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Mr Krog, it's now 3 days later ...

Mr Krog & Associates: It is now June 25, 2009 and I have had no response whatever to my urgent message sent 3 days ago, and copied below. Since the request is TIME SENSITIVE, and concerns British Columbia's future, please give this immediate attention.

After adding this note on 25 June 2009 (today), I re-sent my appeal for help but I am steamin' mad that these well-paid Opposition members haven't learned to do 2 or 3 things at once, let alone multi-tasking. We now have only 19 days before it's Game Over for BC Rail. Please, everybody: write to these people. To Krog. To Carole James. To your favourite journalists. Explain to them. Sheesh.

And by the way, other rumours say that no approval or consent was obtained for CN to be running trains across First Nations lands either ... another deal-breaker. God knows what else is in those secret contracts. So please write to Gordo too, and say "SHOW US THE CONTRACTS!" If that doesn't work (and I'm pretty sure it won't, but we gotta try everywhichway, if you get my drift) please help us get an injunction to stop further benefits from sliding into CN pockets until the people of BC actually SEE the contracts we're supposed to be agreeing to. And the deadline is now ... - BC Mary.


Y'see, on Jun 23, 2009, I wrote politely, as follows:

Leonard Krog Opposition critic for the Attorney General
Dear Mr Krog,

It's only 21 days until July 14, 2009, the pivotal 5th anniversary of the BC Rail - CN deals.

The Privatization and Revitalization Agreements are still secret and that, in itself, cries out for redress. If rumour is true, further benefits to CN will be automatically triggered on that day without British Columbians even knowing. That is fundamentally a legal outrage.

According to rumour, there is a repossession option on a one-time-only basis, triggered on this date, too. I understand that CN is in default on at least one promise (to purchase 600 new railcars) which is a deal-breaker. How can British Columbians exercise their legal options if they have never seen the agreement? Another legal blasphemy.

Others, commenting on my web-site, are worried and angry about this situation. One of them has proposed what seems to be an excellent remedy and I ask your assistance: to seek an injunction before July 14, 2009 to stop any further activity on the BC Rail - CN agreements until:

* the terms of the deals are fully opened to the public,
* the public has time to consider the terms,
* it is proven that nothing illegal, no corruption or wrongdoing entered into that important agreement.

There is no time to lose. I ask you now, will you undertake immediately, on behalf of the people of British Columbia, to seek and obtain that injunction?

Mary Mackie.

BC Mary
The Legislature Raids



It is the morning of June 26th, I've just resent my letter to Mr. Krog as there was no acknowledgment of the first one...other than the canned response that shows it was received. I seriously wonder if they're being read at all - or might the NDP wish we'd just "go away" as I'm sure the Libs must.

Ah! Another canned response has just arrived! lol.....

Thanks for the feedback ... I have received 0 for 3,





... and when you think of the times I've been called NDP, good grief, this is extreme irony.

Zero from Gordo.

Auto-response did come from my cc to the nice lady, Carole James which, in effect, told me to go play on the freeway ...

it looks as if it may be time to take to the streets ...

or to the steps of the Law Courts Building at 800 Smythe Street, Vancouver, on the next Basi-Virk hearing day which I believe is (maybe) Tuesday, June 30 for the decision on keeping Justice Bennett on the BVB case ...

and then July 17 for re-hashing the missing e-mails.

Right now, I'm writing to Jeffrey Simpson at The Globe and Mail, whose column today is headed "Once upon a time, Canada had it all ..." and I'm trying to tell him to please

please look at what's being done to BC.

It seems to me like the government (all sides), is like a pyramid scheme where, they take the money from the lower part which is us and give it to themselves again all sides and nothing left for services to be given to us what gives ?the official opposition,has been totally inept at getting to the bottom of this or anything else in my humble opinion! They are like the msm they make accusations and then turn the heat off instead of keeping thier feet to the fire those losers are doing less of a job on it than JOY or JENNY did by themselves they helped elect 35 more members of this ineffective opposition if I'm wrong let them prove me wrong but there happy to collect there part of the pyramid scheme with minimal work done where has James been on this issue?I wrote to krog twice and he answered once about the injunction, and basically told me he's done all he can but the media wont listen or pick up on it how pathetic is that ?Mary your work is more than any the opposition has done since the days of our two gals,or should I say hero's in legislature two terms ago,may god bless you for all the hours you spend on this each and every day for nothing thank you!
Anonymous 11:31,

I do appreciate your encouragement ... thank you!

I've heard absolutely NOTHING back from Krog and it disgusts me.

Here's something I've learned, though: we must stop telling ourselves that we are losers ... there are indeed losers in this BC Rail Case but we aren't among them. We know who the destroyers are, we know their methods.

So we'll keep going. With heads high.

We've just seen the destruction of evidence -- a criminal act -- starting to play out in full view of a Supreme Courtroom ... do you really think that nothing will come of such a thing?

Courage, friend. It's not far to go now.

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