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Campbell aides in new controversy ... again.

An old news story ... all new again. From June 5, 2008:

Campbell aides in new controversy

"The inner circle" is an understood reference to political players in the governing style of Premier Gordon Campbell. Michael Smyth, while providing an inside look at that powerful group last year, gave us information on Patrick Kinsella gives a new clarity to last week's news. Full story is HERE. - BC Mary.



Michael Smyth,
The Province: June 05, 2008

Another day, another lobbying controversy to rock Premier Gordon Campbell and his government.

Last time, it was Campbell's right-hand-man, Ken Dobell, getting rung up on a guilty plea for secretly lobbying Campbell on behalf of the city of Vancouver. (Dobell is the only lobbyist I know who actually had a desk in the premier's office!)

{Snip} ...

Patrick Kinsella was the co-chair of the B.C. Liberal election campaign in 2001 and 2005. Mark Jiles was Campbell's personal campaign manager in Vancouver-Point Grey in 2005.

Now the two men are in business together at the Progressive Group, a powerful government-relations company in Vancouver. And according to documents newly released by our neighbours in Washington state, they're doing very well for themselves.

Kinsella and Jiles have been paid by the state government to help the Americans cash in on our Olympic Games by boosting cross-border tourism and business deals. They had to supply the state with a detailed resume, obtained by hard-digging Internet blogger Sean Holman under Washington's freedom-of-information law.

It turns out the duo's long list of clients include companies that have cleaned up with huge government deals and contracts in British Columbia: Accenture (which landed a $1.45-billion privatization contract with B.C. Hydro), Alcan (which won B.C. approval for an expanded smelter and power deal), the B.C. Motion Picture Production Industry Association (which scooped $65 million in government tax breaks) and many others.

The resume unashamedly brags about Kinsella's and Jiles' ties to B.C. politicians and their parties.

The resume says the pair have "strong relationships" with B.C. cabinet ministers Colin Hansen, Kevin Falcon and Olga Illich and with federal cabinet minister David Emerson.

The resume details a glowing list of accomplishments over the past six years. It notes, for example, the motion picture association hired the Progressive Group "to convince the provincial government to extend foreign tax credits" to the organization. Companies such as Alcan and Accenture hired them to "promote and educate" the B.C. government on behalf of their clients. [Remembered: David McLean. Use the SEARCH box at top left of this page; type in the name of David McLean, CN boss at the time of the BC Rail deal, to read more about him. -BC Mary]

Just one problem with all of this: Just like Dobell, Kinsella and Jiles did not publicly register as lobbyists working in B.C.

Under the law, lobbyists must register and publicly disclose their activities. Failure to do so can bring a fine of $25,000.

Kinsella has never registered as a lobbyist. Jiles registered on behalf of several clients beginning in December but did not register for any of the clients listed on the resume.

Kinsella and Jiles did not return my phone calls yesterday. But NDP Leader Carole James said she will launch formal complaints about their activities with both the provincial and federal lobbyist registrars.

"You'd think the premier would have learned by now," she said. {Snip} ...

They clearly get the concept of power, however: It's an insiders' game.


There's interesting stuff in the archives of this web-site. I went to "June 2008" to search for the Bill Tieleman and Sean Holman reports on the same Kinsella topic (without finding) and before I knew it, an hour had gone by.

What was so interesting? Well, for one thing, I came across a lengthy background story about the lives of Dave Basi and Bobby Virk, written by Kim Bolan ... definitely, a must-read. And other stuff. See for yourself. OK? - BC Mary.


In a Vancouver Sun this morning columnist Stephen Hume wrote "What the 'new media' - know it or not - sorely lack are editors".

But, ahem, I have two, one is Mr. T and the other is Thee!
Does Stephen Hume mean by "editors" those creatures like Lucinda Chodan or old Pointy LaPointe himself who decide what isn't important enough to publish, like specifically anything that may be embarrassing to the Campbell Crime Family?

