It's a preliminary hearing that is scheduled to go through Friday. It's subject to a publication ban, as I believe all preliminary hearings are.
Last evening CTV had Keith Baldry on briefly discussing this case and its relation to the Legislature raids. It showed footage of Eric Bornmann and said he had been unable to become a lawyer related to the situation. I actually missed it, but heard about it from a friend. I hope you managed to catch it. Apparently one can find it online at CTV.
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