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Basi Virk: 8,000 pages of confidential government documents as requested by Defence and released to NDP, also available to the public


Times Colonist has already been busy explaining to us (see L
es Leyne - BC Rail Case buried in political trivia) that the 15 folders of secret documents have ... (nudge, nudge) ... no significance. Yeah, right.

Heck, we've seen important stuff like the trial, conviction, and sentencing of Mr Big, go unreported in Big Media, so we're not so easily bamboozled these days. Somehow it seems logical that B.C. government employees might be overworked on this kind of round-the-clock mission. But after winning a glimpse of the 8,000 pages, only The Globe and Mail seems willing to tell us how some of our tax dollars are being spent. I mean, is that legal -- using our money to work against us? And then telling us about budget deficits? - BC Mary.



Mark Hume
The Globe and Mail - March 3, 2009

... The files show how carefully the media was being monitored by the government following the legislature raids, with several thick binders containing thousands of pages of transcripts of radio, television and print reports.

One document shows the government set up a media monitoring office to run from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, "to ensure ... constant hour-to-hour, 'one window' media monitoring."

Also in the files are documents that show how, after the legislature raids, the RCMP informed the government that the pending sale of a BC Rail port subdivision may have been compromised by leaks of confidential information ....

Read the full story here.


In my opinion Mr. Leyne leaves something out of his assertion that discredits his entire thesis.


"The basic elements of the case are simple enough. The government was trying to do a major sale/lease deal with private railways to take B.C. Rail off its hands.

It wanted to encourage as many bidders as possible. The allegations are that the aides crossed the legal line and breached the public's trust in dealing indirectly with one of the potential bidders, in order to keep it in the game."


What has Mr. Leyne left out?

How about the fact that the defence lawyers have repeatedly asserted that their clients 'allegedly' crossed the line Mr. Leyne mentions at the behest of their political masters.

Thus, the politics of the time DOES matter in this case.

Gazetteer, you're right. There is a pervasive, perplexing pattern here in BC where the meat of the matter seems to always slide sideways with the handy dandy help of the MSM.

Les Leyne should give his head a shake - although I guess he's already trembling about Canwest's shaky operation. Perhaps if there hadn't been so much spiinning in the media they wouldn't have screwed themselves into the alligator swamp they are in now.

You bet "the politics of the time DOES matter in this case" because the political ties have been entrenched for years.

. . . just as it has 'mattered' in almost every dirty political deal/scandal connected to the BC Govt for the couple of decades or so. The same linkages existed back then into the BC Govt.

It is always political misconduct at the root of rot that drowns due process and then continues to cover up the dirty deeds, within the circle of this political 'club'.

A political 'club' that reaches into the justice system & BCSC Judges; the highly 'connected' web of players in specific roles withing the AG's Ministry (yes, I agree G West)and the Solicitor General's Office; hand picked pals as Special Prosecutors; and the top key positions of the RCMP . . . all with the same agenda of protecting the politicians and their pal's vested interests with everyone of them singing:

Conflict of interest/abuse of process or Office? I don't see any, do you?

So bring it ALL on - every scrap of every paper describing POLITICAL ABUSE OF OFFICE; BREACH OF TRUST you name it - WHEREVER IT IS FOUND. The sludge is deep. It is up to the public to dredge it up.

The time has come for the public to know what a handful have witnessed and severely impacted with for too long: a political cesspool of rot that controls every major decision in the Legislature and the Courts.

One question: Why didn't CN and the other bidding railway expose such a travesty of the Bidding Process when they knew that due process had been tainted? Seems pretty weak . . . yet another reason why the systems have been corrupted.

Kudos to Leonard Krog - at least someone is on the job in the Legislature! Political labels mean zilch these days - there is too much cross pollination. Good Govt. will come with ethical individuals doing what they are supposed to do: look after the best interests of British Columbians.
MLA Krog was seen on a video clip stating that the 8000 pages will soon be on the NDP website for the public to view. The opposition is working hard to sort them into logical order. He figures by the end of the week

I've wondered many times -- as you did -- why nobody acted to expose and hold accountable the perpetrators of the Bidding travesty.

I agree with your compliments to Leonard Krog ...

thanks also to Anonymous 8:54 who also mentions Krog's diligence in sorting, logical ordering, scanning, and making the documents available online to the public.

He did that on the previous document-dump, which made a 100% improvement on our ability to see what's going on with BC Rail.

For those interested, there is a timeline as set down by Charles Rivers Associates in their Fairness contract that was presented to the Minister of Highways for release to the public on November 14 as an interim report regarding the Sale of BC Rail to a third party.

The intersting part, for me, is on page 8 in Adobe, page 6 as noted on the document, the only line missing in the documentation of who had access to the process, is missing. Too bad, it could have saved us five years of waiting for the trial to begin.


For those interested, may I say a huge THANK YOU for your diligence. Again.

Did you see this one? http://www.cordovastation.ca/newsRail/2009/09030401.htm
Sorry all: I made a big error in the following question above:

"Why didn't CN and the other bidding railway expose such a travesty of the Bidding Process when they knew that due process had been tainted? . . .

The bolded item was meant to read: CPR

Yes, Anonymous that article was a shocker but again, why didn't CPR shout to the rafters about this malevolence in the Bidding process?

I mean, come on . . . to just drop out in a snit and walk away with your tail between your legs is hardly fitting conduct of a huge corporate entity. We citizens can and have done better than that!

Why didn't they and BNS Railways immediately file a lawsuit against the BC Govt and CNR who supposedly won?

So what's up?

I mean the whole thing is that the Railway shouldn't have been sold period!

It was built by former Premier WAC Bennett to open up the North as THE PEOPLE'S ASSET not Campbell and pals. Campbell broke a promise. Of course the public was outraged then and now due to the rot surrounding the Campbell Govt's misconduct.

Mark Hume wrote a good article in the Globe and Mail today: http:


. . . . that as far back as 2001 the Campbell Govt was musing, being nudged/pushed into selling to CNR into selling the railway with Gordon getting briefing notes one such note saying to Campbell:

"When should this happen? Now... Move, move, move!"

Now follow the linkages . . . one key political item is that Campbell's long time friend contributed through CN and possibly himself into Campbell's election coffers.

Leverage, you say? Therein lies the problem with our political system being tainted with 'bagmen' and big donors who control major decisions surrounding the Province's business - read: THE PEOPLE'S BUSINESS behind secretive closed doors.

Just how any BAGMEN where involved in this deal anyway?

BC Rail is only a big tip of the suppressed iceberg. There is so much more to be disclosed around other incestuous BC Govt 'deals' involving Crown Land assets along the Sea to Sky corrider that border the BC Railway & other Crown assets that this bunch of bandits had their eyes on. What Crown lawyers were involved in these hidden deals?

. . . & yes BC Mary, as you have highlighted well: What about the drug connections into the BC Leg 'dealings' that originally sparked the BC Raid on the Leg? Hmmmm seems to have all conveniently slipped underground, doesn't it?

Keep diligent folks.
December 11th copy of the Fairness Report

One evening, I watched the fellows on myth-busters shine some feces. Is that what the title is about? We know the Liberals are and always have been full of it ever since Campbell climbed into the helm.
It looks like one of the binders calls the Fairness Report done by CRA as a scandal in itself......

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