The sooner the Vancouver Sun et. al. join the Rocky Mountain News and other extinct newspapers, the better off will be the citizens of British Columbia. It would be nice to actually have a real newspaper or two in the province, but NONE is preferable to a monopoly that PRETENDS to report the news, but actually promotes the interests of a particular group - especially a greed and ideology driven group that feels itself to be above and immune to the law.

Sometimes the media justify their fawning to criminal organizations like the Campbell government as necessary to maintain
access for information/PR material. Things will only be corrected and right when the only access to Campbell and his cabal is during visiting hours at the big house - or when Gordo calls out, collect!
Looking for info on P Kinsella, I found that he is/was involved as a Director with Canada payphone Corp. AND on the right of the page it shows Eric Bornman invester relations.
Also, not sure where to put this, but I found this, and I am surprised that CN did so well financially following the huge expense of the 2003 aquisition's.
"CN’s performance resulted from strong core business growth at low incremental cost, the early benefits of two acquisitions and the
discipline of precision railroading," said CN President and Chief Executive Officer E. Hunter Harrison in a prepared statement. "This winning combination allowed CN to generate free cash flow of more than $1 billion."

CN's acquisition of BC Rail Ltd. and Great Lakes Transportation L.L.C.'s holdings last year added $145 million to fourth-quarter revenue

For full-year 2004, CN increased revenue 11 percent to $6.5 billion, boosted net income 20 percent to $1.25 billion, increased operating income 22 percent to $2.2 billion and improved its operating ratio 2.9 points to 66.9 compared with 2003. The lone negative: annual operating expenses, which rose 7 percent to $2.1 billion.

site above is excellent resource- search BC rail.

why do they even bother having laws? And what exactly does the Lobby Registry DO?

That might be another angle. How much money is being spent on lobbying oversight?

And what is the documented procedure on how to deal with this kind of nonsense
The good news is that yet again today I heard the BC Rail Trial and Kinsella mentioned on CBC Radio News. Global TeeVee seems to have forgotten it already. I'm would imagine that Campbell and cohorts are happy that the trial of the Austrian who held his own daughter prisoner for over twenty years is underway - I'm sure it will get better coverage than the theft of BC Rail.............Now if only something will come up concerning Mr. Pickton before electionn day.......Even StoneWally might have something to say about that!

Somena Woman, if I remember correctly the Lobby Registry does pretty well NOTHING, except register lobbyists (the ones that bother to register, in other words, not Dobell, Kinsella or Jiles). It seems to me that when Dobell was caught lobbying from every direction suspiciously seeming to be in a conflict of interest AND lobbying without having registered AT ALL, the Lobby Registrar was forced to admit there was NOTHING he could do about it.

Apparently he is little more than a glorified guestbook usher/host ("sign here please, if you want to bother - you don't want to? No biggie!")!

Apparently there is no one who either can or will do anything about it, it is just Business as Usual in the "Bestest Place on Earth" to be buddies with the governing cabal.

The Lobby Registry, Public Affairs directorate, the police, the justice system, the ALR, and every "special prosecutor" - all seem to work at the behest and for the benefit of Capo Campbell and Associates!

Your taxes pay for lawyers at BC Supreme Court to look after the interests of the Cabinet, the Premier, BC Rail, the RCMP, the defendants (Basi-Virk)and maybe even CN (maybe they can afford their own representation). Just try to get legal aid yourself as a normal taxpayer, and good luck. Good luck even finding a courthouse within an hour or two drive of your house unless you live in the (Promised) Lower Mainland or Orange County North (Kelowna).

EM, while perusing the balance sheets for CN, did you notice a one billion dollar disbursement, you know, to purchase BC Rail? Of course we've never had a photo-op with the check, either.
According to its Sedar records, CN issued an offering to raise $1 billion in October of 2003. The Prospectus is online. CN did not have the cash on hand for the deal.
I have a URL,

I dont understand these thing's, I remember Mary asking once or twice "where is the Billion" Check out this page.
The gross cash proceeds of the transaction to BCRC will be $1 billion. In addition, debt with a present value of $5 million will remain outstanding and be payable by CN to BCRC in 90 years, resulting in a gross transaction value of $1.005 billion. The investment partnership will mean CN will prepay rent for the long-term lease of the railway right-of-way. The investment partnership is expected to conclude by March 31, 2004.

