Thursday, May 21, 2009


New Ideas for BC Government

For many still bruised and bleeding from losing British Columbia to the pirates on May 12, 2009, the current edition of Island Tides newspaper has a double-barreled reminder of things as they should be. I recommend The road ahead - New Ideas for BC Government
by Patrick Brown, which includes:

* First Principles of Government. I especially like Principle #3: The Premier is not the Chief Executive Officer of the Province, nor is he the decisionmaker. Rather, he carries the responsibility of managing the process of governance. The process is one which having taken all factors and all interests into account, arrives at decisions by consensus and reconcilliation. There are 16 principles in all.

* Issues That Must Be Addressed. Patrick Brown identifies 31 issues, one of them being to halt the transfer of railway lands to CN from BCRail.

Read the current edition of Island Tides HERE. Patrick Brown's column begins on Page 3, but there's also "STV referendum defeated - why?" and lots more. - BC Mary.


That's a fantistic article Mary - well worth printing and hanging onto.

Funny how he keys on the vital importance of re-instating the legislature and actual public debate back into a place of prominence in the proper functioning of a real democracy.
All during the provincial election Gordo praised his governments's implementation of the the carbon tax, but even his own architect of the law admits its a tax, nothing more, nothing less.

The higher the better, to educate the public.

Makes one wonder what David Suzuki was thinking when he blind-sided the NDP in the first week of the election to now find that Barack Obama is in favour of a cap-and-trade........ need we say more, other than to mention that Gordo's bravado of being first on North America "to do something", LOL, about the pollution was about as advanced in thinking as a 1959 Ford EdselU.S.A likely to go for cap-and-trade, just as NDP proposes - Michael Smyth, The Province "Campbell's carbon tax may go way of dodo"

Thank you Mary for advancing this great little paper. Patrick Brown continually offers up intelligent articles for Island Tides and should be read by every BC'er.

Very pleasing to hear that others enjoy Island Tides, too.

Did I mention that it's the bi-monthly newspaper published on my old home-island (Pender Island)? Always fair, always clever, and, I swear, unbiased.

You can pick up a copy (free) on any BC Ferry. I thought the colour photos were great, in the current edition. My home was on the beach, facing south/southwest, toward Salt Spring Island, like in that front page photo. On holiday weekends, we'd see Ruckle Park become polka-dotted with those little tents ... like so much of British Columbia, it's a paradise. So incredibly beautiful.

Y'know the mandate of the Islands Trust, eh? "To preserve and protect ... "

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