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53,100,000 Google hits for "Dave Basi"

Noted in passing ...

It's Sunday. In an idle moment, I typed "Dave Basi" into the Google search box. Couldn't help but smile, remembering the countless times the premier and attorney-general of this troubled province have said they couldn't say a thing about Dave Basi's issues because it's "before the courts".

So what did I find? In less than 1 second, Google produced 53,100,000 items online relating to Dave Basi. My favourite so far is:

and, as we can see, the dateline on Jeff Rud's story is Dec. 31, 2005. My blog [The Legislature Raids] was established 5 months later, because we actually did expect the Basi-Virk trial to begin on June 6, 2006 ... but people had begun to detect the uncanny quiet which was already settling over the mainstream media.

Even when Big Media spoke, it often included a warm, "Poor Dave" slant. There was the Gary Mason story in The Globe and Mail (Dec. 2006) headlined THERE'S NOTHING TO THESE CHARGES. But here's another example, published closer to that anticipated trial date ...


Despite the fact that the story by Culbert and Cernatig in Vancouver Sun draws a direct, court-documented link between Dave Basi while Ministerial Aide to the BC Minister of Finance ... and his cousin, Jasmohan Bains, known to police as Mr Big on the West Coast ... it manages to blend the two points of view. It may be high crimes but it's also "Poor, poor Dave."

An Excerpt:

More than a year after the drug investigation, Project Everywhichway, was launched, Basi was among eight people charged on Sept. 15, 2004 with drug-trafficking offences.

He was personally charged with production of marijuana and possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, between March and December 2003.

It was alleged Basi conspired with Jasmohan Singh Bains and Mandeep Singh Sandhu to launder proceeds of crime exceeding $5,000 between Dec. 9, 2000 and Dec. 11, 2003.

Sandhu at the time was on the executive of the Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca federal Liberal riding association because he had been hand-picked by Basi for the position. He is a cousin of Victoria police Const. Ravinder Dosanjh, who was suspended with pay Dec. 15, 2003 in connection with the investigation.

{Snip} ...

Court documents allege Virk and Dave Basi "recklessly put at risk the bidding process. . . for BC Rail in disclosing to interested third-parties confidential government documents and confidential government information including cabinet confidences."

I wonder if that final statement could be an accurate description of "bid-rigging" ... anyone know?

Here's another item that says a lot more about the Crown (that would be the BC government apparatus allegedly protecting the public interest) than it does about Dave Basi:

SUPREME COURT OF CANADA - Judgments in Leave Application
Ottawa 2008-11-27.
The Supreme Court of Canada has today rendered judgment in the following application for leave to appeal:


Her Majesty the Queen v. Bobby Singh Virk et al. (B.C.) (Criminal) (By Leave) (32719)
(The motions to expedite the application for leave to appeal and to seal the responses by the respondents Udhe Singh (Dave) Basi and Bobby Singh Virk are granted. The application for leave to appeal and the applications for leave to cross-appeal are granted. / Les requêtes visant à accélérer la procédure de demande d’autorisation d’appel et pour sceller les réponses des intimés Udhe Singh (Dave) Basi et Bobby Singh Virk sont accordées. La demande d’autorisation d’appel et les demandes d’autorisation d’appel incident sont accordées.)
Coram: McLachlin / Fish / Rothstein

The Supreme Court of Canada then provides a telephone number (613) 995-4330 and a place to leave comments online: And they seem so friendly! Look:


Think of us as 911 Supreme Court: we specialize in assisting lawyers taking cases to the Supreme Court of Canada:
Leaves To Appeal
Applications to Intervene
Drafting/Revising Factums
All Interlocutory Applications
Stays of Procedure and Execution
Constitutional Questions
Technical Compliance with Supreme Court Rules
Overall Strategic Advice
Write/ghostwrite leave to appeal and appeal factums for lawyer-clients: Marie-France has a Masters from Oxford and a Doctorate from Berkeley, Jeff a Masters from York, and I've a Masters and Doctorate from McGill.
We're happy to put pen to paper/fingers on the keyboard for you: we will research, strategize & write the factum, with you seeing and approving each draft. WE'RE LAWYERS TOO.


Below is a list of available C.A. web sites. For your quick access, all are hyperlinked. Dedicated web sites for some jurisdictions are not yet up (when they are we'll add them on), but in the meantime, many Court of Appeal decisions from these jurisdictions are available at the more generalized "canlii" sites noted (& hyperlinked) below:

British Columbia:
New Brunswick:
Nova Scotia:
Prince Edward Island:
Northwest Territories:
Federal Court of Appeal:
Court Martial Appeal Court:

More on this later, if I have time.

By the way, is anyone else checking into the implications of "bid-rigging" as it may -- or may not -- apply to the still-secret transaction between the BC government and CN for BC Rail? - BC Mary.


Hi Mary
I took out the last ca after the ca/ in the BC Courts address you gave and the link worked OK.
You should figure out how the Internets works before you put your name on the line with fake google results. Try another search for "Dave Basi" in quotation marks to eliminate unrelated results and you get a more accurate number of only 1,860...

"ONLY" 1,860 eh? Man, those Internets are sure hard to figure out. Did you read any of them 12:19?

Thanks for the tip.

