Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sub judice, the Stonewally version

In the BUSINESS section of today's Vancouver Sun, there's as nifty a piece of comeuppance as we're likely to see this side of paradise. To see and hear Wally's performance -- the basis for Palmer's column -- go to Sean Holman's news site, Public Eye Online. Recommended. - BC Mary.


Stonewally delves into the world of sub judice

Attorney-general again fends off questions about Kinsella


The New Democratic Party Opposition raised another issue in the Patrick Kinsella affair Monday, hoping to chisel an opening in the stonewall the government has constructed around its relationship with the prominent B.C. Liberal party insider.

Kinsella's own organization has boasted about its role in helping privately owned Accenture land a $1.4-billion outsourcing deal with publicly owned BC Hydro. What about it? the New Democrats challenged Energy Minister Blair Lekstrom.

But as invariably happens when Kinsella's name is raised in the legislature, Attorney-General Wally Oppal delivered one of his preemptive "the matter is before the courts" answers.

But, but, but protested Opposition MLAs {Snip} ....

[Then Attorney-General Wally Oppal says to Vaughn Palmer:]

"The sub judice rule -- why don't you write a column about that one day, instead of skating around the outside? You're the guy to do it.

"The media have done a pretty poor job of explaining the sub judice rule. It is easier for you guys to call me Stonewally. Why don't you take the time and explain the rule and the historical origins of the rule? The media have abysmally failed to do that."

Good suggestion, Mr. Attorney. Sub judice and how it applies to matters before the house, coming right up. {Snip} ...

Wow. Give it a read.


Important column from the Dean, I'll agree....

An interesting sidebar, however, is the fact that it was, I believe, Gary Mason who actually did the most to poke the hole in Mr. Oppal's sub-judice bubble during the 'conversation' that was recorded by Mr. Holman.

It sure is a wonder what a little competition from different media conglomerates can do for the tenor of PPGallery questioning, eh.

For anyone interested, I have a run-down on the exchange here.

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