The investment partnership with CN is estimated to result in a net gain of $182 million which will be recognized in the fiscal year in which it is concluded.

Table One shows how that gain has been determined and how the positive impact on BC Rail net income is offset by an equal amount of expenditures as the gain is reinvested in northern and First Nations' communities. As the investment partnership has not yet concluded and is subject to review by the Competition Bureau, the estimates contained in the table are subject to finalization.

You must see the # to believe this.
Anyone else hear that KEN DOBELL HAS A NEW jOB
Streetohome questioned

Province Newspaper/opinion's
By Audrey LaferrierreMarch 12, 2009

The Streetohome Foundation is a creation of Ken Dobell and him wanting to persuade the federal government to effect by way of order in council special tax relief for the rich to invest in supportive housing. Streetohome was seeded by $1,000,000 from the City and Provincial governments along with $500,000 from the Vancouver Foundation
Beyond the Board of Directors look in the committess and you will note that it is top heavy with real estate developers and a gent on the finance committee who provides unique deal making and investment capabilities and is a friend of William Clinton.
Why was it necessary to import a lawyer to secure the top job at Streetohome? Who in reality is Streetohome? Are the governments wanting to eventually download its responsiblity to a non-transparent non-profit? Questions. Questions. Questions.

(I havent had a chance to look into this) EM
Somena Woman
Sorry I laughed out loud on last comment, The Gov. KNOWS the lobbyist Registration Act isnt worth the paper it is written on,and needs to be fixed. When Foippa starts complaining that BC is the worst They Cut the Budget for them. Debate Feb 24,2009 "M. Sather: Well, I want to address this issue, then, from the point of view of the gentleman that's sitting to the left of the minister. The chief information officer for the province is responsible to ensure the access to information and the protection of our privacy. Now, how is that individual going to be able to ensure the safety of our information when his office budget has been cut by $11 million, a 37.6 percent decrease?
In that regard, there have been concerns also expressed by Mr. Loukidelis on freedom-of-information requests being far too slow in British Columbia. "It's unacceptable that delays when asking for information from the provincial government, from the freedom-of-information process…" says the province's Information and Privacy Commissioner.

In his annual report, which he released recently, he wrote about what can only be described as an unacceptable pattern of governmentwide failure to respond to access requests in as timely a fashion as it should.

The Year they wanted the Auditor General to Review BC Rail, there was no funds.

This is a jaw-dropper, thank you!

I can't believe I missed seeing this in The Province and yet, ever since the CanWest daily newspapers renovated themselves, I've never felt sure of finding everything.

Double thanks.

Re Streetohome,The Author of post Audrey Laferriere decided to run for Vancouver City Council as an Independent.(VERY interested in homeless issues)

I looked around, no mention of Ken Dobell. The address the website gives for contact is the same as Vancouver Foundation webpage.
Lots of familiar names there. John McLernon, remember him.

The Province article is Mar. 3

John McLernon, chairman of Streetohome, said the foundation isn't out to compete with other non-profits working in the field.
headed by local mogul and philanthropist Frank Giustra, and other private donors, some of whom prefer to remain anonymous.
John Mclernon-He is currently Chair of BC Rail, BCLC, A&W Income Trust, Village Farms Income Trust, Syscan International, Director of The Vancouver Opera and The Vancouver Foundation.

Mr. McLernon joined the Board of BCLC in 2005 and is currently Chair of the Board of Directors and a member of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee.(bio from BCLC page.

Private question for Mary- You can go look at format
ps If a forum was set up for chat-Q&A,do you think anyone would be interested? (I kind of played with starting one,needs work, but before I set up topics ect, I want to make sure It would not interfere/compete with You Mary
Here is the link

You are giving us valuable tips. Thank you! And please keep sending them ...

