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Yes, Basi Virk Basi File #23299, in BC Supreme Court today Feb 19 @ 10:00 AM

All three of the Accused are named in 3-1/2 pages of the VANCOUVER Supreme Court listings for today, Thursday February 19, 2009.

Here's hoping that Robin Mathews will be there. Others, too. - BC Mary.


According to one of our political commontators (sic) if we are reading your blog we are members of a cult.
Who knew?
Cripes, that's right 1:11,

I had forgotten that. Now I can't remember who said it. Should we think up a name for our cult? Or should we ignore the brute.

"Cult" is one of those weasel words intended to be so insulting as to stop people in their tracks. I dunno. What do you think?

Here's a thought. In the very early stages of World War One, the British Army was a pathetic rag-tag bunch trying to beat off German troops in ... I think Belgium. The Brits weren't doing too badly, either, so somebody asked the German Kaiser (cousin of the King of England) if he was worried. He replied that he was NOT worried about such a "contemptible little army". It became a title that was cherished by the surviving soldiers who proudly called themselves "The Old Contemptibles". A few years ago, I saw 3 of them in an Australian parade commemorating Gallipoli -- the 3 ancients were in wheelchairs and received tremendous applause as they passed.

Then there were the D-Day Dodgers, this time the Canadian Army battling in Italy during WWII when some fancy lady MP in the British House of Commons referred to them as hiding in Italy so as to avoid having to participate in the Allied D-Day Landings in France. They too seized upon the name. Held annual D-Day Dodgers reunions in Ontario until recently.

But for us, we who are still in the thick of a very different battle? I dunno. Maybe the name has to come from some other source. What do you think?


Mary, it was the good Mr. Baldrey who said it....Mr. Palmer then jokingly retorted something to the effect that 'not that there's anything wrong with cults'

This smirk-fest between two of British Columbia's most high profile comm(o)ntators occured during one of their regularly Friday morning coffee klatches with the Goodship Watercarrier.

(details at my place, here for anyone interested)

Thanks, RossK ... and I re-read the January segments of your blog and began to get a little tiny bit angry ... and then decided to think of something else, as there's no understanding a media dedicated to NOT publishing the news.

Kept meaning to write to you all day, I so appreciated what you said yesterday. Was very surprised that you were surprised, too.

But about that cult. I'm not going to worry about a name. According to historic precedent, the name is bestowed as a Divine Right by some pompous ignoramus who doesn't expect to be contradicted. I can wait. The Common-Taters will eventually get it right.

At the moment, I'm on pins and needles waiting to find out if Robin or Bill or any Citizen Journalist was in Supreme Court today for Basi-Virk.
"little tiny bit"- BC Mary said .... hmmmm

"little" is defined as "small: limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent"

"tiny" is defined as bantam: very small; "diminutive in stature"; "a lilliputian chest of drawers"; "her petite figure"; "tiny feet"; "the flyspeck nation of Bahrain

"bit" is defined as spot: a small piece or quantity of something; "a spot of tea"; "a bit of paper"; "a bit of lint"; "I gave him a bit of my mind"

put them altogether and we have...... "insignificant" which is defined as "not worthy of notice"
Precisely, Anon 6:18.

It's not worthy of notice ... until the ignorami think of a good name for our cult.

Then, oh yes then, it will become worthy of notice, followed by the Group Hug and the Happy Dance.

But for now ... Robin's report is just in ... and he's saying that The Official Opposition is requesting a huge whack of papers (already prepared, so no big delay is involved). This suggests that the Official Opposition may be gearing up to speak. WooHooo!

Who can forget this famous News Release from the BC Liberal government:

“First, we made $1 billion available as an incentive to reach public sector labour agreements. More than half the province’s budget pays compensation for our 309,000 public sector employees, so securing four-year agreements was one of the single most important things we could have done to add stability to our fiscal plan through to 2010. As well, our strong revenue growth and prudent management allowed us to make a substantial pay-down on our debt, which also helps ensure our infrastructure plans remain affordable going forward.” - Carole Taylor - BC Finance Minister

More than half of the budget!!! which includes crown prosecutor, who are themselves now facing the loss of 100 souls from their midst.

BC Mary, you asked earlier if anyone has noticed that some government Press Release clippings have been surgically removed from the light of day ... the item above was, but if looked as a CACHE item, the words used in the search show up in brightly coloured lettering. The fact remains the same though, this News Release dated July 17, 2006 doesn't exist anymore.
Keith Baldrey seems to have little use or respect use for blogs and bloggers,as mentioned in this recent article about journalism....

Here is a small excerpt from the above link :

" ...If news organizations continue to shrink, or even disappear, the number of people actually providing quality journalism declines as well.

In their place may come small, ragtag websites or blogs run by people (with poorly paid, inexperienced staffs) whose idea of "news" is simply their own opinions, which are often shaped by ideological or prejudiced values.

That spells bad news for keeping the general public informed, in a non-partisan, trustworthy way, of events that impact their lives. There are many reasons to be distrustful of the traditional commercial mass media, but anyone who thinks replacing it outright with smaller and potentially unreliable internet sites - with the smaller, fragmented audiences that come with them -- is being foolish. "


Imagine that. Keith Baldrey still thinks the MSM provides unbiased, non-partisan and trustworthy offerings of news.....


Sounds like someone has brainwashed him.
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