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Big day in BC Supreme Court ...

There are 2-1/2 pages of Vancouver Supreme Court listings which are best viewed by clicking onto "Van Court Direct" in the left margin. There you will see listings for two separate trials.

File #23299 - 10:00 AM - Aneal Basi, Bobby Virk, Limited Access

File #134750-1 - 2:00 PM - Room 53 - Dave Basi (A.L.R.)

Several sources have already published comments that the March 26, 2009 meeting(s) will be important steps forward in the BC Rail trial.

Best advice: check the Vancouver Supreme Court listings by double-clicking on "Van Court Direct" in the left margin. - BC Mary.


The Globe article this morning puts a few things in perspective. Teileman says stand by, so the events might sort out a few sort of hazy thoughts. StoneWally will have a tought time trying to cover this date.
Thanks for the comment, 8:10.

The reference is to the Gary Mason article headlined WHIFF OF SCANDAL ENVELOPES SALE OF BC RAIL.

Gary deserves some praise for getting eastern media to pay any attention to what happened to BC Rail.

For my own part, I thought his column showed that the worm is turning [no offense, it's an ancient saying] when such a journalist is willing to attach the word "scAndal" to a reigning (yes, reigning) premier.

I did chuckle, however, at Gary's closing line: He writes: "The integrity of the Premier's office is at stake."

Good grief, that's been true for over 5 years, since December 28, 2003, hasn't it?

But another old saying ... "Better late than never."

I notice that the comment thread on the Mason article is closed. Strange for a story that was only posted a few hours ago. I wonder why?
The fact there are no comments permitted on that story is very interesting - I wonder if anyone has contacted the Globe to ask why.

The 'finals' of the Premier's awards go tonight in Victoria - honourees have been told to 'dress your best'...I wonder if Mason's article in the country's only 'real' National paper will cast a bit of a pall on the festivities as the CEO poses with a lot of civil servants who do their jobs well and with integrity.

Funny though, if the CEO is re-elected, I'd wager good money that there will be at least a 20% hit on the civil service in less than a year after May 12.

The kitty is bare and the emperor and his friends have no clothes at all.

Slowly, slowly, the people of the province are waking up to what's been done to them over the past 8 years....

Keep up the good work Mary, Robin and all.

This worm is turning because of the hard work and dedication of another bunch of dedicated 'civil' servants...if you know what I mean.

In fact Mary, I'd bet the Globe's legal staff is behind that move to not 'invite' comments.

No Matter, I think this story is going to have legs - when someone as timid as Gary Mason climbs on board I think the train is finally going to leave the station....

Now if we could just put Campbell and one of his biggest long time supporters (from CN) together clinking glasses at their cleverness before the whole controverted sale began....


Makes you think that all the spinners in the PAB might have a little problem washing those hands.

'All the perfumes of Arabia' and such things...
I agree that Mr. Mason often arrives a little late to a party.

Thing is, once he does, he often makes his presence felt (and bangs a few gongs of those who don't wish to be scooped I reckon - sure went down that way the Olympic Village thing).

Will be interesting to see if the press-posse swells in court in the days to come.

"The story is complicated, which explains why, until recently, it has failed to penetrate the consciousness of most British Columbians. It is not one easily explained on the nightly news, or even in newspapers for that matter." ~ Gary Mason in his G & M column today

I admire your skills, Gary, but sorry, that kind of lame excuse spun above, causes mass 'eye roll' from "British Columbians". They GET what the MSM has failed to grasp for whatever reason.

There has been NO failure by the majority of British Columbians to understand corruption on any number of growing political scandals.

'Joe/Jill' public is hungry for the truth - the whole 'shebang' re: such "complicated" truths.

Rumor has it that these scandals/house of cards become "complicated" from hand and glove COVERUPS on behalf of political vested interests. A few bottom cards pulled and the whole sham crumbles.

It seems Mr. Mason underestimates the ability of the people to smell rot under a few layers of dirt.

The failure lies with in synch 'string pullers' in the MSM refusing to touch 'the detail' linked to political vested interests on these shenanigans; refused to pay their journalists to do the investigative reporting that they used to employ on behalf of the public's best interests.

The 'devil' is always in the detail as "most British Columbians" know.

Yes, Mr. Mason time for you and your associates across the board in the MSM, to dust off those investigative skills prior to the muzzles:

"British Columbians deserve answers" - "answers" that have held undercover by the 'coaches' calling the political shots in the MSM.
ALR trial to resume April 8th.
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