Thursday, February 12, 2009


Basi-Virk today in Vancouver Supreme Court, 10:00 AM

Surprise to me ... to find Aneal Basi, Bobby Virk, and "Limited Access" heading up today's Supreme Court Listings in Vancouver.

But let's cheer them on. Anything that gets this case moving forward, is welcome news. So it"s 800 Smyth Street, Vancouver, today February 12, 2009 at 10:00 AM.


I just looked out the north side of my home to see the top of Grouse Mountain lit up in red lights.... YAY make some noise... Okay how about this ...... We are one year away from the 2010 Winter Olympic's opening ceremonies and the BC Liberals/Vanoc head honchos are using the perfect colour to note just how much RED INK we will have long after the Olympics are over.

Why mention this here on a BC Rail Raid forum? Gordo announced yesterday that he's going to find more monies to fight the murdering gangsters by hiring more police, more Crown Counsels and more judges. Wonder why he didn't spend more dollars five years ago to get to the bottom of the Legislature raid, however the RCMP and others have been diverted from their tasks because of......... gangsters.

Will the trial be delayed now? You betcha!
Thanks for your comment, Grumps.

Interesting you should check in, just then, as I'm working on an editorial about the street gangs and how Gordo had a perfect opportunity to shed some light on the criminal organizations ... only he didn't, did he.

Ya just can't help wondering why.

So ... back to work. And if you're running hort of mysteries, here's a fresh one. Yesterday while reading 4 big daily newspapers, I came across Gordo's comment that he was not only going to shift uniformed police around, he would also build us a new courtroom!

I thought that was the silliest thing he'd ever said -- the guy has not only closed 24 court houses and 10 jails -- now he thinks BC needs one more courtroom?

Well, here's the puzzle. Today I can't find that statement. I've gone through those papers 3 times each and googled ferociously.

If your eagle eye can detect that remark, I'd sure like to use it.

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