Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Dave Basi on A.L.R. charges in Vancouver Supreme Court today, 2:00 PM?? That's what it says ... but no, not so!

To follow this, please begin, as I did early this morning, by clicking on "Van Court Direct" in left margin. Imagine my surprise, to see:

Public Access Supreme Court Criminal List
for Vancouver Law Courts, 800 Smyth Street
Date: 04 - FEB - 2009

There are 11 pages of listings. The first two entries are identified only by the File Number 134750-1 -- the file number which was assigned to Dave Basi at his A.L.R. trial which began in Victoria last month.

Today's listing in Vancouver Law Courts is designated as "HMTQ vs Limited Access" which I believe means "publication ban".

It is my understanding that the public is entitled to enter the courtroom and take their seats in the public gallery to see and hear the proceedings ... but they cannot -- must not -- publish what they see and hear.

I'm assuming that this means Dave Basi's A.L.R. case is developing separately, in a way which should not influence the trials of the two real estate developers (Jim Duncan, Tony Young) similarly charged in Victoria. Or to separate Dave Basi's A.L.R. charges from the BCRail charges as well.

Nothing is confirmed. So additions and corrections are very welcome. - BC Mary.

Victoria Law Courts

Person dealing with government offering bribe
Offer bribe to official for exercise of influence
Breach of trust by public officer
Offering bribe to government official


Then I checked in with Bill Tieleman. Another surprise! See also the full, complicated story at Bill Tieleman's place: Basi-Virk - Courtroom confusion explained, hopefully; new dates clarified ... - BC Mary.


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