Monday, February 16, 2009


Basi Virk in Supreme Court today ... ONLY, IT WASN'T!!!


File #23299-5 Limited Access & Others v. HMTQ.
Application for records in possession of the Province of British Columbia.

BC Supreme Court, 800 Smyth Street, Vancouver.

Monday February 16, 2009 at 10:00 AM.

This may look low-key but in my opinion today's Basi Virk session could be the Showdown at the OK Corrall ... will lawyers for Dave Basi and Bobby Virk be able to stare down the lawyers for the government (and/or the Crown)? How will the "Province of British Columbia" explain its demands for additional secrecy? Will Madam Justice Bennett intervene and rule that the "Province of British Columbia" must release those documents in order for the Accused to properly defend themselves?

Today's session might prove to be a very interesting development, bringing the proceedings much closer to the heart of the BC Rail Case. - BC Mary.

Ha! And Huh! Keep reading ... !!!


UPDATE, 3:00 PM, Report from Robin Mathews:

Dear Mary.

No. Today wasn't a Basi/Virk day. Sorry. I went down; there was nothing on the board - the board beginning with Brenner (ch Justice). So - knowing their wonderful competence - I went up to courtroom 65 in case they had misplaced the first page with Bennett on it (it is alphabetical). Nothing there. Over the concrete rail I saw Neal Hall talking on his phone. I went down with a note asking if BBV was on today. He said he didn't know, shrugged.

So. after ten I went down to scheduling, stood in a line-up, several behind me, for ten minutes, and then the nice lady asked what I wanted. I explained that Basi/Virk was on the website list this a.m. but there was no show. She went to her computer and looked at it for awhile.

"No Basi/Virk today," she said. "It was on last Thursday and will be on again this Thursday, Feb 19, at ten a.m."

Informed, at last, - about being actively misinformed - I set out for home wondering what a Supreme Court judge like Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett would charge for the hours I wasted over a Vancouver Law Courts announcement about the case she is conducting.


With Robin's report, I went immediately back to the Public Access Supreme Court Criminal List for 16-Feb-2009 again ... and to my great surprise (not) ... I found that File #23299-5 (the Basi Virk File number) was gone. It had been the first entry in the 8 page lineup, but it was gone. Gone. Just like that.

So is it safe to accept what the nice lady said about the next Basi Virk hearing being on Thurs., Feb. 19?? - BC Mary.


I wonder if the court people realize Aneal Basi is different from David Basi because its the first Basi, Aneal that has a court date for February 19 .... Page 46
Vancouver Law Courts
Public Access Completed Supreme Court List (Adult)
Report Date: 14-FEB-2009 09:12 PM
Page: 46 of 64

BASI, Aneal
Inherent Jurisdiction
19-FEB-2009 10:00 AM REG CNA
19-FEB-2009 10:00 AM REG CNA
19-FEB-2009 10:00 AM REG CNA
Victoria, BC,
CCC 122
Victoria, BC,

Full disclosure.
See para. 182 to 200 in Notice of
Application dated 26 Feb 2007 for
Same document, has Bobby S. Virk mentioned on page 49 Inherent Jurisdiction slated for February 19, 2009 AND Aneal Basi actually goes from page 46 to Page 49.
A big Thank You! for your courtroom sleuthing.

So it looks as if YES, Febriary 19, 10:00 AM is the next Basi-Virk hearing.

I try to check both VANCOUVER and VICTORIA Law Courts each weekday ...

The File Number 23299 includes Dave Basi, Bobby Virk, Aneal Basi.

I do appreciate the help, thanks again.


Thanks for the chuckle, but I think we'd better not publish that comment about our hardworking court clerks.

Gotta say, though, that I did wonder the same thing.

The broken Times Colonist "broke" the news on Jas Bains sentencing this morning, and only 5 1/2 months late!
Drug dealer linked to legislature raid imprisioned Ian Mugrew with his thanks to BC Mary and the RCMP.....

Many thanks, Grumps.

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