Monday, July 13, 2009


At midnight in our garden of good and evil

It will soon be midnight in British Columbia's garden of good and evil. In only a few more hours, further benefits will be taken out of B.C. ownership and given away to CN. Taken from us by our own government and given to a U.S. corporation. And we, the former owners, have no say.

July 14, 2009 is the 5th anniversary of the signing of the B.C. Rail - CN deal. It's written into the deal (so we hear), that certain new clauses take effect on that date.

Our small world once again splits apart: on the one side are those who see land and rights as bargaining chips in a massive marketing gamble. On the other side are those who would rather preserve and protect lands, rights, and benefits as the foundation of our life in B.C.

We may not know yet how they got these lands and these rights away from us, who did it, or why they did it. We only know that a very large, questionable deal was done. Even before the deal was signed. CPR told us so. OmniTRAX told us so. The RCMP even raided the B.C. Legislature ... something to do with BC Rail ... and still they signed the deal. Someday we'll know the whole story.

For now, we can keep a fierce grip on the notion that something goes against natural justice in this equation. Surely it can't be lawful for the people of B.C. to be stripped of major public assets against their wishes. Surely it goes against common law to contrive a deal in secret, by questionable means, and while elements of it are in criminal trial before the B.C. Supreme Court. We must never forget that. If we have lost a battle we haven't lost the war to preserve and protect British Columbia.

We can't forget that in 5 years, nobody came to help us. Nobody from Ottawa. Almost nobody from the eastern media. It means that the rot has spread.

Grieve. Yes, grieve because at midnight tonight, the deal is final. British Columbians stand to lose something precious, massive ... but not irretrievable. The BC Rail Case, in fact, may be a bellwether case. It's important to stay with it.

There is a much bigger struggle underway. They're calling us "the Nigeria of North America". Well ... BCRail is the template as well as the key. It's important that we never give up on BC Rail.

What we can save from the BCRail deal, will be our gift to the future of the province we love. Have courage, as we soldier on. - BC Mary.

I can hear a heart breaking Mary.

You're right though, we WILL stay with this through to the bitter bloody end. That's not happening at midnight tonight.

That's happening when WE have the answers to WHO ordered the emails destroyed, WHO destroyed them? WHO committed fraud, WHO is lying and trying to make 2 men who were allegedly doing exactly what they were told, take the fall for it. I for one, am NOT going to let the emails issue die a slow natural death, this is not a 3rd world country! You're right, it is not over.

The case is still before the Supreme Court, and it is indirectly tied to the sale of BC Rail - if 5.1 (a) has any teeth at all, it should be stopping the giveaway until guilt or innocence is established. Too bad we don't know what the deal really says. If it is proven that the Office of the Premier did interfere in ANY way with the bid process, or sale of BC Rail then it is my hope that both OmniTrax and CP Rail sue the living crap out both CN and the government. That would be justice.

But ya know...we have some Olympics coming up, and I'm definitely not above making the deceit of this government public knowledge every single day between now and then. The whole world needs to know who Campbell is, and how he works. They need to see BC in all it's glory under a winter blanket...and gasp at the incredible sights before their eyes. Then they need to know what he has planned for it in the next few years. How many rivers, streams and wild places are going to be irreparably damaged and destroyed for his ego.

Ultimately, the very worst thing that could be done to Gordon Campbell is to insure the world knows him as we do - and then strike his name from every history or record book. Render him forgotten.
well said, but not to forget that Carole James has allowed this to happen. The Liberals who have left land mine after after land mine in their wake are only asurped by the NDP who are unable to identify them, even after detonation. The Liberals took down the NDP over a deck built for Glen Clarke and FastCat over runs which pale in comarison to the cost over runs in respect of the convention centre, the command issues resulting in the sinking of a BC Ferry which ended up killing 2 people, the rampant drug trade in Vancouver, the drug related crime and murders in teh Lower Mainland, the street crime, camping, drug problems in Victoria, the Basi Rail/Drug/Corruption case, the privatisaton of hospital foods services and clearning staff which has resulting in more out breaks of C difficule, the list goes on and on.

Where is Carole James in all of this? She posts the 8,000 Rail BC eshibits on the NDP web page, as if she is unable to analyse herself, and then carries on arguing for an increase in minimum wages while raw logs are exported and mills all across the province are closed forever.

This Rail BC matter is just another in a long list of land mines the NDP are unable to effectively address. The time is rype for a new party to emerge. Please.
Sadly, I disagree about that interpretation of the terms of the agreement.

I think one has to read the agreement and the terms (proscribing injunctions, etc.) as only being applicable to the period from the signing of the intent 'agreement' to the final completion of the sale. That part is over!

That deal has been a done deal (including the terms which may or may not come into effect today or tomorrow) since then...but, I also believe that such a deal might - even now - be subject to recision if it could be shown that it was 'illegal' or flawed in the way in which it was originally framed. If the parties (in this case Campbell) had colluded together to benefit themselves and in such a way that other parties were not treated equally or in a contractually fair way.

It has only historical significance now - except, as I said above, it could be proved now that the initial agreement was somehow tainted - which is, I think the whole argument for possible cancellation.

I think that's a point in contract law that even the Premier couldn't skate around and I think the courts, if it could be proved (through Basi/Virk or otherwise), would not be reluctant to unwind the deal and put all parties back into a situation as close as possible to before the whole thing started....
A new party MUST emerge - they have no choice, they know it.

The only question is who is truly capable and WILLING to stand for us in ALL things? We have Hydro coming up, and Run of Rivers is running out of control. Before the next year is up you'll also health care on the table for discussion, because there will be a sudden spate of private clinics being created. Because of the TILMA agreement, we have no way to stop any of it.

I'd like to know who bullied Campbell when he was a kid that he's taking it out on the whole Province? :))
its all about Power, and that is easy to achieve when up against the like of Krog (blo-hard), James (clueless) and Dix (useless).

Bring back Joy McPhail anyday. She was annoying, but did she know here stuff and have game!
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