Thank you, too, for asking if a BC Rail chat-line would interfere with The Legislature Raids. I doubt it.

But I am happy to leave that question with you to work out. You're certainly good at digging up answers. Best of luck.

Re the Lobbying of Ken Dobell,Review of him by
David Loukidelis
Information and Privacy Commissioner
& Registrar of Lobbyists
May 28, 2007

1. Report Overview

[1] On April 18, 2007 concerns were raised in the Legislative Assembly about
the lobbyist activities of Ken Dobell that caused me to initiate, the next day, my own independent review of his registration under the Lobbyists Registration Act1(“LRA”).

pg 18-19

• On March 13, 2007 the Dobell and Fairbairn report, “Vancouver
Homelessness Funding Model: More than just a Warm Bed”, was presented
to City Council. The report recommended, amongst other things:

o establishment of housing targets and funding programs for interim
upgrades of existing single room occupancy hotels and construction of
new supportive housing;
o continued effort through bylaw and legislated changes to provide
additional resources for the creation of non-market housing;
o creation of a limited partnership to attract private and charitable
o creation of a new foundation, with community and government
representation, to receive charitable contributions; and
o upgrading support levels through increased government funding (via BC
Housing and Vancouver Coastal Health Authority).
here is the link to the Review

Forgive me if you keep receiving this, it does not want to send.
You know, the intresting thing about the dinosaurs in teh 'old media' is that so many of them think that the READERS need editors.

But here's the thing.

There is a whole lot of information on this thread that we who are paying attention would never have been exposed to if it had been 'editted'.

Which brings me to the second thing that the dinosaurs keep on saying, which is that investigative journalism will die with the dinosaurs.

To which I say bunk.

And anybody who has been reading this site, or Sean Holman's knows that it most definitely is.

Bunk I mean.


Now, writing coherent opinion pieces, well I think that that is where we could use some help with editting, but I think that already does, to some extent actually happen at some of the best group blogs.

Bulwark lawyers representing the US Army analyst accused of leaking superintendence secrets comprise asked the investigating gendarme to dynamism aside.

The solicitation came as Exclusive Bradley Manning, 23 - [url= ]pozycjonowanie[/url], appeared at a military court during the first time.

He faces 22 charges of obtaining and distributing mastery secrets - which he allegedly leaked to anti-secrecy spot Wikileaks.

The Article 32 hearing ordain condition whether Pte Manning is to typify trial.

The hearing offers the oldest predictability recompense his safeguard get to for the today their turns out that since he was arrested in Iraq in May 2010 and placed in military custody.

It is taking place under the control of impervious guarantee at an army post at Fort Meade, Maryland.

As the hearing opened, Pte Manning's security yoke asked as a waiting to the investigating copper - twin to a about in a civilian court - to bounce back from the case, the BBC's North America managing editor Landmark Mardell reports from the base.

Pte Manning was reported to be sitting in the courtroom dressed in military khaki and wearing black-rimmed glasses.

During the Article 32 hearing, which is be positively with to a pre-trial hearing, both prosecuting and reasoning lawyers when one pleases coerce their approve cases and are permitted to cross-examine witnesses.

Vindication counselor-at-law David Coombs began proceedings by means of switching the unintelligible onto investigating apparatchik Lt Col Paul Almanza, who he described as "unfair".

Lt Col Almanza is a quondam military adjudicate who at the present hour works owing the Pivot on of Justice. His turn-down to accept all but two of 38 defence witnesses meant the defence could not adequately be comprised of c design their if it happens, Mr Coombs said.

Proceedings are expected to carriage here five days, after which recommendations intent be made to a military mutt, who thinks accoutrements solve whether to proceed to a blazing adversity, according to Mr Coombs - [url=,5/ocencie-gitare,4877.html#14951 ]pozycjonowanie[/url].

The BBC's Paul Adams says the soldier's shelter conspire is conditional to signify that little slander came of the leaks, and that their unchain was in the greater betray interest.
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