Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Robin Mathews: Morning in Courtroom 43

Ten lawyers were in the court. Two watchers were in the gallery.

Obviously the "big press" had the word that it would be a "haggle" day. And it was. Janet Winteringham argued for the Crown, Mr. Montague for the MLAs, and Clark Rogers for Gary Collins.

The morning was filled with objections to the Defence application for e-mail materials of MLAs. Arguments were made that the application is too broadly based, that it is not supported with affidavits, that it does not comply with "The Law", that its inferences from available materials cannot be drawn, that 'benefits' MLAs may have received do not parallel those of the accused, and that it is massive in the scope and work involved if successful, that some of the material sought is simply irrelevant. And more....

Ms. Winteringham even argued, I believe, that the application suggests allegations of corruption against the highest levels of government.

Mr. McCullough for the Defence stated he would argue this afternoon against all of the statements of the morning. The consensus is that argument will finish today, and court will reassemble on Monday to hear the inaudible George Copley, counsel for the Executive Council (the cabinet).

To this average British Columbian, ten legal salaries were being paid by you and me for an exercise in delay, gamesmanship, and sophisticated obstruction.

I repeat what I said in the last piece I wrote. If Gordon Campbell, premier of the province, had ordered real cooperation from all government agencies, MLAs, and other bodies over which he and cabinet have power, hearings could have ended months ago. British Columbians must know that not only is Gordon Campbell responsible for a huge amount of the delay, but taxpayers are footing the bill for the whole ... farce.


Thank you Robin for attending.

Your hard work and attention to the matters that the Big Media feel are too close for comfort for the Campbell government are much appreciated.
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