Monday, June 29, 2009


Campbell ... the political fraud

Quote of the day

Rafe Mair in The Tyee: As the Basi-Virk case unfolds, as BC Hydro starts its inevitable break-up and the public learns the full truth about the government's appalling policy on fish farms and sees just what its rivers policy means, Campbell will be seen by all -- including his MLAs and supporters -- as the political fraud he is.


Maybe once we get to the truth of the matter and all is exposed, we'll have the same results?

"A federal judge rejected Bernard Madoff's plea for leniency Monday, sentencing the 71-year-old swindler to spend the rest of his life in prison for an "extraordinarily evil" fraud that took a staggering toll on thousands of victims."

Congrats once again Mary. You continually hit at the source of all the problems. His highness gordo. He will get exposed, he is feeling cornered, and will make more mistakes. Maybe to much to drink one night, perhaps another chance meeting with another date. Cowards like this stand behind wee kev, fatboy coleman, bobblehead abbott, etc. He will do time. Give us back our province.
This is OT for this post, but it refers to the last post by Robin Matthews and I was just catching up this morning (looking for the "relative" comment) and had to weigh in against the GordoPAB troll quoted below.

Mary seems to have acquired a following of PAB trolls. This one was poo-pooing the whole issue of the lost emails a few days back with his pretense of "sensible computer knowledge" or something with such gems as:

"I would suspect it very unusual for a government to keep computers for more than 3-5 yrs, because of lease renewals, obsolescence, malfunction/death.

Any new computer would have a new hard drive, and emails not copied over would be lost to the eddies of time, forever.

Of course some emails may have gone to home 'puters, or 3rd party computers that may still exist.

I am unaware of any software that would help you to recover deleted emails when you can't access the place where the deleted emails were stored.

Even the FBI can only retrieve something so long as where it was stored still exists.

Perhaps the anonymous troll thinks that the government is a bunch of offices, each with the equivalent of its own "home computer."

The fact is the government, like ANY BIG BUSINESS, operates a network (or more likely many networks) that consist of nodes (the individual computers, printers etc.) all using software from and writing data to monster servers, or collections of servers, complete with (hopefully) failsafe backup. Not only is everything in any respectable business (which leaves out the Campbell excuse for government) not only saved but backed up using serious protocols that are followed as a matter of course.

This is aside from the fact that the government most likely runs its own in-house email service complete with it's own servers etc. This email service would have its own built in storage and backup.

Anything not considered current is routinely archived on media with a reasonably long life expectancy and NOT DELETED just because some office or even all of them in a department get new local machines. The computers and local hard drives come and go but the data lives on - or should and in many business AND government there are laws MANDATING the retention of data for various periods specifically to support or defend against legal issues that may arise in the future. Just like a citizen is supposed to retain their tax form info and documents for seven(7) years the government is obliged to protect, save and be able to produce the PEOPLE'S information for various specified amounts of time.

If these emails are truly "lost" then that in itself is PROOF of negligence at best or criminality, more likely in my estimation.
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