Friday, April 10, 2009


Christmas in July 2009 for CN

APRIL 20, 2004

"The scheme to sell BC Rail was already under a cloud of suspicion ... in addition, the leaked sections of the agreement allow - after just 5 years - for the sale of public land under rail lines to CN for one dollar. These lands include very valuable waterfront properties between North Vancouver and Squamish." - James.

The 5th anniversary of signing the agreement is July 12, 2009.

A bit of history on rail development.... if you get really curious about the movers and shakers of the rail industry have a look at "Darius Ogden Mills" and something called the "Bellingham Bay and BC Railway"

".....Hedley to Keremeos remained in service until 1955, when the mine at Hedley closed down; Keremeos to Oroville until 1972, although was not officially abandoned until many years later. Vancouver, however, would prove most profitable and GN's modern-day golden corridor into British Columbia, accessing what would become North America's second busiest port."
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