But I can't figure why you'd be angry that Dave Basi might have achieved 51 million hits instead of "only" 1,860.

You seem to think they're all bad reports. I didn't.


Good work! I didn't notice that error myself. Many thanks.

I think I can correct the text on this page -- but it won't help other British Columbians who are trying to access the BC segment off the SCOC site.

You want to tell them at SCOC? The friendly souls have provided their phone and email address.

Thanks again.

Try "Basi, corruption" and you get over 63,000. FAIL was a little harsh.

"David Basi" yields over 2,600.

Silly games...
About those names. Is it David and Robert? I don't think so.

I've always followed the Court presentation. Nowhere do the Court listings show a "David" Basi or a "Robert" Virk.

When a citizen is cited on a Criminal Court listing, we have to think that the names in such a serious matter are totally accurate.

Those two Accused are always listed as Udhe Singh (Dave) Basi ... or
Bobby Singh Virk. Just like that.

To me, that means Bobby Virk's name is officially on his birth certificate as Bobby Singh Virk. And Udhe Singh Basi gets his everyday familiar nick-name added on unofficially in brackets.

If anyone has better information about that, please add your comment.

Plus: note that I originally said that there were 51,100,000 items "relating to Dave Basi" and I think that's a fair statement.


If its over 100 hits on them shows concern by many folks. My question is how are these two paying for anything if they are not working. Maybe gordo is supporting them? It's time to get this case back on the front pages of the local rags. Enough of these cover-ups of this most important case. "WheresWalley", seems to be the lead hand at deflection of the truth.
Well, 10:45, I don't know a thing about the private lives of Basi or Virk although I will add here that I encountered an odd listing of Aneal Basi, File #145212-1 in the Feb 17, 2009 Victoria Provincial Court Listings (Completed).

I have no idea why Aneal Basi is in a Victoria courtroom. There are 2 counts listed (P.81 of 180) but not explained, except by initials which I don't understand. It does say "Next appearance March 4, 2009".

Someone at Bill Tieleman's blog had an idea. He (Alex) said that the NDP could win the May 12 election simply by announcing their intention to call an immediate Public Inquiry into the BCRail deal.

That might do it, eh?


"Someone at Bill Tieleman's blog had an idea. He (Alex) said that the NDP could win the May 12 election simply by announcing their intention to call an immediate Public Inquiry into the BCRail deal."

A splendid idea! I am always amazed at the oppostion party and others, they seem to be walking on eggshells when this is brought up. Why is this? It is a very important case, that we all should be screaming from the highest tower. Five years and all we get is cover-up. Maybe it is time for B good, V Palmer, M Smith, etc to do their job of informing us. keep up the good word mary!
I've read the Culbert/Certnig article from cover to cover and came to this bottom line statement:


- Warrants allege bank records show Aneal Basi passed benefits from rail company lobbyist Erik Bornman to Dave Basi

However on a CTV News report....
"OmniTRAX said it was not a bidder in the spurline process, but would operate the spurline for Australian financier Macquarie if that bid was accepted."

If OmniTrax wasn't the bidder and Macquarie was, then maybe the reason we have so much secrecy going on here is that was Macquarie monies that was paid to the lobbyist and then to those charged with breach of trust.
Its is more clear today that Anneal Basi (Mar. 20 posting of Mary)is charged with impaired.
re" I don't know a thing about the private lives of Basi or Virk although I will add here that I encountered an odd listing of Aneal Basi, File #145212-1 in the Feb 17, 2009 Victoria Provincial Court Listings (Completed)."

Time is getting closer to the Supreme Court of Canada case. Things seem to be moving along. SCC Case Information
Appeal hearing scheduled, 2009-04-22
factum information is sealed, but you can see the progress of the case, note the sealing of a in camera meeting. Feb 11/09
Decision on motion to seal, De, Tab 1 of Volume II of the Appellant’s Record (marked Sealed) filed January 26, 2009, containing the in camera hearing transcript, be kept under seal;
The Appellant’s Factum (marked Sealed) filed on January 26, 2009, and any Factum of the Respondent on Cross-Appeal which may be filed by the Appellant, containing quotes from and argument referring to the in camera hearing transcript, be kept under seal;

I wonder if this will be Broadcasted
-----some more "stuff"
Check the lobbyist Registry lately?

Ken Dobell 2009-FEB-16
Subject Matter Capital Project End: 2009-JUL-16
Global Container Terminals Inc.
Ck on Global Container Term. and I found mind you it is 2007."Accomplished transportation industry exec chairs GCT Global Container Terminals Inc. board of directors
TORONTO (February 20, 2007): Paul M. Tellier, former Chief Executive Officer of Canadian National Railway and Bombardier Inc., has been appointed Chairman of the Board of GCT Global Container Terminals Inc., an Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan private investment company
Jiles,Mark Consultant Lobbyist
Lobbyist Organization: Macquarie North America Inc.
2008-SEP-01 End: 2009-FEB-19

Subject Matter To promote P3's and the Gateway Project links available
I tried to post some of this the last couple days,but didnt seem to go through. As the post about container freight it blows my mind that all the same players of BC Rail are playing front and center in todays Hot topics. Mary, you dont need to post any of my post's,as I know they tend to be many topics. I just hope some of this info is helpful. Hope your feeling better

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