Tuesday, February 17, 2009


10:00 AM today? Yes, that's what the Vancouver Supreme Court listing says, sorta

File #23299-10 (that's the Basi Virk Basi file number, although they are not named)

HMTQ v. Limited Access - 10:00 AM

001. An order permitting access to and copying of all exhibits filed in open court,

002. Declaration-no undertaking or obligation precludes the release of material relating this case pursuant to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

UPDATE: A commentor advises that the Court Calendar changed about noon today, Feb. 17. On checking it myself, I see that the first listing (as shown here) has been removed. - BC Mary.


The court calander changed around noon today and the file was removed.
Could it be someone missed the bus.
Could it be they are not used to the accountability we expect and they demand. Could it be the public comment is unwelcome for legal reasons. Could it be a private club thingy.Could it be court house games.
Could it be someone should chum up with a court clerk like the lawyers do.

The lack of transparency just adds to the speculation and mistrust. Overall the free press is part of the problem. Instead of stumping for the games and developers they should be on this case in a big way. Maybe naughty journalists don't get the entitlements they are "entitled" to be provided with for "good" reporting. Go figure.
Anon. February 18, 2009 12:00
Good post!
Could it be all you ask?
That and much, much more!

Whatever it takes to awaken us I am all for.


You're pushing your luck.

I have limited tolerance for comments which make no sense.

Blogger BC Mary said...


You're pushing your luck.

I have limited tolerance for comments which make no sense."

So noted
The court shedule for today Feb 19 shows the team back today at 10:00
Many thanks to Anonymous 7:14.

Today's Basi Virk Basi listing (3-1/2 pages long) carries those same two items which were listed on previous court appearances -- you know, the ones which mysteriously disappeared around mid-day.

Like, permission to photo copy ...

Let's hope today's session clarifies these matters.

But will today's session be only the beginning of that 2-week period previously described? I mean, if we can't believe what the judicial community says, who can we believe?? (insert smile here) ... (and no, I don't want to use a manufactured smile or some sideways abuse of legitimate typefaces ... don't get me started ... just, please, "insert smile here". Thanks.)

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