Friday, February 20, 2009


100,137 visitors to The Legislature Raids

Sometime today, the 100,000th visitor dropped in here to read the latest BC Rail news.

Your visits, your interest, your support and contributions have provided a welcome sense of teamwork. Even on the hardest days, it all seems worth-while.

Thanks to all, and I hope we'll see the BC Rail Case come to the trial stage before another BC election.

- BC Mary.


June 2009

Finance minister Colin Hansen today announced that it would be necessary to revise the provincial budget previously set in February. Hansen advised that the actual revenues were below those expected and that there would have to be a 10% cut in provinicial employees as well as massive cuts to programs. Olympic spending has been revised upwardly again...a little crystal ball work from one of the 100,000+ !
Congratulations Mary!! A milestone marker,by all accounts. Well done.
We missed a golden opportunity for the 100,000th visitor.
We could have offered a short stay in Hawaii, complete with an evening of debauchery,a wild ride down Nooki Ave. with the impaired guest of honor,then to complete this audacious evening, a stay at Hoosegow Hawaii Inn, complete with wholesome meals,designer stamped steel spoon and photographs with the guest of honour ,Gordon Gamble

Many thanks, Laila.

Good one, henripaul ... Premier Gamble it is.

King of the Casinos.

WOWSERS, BC MARY - You DO have an ever expanding, crowd of admirers out there. . . . for ALL the right reasons. Wonderful!

I am proud to one of those huge fans that is swimming along with your wave of justice for British Columbians. Thank you for your indefatigable work to bring out the whole truth.

Respectfully yours, EEWO

BC Mary for Premier!!
Just think, if everyone who read the postings here, would links to this site to 5 other British Columbians, we'd have a movement - a tipping point. Perhaps 100,000 signifies a tipping point.

Congratulations, to our very own BC Mary! You are courageous and you are noble. I am certain that BC Mary, Rafe Mair and Alexandra Morton deserve to be awarded the Order of BC. Perhaps this will happen when we get a new government.

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