Thursday, May 28, 2009


RCMP observed digging up back yard of missing former Minister of Transportation!

Bobby Virk! It's time to reveal everything you know about where Judith Reid goes, at times like this. Hawaii? Haida Gwai?

Just kidding, of course. - BC Mary.


So Bill Belsey, one of the four witnesses is missing, eh.....

From his MLA bio, another name is there, his wife, Lonie Belsey.

MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2008
Afternoon Sitting


"Hon. L. Reid: I would like this House to welcome Lonie Belsey. Her husband Bill Belsey served the North Coast with absolute distinction and served this province. I would ask the House to make Mrs. Lonie Belsey very welcome today."

A Lonie Belsey shows up on Facebook too.....
And from Hansard, again,

Afternoon Sitting

Hon. L. Reid: I'd like to welcome Lonie Belsey to this place today. She is here for the tourism conference as well. She is the wife of our former MLA for Prince Rupert, the hon. Bill Belsey.


"Lonie Belsey and the staff of the Prince Rupert Visitor Centre were the main point of information for visitors wishing to participate in the derby, and fielded many calls about the Great Northern Salmon Classic." - 2009
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to work we go....

TYPE "Lonie Belsey Facebook" into Google

There are many hits, but its the fourth one down that places Bill Belsey in downtown Prince Rupert, includes a map too.

" - Large Family Home c/w Office and Heated Workshop Contact:Bill and Lonie Belsey. Phone:250-624-8211 or 250-627-9781. Send an email ... similar listings. Share on Facebook. How do I list my house ..."

The closer we come to a trial actually starting.....
Well done, Anon-O-Mouse!!

Sure wish you'd have a look at Ms Judith Reid, now.

I can't imagine what Bill Belsey knows about BC Rail but Ms Judith Reid knows puh-lenty.

Ms Reid was Minister of Transportation throughout the fancy negotiations which resulted in BCRail sliding into CN pockets ...

Ms Reid is the person who could tell the stories we need to hear.

A little bit of Crystal Ball gazing here and I see Judith Reid... shell farming on Vancouver Island, its also in HER MLA bio ......"She served on the executive of the B.C. Shellfish Growers Association, most recently as vice-president."

Her bio also includes.... her spouse's name.

There is a shell farm on Vancouver Island called Odyssey Shellfish Ltd.

Add it all up and it boils down to Invasion of Privacy.......!!!!
"fancy negotiations"...
Hello Mary,

I was looking at the result on your blog for a request of the whereabouts of missing persons in regards to the BC Rail trial and came across this:

Its the NEWS section of Google; keywords that I used were: "judith reid" BC Rail

Afterwards I then added the criteria from the Archive box: 2003 which resulted in this page:

The nifty thing about this page is that it highlights in chronological order monthly blocks of stories written, for a price of course, but there is the abstracts included to entice you into looking.
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